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XXX’d Series 1-3 by K.A. Merikan

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Published by Acerbi&Villani ltd.
Clown’d and Rainbow Bash’d purchased by reviewer.
Doggie Bagg’d received from author for review.

Yet again I have been consumed with a series by K.A. Merikan! This series currently consists of three books. Each book is a standalone title but the two main protagonists are recurring so I chose to read them in the following order: Rainbow Bash’d, Clown’d and then Doggie Bagg’d. Kyle and Dan meet and it is lust at first sight. Kyle just cannot contain the attraction and throws caution to the wind and breaks out of the tight little box he has himself stuffed into. He has this idea of what a perfect, gay president of the LGBTQ Club should be and it is not who he really is inside.

There is this struggle to portray himself in one way and yet Kyle is screaming to be another way from the inside out. Kyle has a very overactive imagination. He fantasizes about extreme, sexual scenes involving himself being roughed up, humiliated and much, much more.

Meeting Dan sends Kyle over the edge. He cannot control the attraction and what that drives him to do. Luckily Dan is a VERY open-minded guy who really likes to play. He indulges Kyle in numerous fantasies. In Rainbow Bash’d that fantasy is rough rape role-playing and humiliation. In Clown’d the fantasy is kidnapping, a gang bang and humiliation. In Doggie Bagg’d it is pet play and of course the normal rough play and humiliation that Kyle so loves Dan to dish out. These books are not for the faint at heart, this is serious fetish BDSM and although consensual acts it is very intense and rough.

Although a bit different in content, XXX’d books are extremely entertaining, erotic shorts. I like that they are unique and well-played. It seems each book is another fantasy or role play between Dan and Kyle. Seeing how much Dan is willing to help Kyle fulfill himself sexually is exhilarating. Fetishes are so common with people and to see them highlighted in a series is so fun and unique. Now I wonder what Dan and Kyle dream up next that K.A. Merikan can make ‘reality.’ ;)

Cover art: Awesome cover art for this series so far. The creepy clown balloons the pretty variegated colors, the fierce dog and the consistent image of Kyle bound in each one are perfection.


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