As You Are

As You Are by Ethan Day

As You ArePublished on 13 November 2013
Published by Wilde City Press
Copy obtained from publisher for review

I love an Ethan Day novel because I know I will laugh out loud numerous times. The dialogue will be clever. The characters will be engaging, fun and diverse. All these characteristics drive me to reach time and time again for Ethan Day books.

In As You Are, we get all the qualities I listed above. The main character is Julian and he is entertaining, goofy, sweet, klutzy, manly, girly, strong and a waver. He is also a true romantic and it just wanting to find the perfect man and settle into a nice long relationship. The problem is that Julian’s idea of a perfect relationship is a bit warped. When he believes he’s found his soul mate in his loft mate, Danny, he tries to send out signals but they are unrequited. Poor Julian tucks tail and runs. It takes a list of spirited characters to finally get Julian and Danny on the same page.

Read this book for the happily ever after. Better yet, read this book for the funny football game or the dinner party that ends in chicken on the refrigerator and burning oven mitts. No, read it for the intense and intimately scorching connection between Julian and Danny. Okay, read it for the gay, Republican, Southern Baptist. :)


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