The Dreamer by M. King

The Dreamer CoverRelease Date: November 20, 2013
Published by Wilde City Press
Review Copy from Publisher

About the book:
Horacio is a man of science. He has poured himself into forging a career, a life…and just hoping that, somehow, the rest will take care of itself. Loneliness has stalked him for years, and he has never fully mastered the art of connecting with others. Only in his dreams does Horacio know the comfort and closeness of another’s presence, but is the figure that haunts his nights completely benign?

When Horacio is forced to confront his dreams—and the beautiful, terrible creature at their center—the truth might just be more frightening than his reality has ever been. (From Wilde City Press)

My thoughts:
Horacio is a dreamer – he has plans for his life starting from as far back as he can remember. His dreams grow and change with age as dreams often do. The one dream that’s never fulfilled is finding someone to love who loves him in return.

Then there are his other dreams – those that come to him in the dark of night and offer him blissful pleasure unlike any other he’s known. What should he make of these dreams? Are they real or are they fantasy? The lines are definitely becoming blurred.

Perhaps my favorite part of this story is the very vibrant storytelling.  M. King spins a tale that’s captivating in its imagery – the opening scenes flicked by like a flashback sequence at the beginning of a movie. I loved the easy, unassuming flow and uncomplicated way it unraveled. The pacing is quick and light with a perfect amount of detail for a novella. I felt like I got to know Horatio even in such a short amount of time.

This story is categorized as mainstream, and that’s totally accurate –  it’s not graphic in nature. There are plenty of steamy, intimate moments and exchanges, however none of them is broken down into great detail. I think it was a perfect balance – satisfying yet leaving a little something to the imagination.


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