House Warm'd

House Warm’d (XXX’d #4) by K.A. Merikan

House Warm'dPublished on 27 January 2014
Published by Acerbi&Villani ltd.
Copy obtained for review from authors

Dan and Kyle have yet again managed to break the barrier holding back their fetish fantasies and endeavor into another realm together. In this short the guys have moved into a new home and as a housewarming gift to Kyle, Dan has enlisted the help of their hot, gay neighbor to give the ultimate gift.

The other shorts in this series have been from Kyle’s point of view but in this short we get to discover what is going through Dan’s mind during their staged scenes of play. Dan asks the neighbor (who has been flirting with Kyle since they moved in) to participate in a little role-playing for Kyle. He basically says Eric gets to fuck Kyle but it’s under Dan’s strict and explicit rules only! Eric is more than happy to comply!

The scene is set that Eric is the boyfriend and Dan is doing a home invasion. If you’ve read prior shorts in this series with Dan and Kyle then you know Kyle loves to push the limit. He also thrives on humiliation, it is his biggest turn on. Dan totally delivers the fantasy for Kyle.

Not for the weak, this book has simulated rape, spitting, harsh language, slapping, forced acts and humiliation. This is all during the carefully planned scene between Dan, Kyle and Eric. Of course Kyle is totally turned on and about ready to explode and orgasm the whole time. He is more than willing to play his part and spur Dan on to get more from the fantasy than even Dan would have imagined. Kinky as hell and never backing down, Kyle has never used his safeword or even slowed down a scene. Will this be the one time Dan has pushed him too far?

I recommend the book in the XXX’d series for those who love to read a quick romp in the erotic world of fetish play. No one pushes the limits and highlights unique fetishes like the writing duo K.A. Merikan.


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