Piper's Point

Piper’s Point by Ethan Day

Piper's Point Published by Wilde City Press
Published on 24 July 2013
Copy obtained from publisher for review

Cassidy Winter’s is the ringmaster of a circus! His life seems far from normal and tame even when not at Piper’s Point but since his arrival back on Hart’s he is full-time teacher, part-time lion tamer! I was a bit leery during the first few pages because we get this guy walking around an old house talking to himself. It quickly turns into a comedy of errors. If it can go wrong, it does. If someone or something can disrupt a steamy kiss or blowjob….it will happen. Dog attacks, men popping out of the ocean, cat fight, serious love bites, and a love rectangle? YES!! This book is laugh out loud feel good material.

I think the comedy helps to offset the facts that Cassidy is lonely and in a cycle. He can’t commit to a guy for longer than nine months. He has a lot of guilt over leaving his grandma, Sadie, at Piper’s Point and not being there when she has a stroke. Then failing to save Sadie from being taken from her home during her last months is even more weighing on Cassidy. Top that mountain of guilt with the fact he has always loved Nate (his childhood friend, biggest crush and first lover) but can’t seem to realize it and man up and claim his feelings for Nate. We get a tug-o-war of emotions and situations between Cassidy and Nate that literally will drive you crazy, or to drink.

Cassidy seems like he is a stand-up, responsible guy at Chapel Hill and when providing for Sadie. Back at Piper’s Point he turns into an immature manwhore! Even his best friends Ollie and Spencer make bets on whether he could keep his legs closed until they arrived to spend the summer break with Cass so he wouldn’t be alone. Cassidy doesn’t do loneliness well. Good thing because one quickly becomes two and then five plus a few drop-ins. It is literally hopping at Piper’s Point.

Nate Sommers is Cassidy’s heartthrob. His Achille’s Heel. Cassidy and Nate have always been hot together but they’ve also been able to walk away from each other. This time is different. Cassidy wants to try but Nate keeps throwing up blocks. Who will give in? Who will hold out? Will they both lose or both win? Ethan Day leaves us waiting with bated breath until literally the very last point possible. The laughs and emotional ride is all worth it though. Piper’s Point is totally charming and I have plenty of love for all the characters at play at Piper’s Point.



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