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The Zombie Gentlemen Series by K.A. Merikan

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This is not an official review, more rambling thoughts and gushing compliments on a series I recently devoured in the span of five days. That’s seven books in five days. Yes, I was binge reading this series! Be warned that I may have a few spoilers in this rambling post.

After reading Stung by K.A. Merikan I had to get my hands on the Zombie Gentlemen series. One of the books, In His Shoes, is a free read as it was a mm romance group photo prompt story. The Scavengers series is available as a bundle! That was a nice way to have the four in that series all together. Anyway, I digress. I started with Scavengers: July and I was blown away! Action, adventure, zombies! An aristocrat hires some muscle to go to the countryside to recover family jewels and they are practically overrun by zombies. Fighting to survive! Ira, the muscle, saves James’ life and the uncovering of some mm pictures is a game changer. The chemistry between Ira and James is electric! Totally was rooting for them to make it out alive! I won’t spoil but I will say I was a bit flummoxed over the way things end with James and Ira.

Of course, Agnes and Kat totally leave us hanging on that but I had Scavengers: August waiting in the wings! The story picks up about a month after the adventure to the country estate in Kent. Ira has changed professions and James is working hard in the parliament. A chance meeting sets the lust into motion again. August is really about James and Ira reconnecting and trying to figure out what they want and how they can be together without discovery. Of course acting out a few of the scenes from James’ treasure box of explicit scenes is also a must! The sex is on fire for these two! James is very giving and Ira is strong and dominant but also very nurturing. They are poetry in motion! By the end of August we are again hanging over a cliff over James and Ira being discovered.

Enter Scavengers: September! Hands down my favorite in this world with this particular couple (love Stung too but it is about Victor and Eugine). So much goes on but the one thing I must discuss is the shibari! I don’t know how Kat and Agnes were able to write the shibari scene with such detail and feeling. It was absolutely beautiful and sensual. I could envision James suspended midair with the intricate knots all over his body. The ropes pressing into his white skin. His long, silky hair dangling to the ground. Oh my was that erotic! So well written and really one of the best shibari scenes I’ve ever read. Absolutely the best!

The action/suspense in September is revved up with zombies again. I was jumping for joy over the villains death in this one. Also, how James and Ira really step up and save the family unit. It’s a very fast paced storyline and is thrilling and awesome to read. I feel like Ira and James really get a genuine happily ever after and it is beautiful!

The last book I want to discuss is In His Shoes. This was a short read but I really liked it! This story is more a prequel because it takes place at the every beginning of this world, late 1880’s. We subtly learn that a zombie was wandering the streets and bites. Poor Jasper, I doubt he escaped turning after that incident. :( I don’t know why the ratings for this book were a bit lower than the others. Seriously, I thought it was great! I like that Jasper and Frank are entrepreneurs of the time (okay they’re pimps) and are so typical. Taking about sex and being all thug-like. Their banter is off-the-cuff and witty. Jasper is lusting after an aristocratic life and Frank is lusting after Jasper! It’s fantastic! Frank is one tough guy and totally shanks a punter after he gets the better of Jasper during a robbery….. for his fancy shoes! The bodies left from the melee are still warm when Frank takes a chance and kisses Jasper. The struggle to see who buggers who is hilarious! I loved seeing Frank take it from Jasper, but we know the tide will turn later. I just thoroughly enjoyed the voice of this story. The crude aspect was just what I’d expect from such a harsh time in history.

I recommend reading ALL the books within the Zombie Gentlemen series. They have so much to offer and will leave you craving the next release in the series.

I know it is unofficial, but I rate the series as a whole: STILETTOS!

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