Northern Star

Northern Star by Ethan Day

Northern Star Published on 25 September 2013
Published by Wilde City Press
Copy obtained for review from publisher

Where, oh where do I begin with Northern Star? This is only the second Ethan Day book I’ve had the pleasure to read and I must, no, NEED to purchase more! I am totally addicted to the witty, brusque guys in his books. The banter, whether between the main protagonists or between secondaries, is always so entertaining! I wasn’t sure how Day would pull off that snark in a more serious book but he does it gangbusters!

With Northern Star we have a seriously ‘broken boy’ and a ‘late bloomer,’ so to speak. Steve is in his forties, previously married and now an out and proud gay man. He has the guilt of leaving his wife and stepdaughter, disappointing his mother and a business stressing him out over his new lifestyle. Deacon is a young man with the weight of an extremely troubling childhood haunting his every action. An alcoholic mother who never showed an ounce of love toward Deacon and after yet another one of her selfish screw-ups, Deacon is left to pull the pieces together.

I loved the initial meeting between Steve and Deacon. Two guys just sitting in a hotel bar all pathetic in a snowstorm. Instant chemistry but both KNOWING it will just be a one-off. The intense gazing and almost carnal coupling that takes place literally singe the pages (rather made my device OVERHEAT)! That they both just WALK AWAY! Yes, they just go their separate ways and we are left flabbergasted! Of course they manage to find each other again and it is on from that point forward.

Most books leave us waiting for over half the book before the guys get together and enjoy the love and relationship they have been seeking. With this romance we have more of a fight to survive once in the relationship. A navigation of the troubles and turbulence that comes with love. Steve and Deacon have so many hurdles to jump and blazes to extinguish. It’s not all roses and chocolates. Deacon is too broken to accept happiness and we watch him struggle, falter and fall. Steve has to get over his giant ego and realize that not everyone can be strong and fight to take back what they deserve, especially when they don’t feel they honestly ever deserve to be happy. So intense and so, so good!

“You can’t ask for something if you don’t believe you deserve it, but he does deserve it, damn it, so you need to ask yourself what’s more important. Getting the guy or getting your way?”

Even with all the serious issues these guys endure, the laughs and passion are plentiful. I truly enjoyed every moment spent reading Northern Star. I laughed out loud numerous times. I cried. I even had the giddy, happy sighs. What more could a reader ask for in a book?!

RATING: BAD ASS BOOTS (emerging from a toy-sized smart car)!!

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