Queens of the Apocalypse

Queens of the Apocalypse by Rob Rosen

Queens of the ApocalypsePublished on 29 January 2014
Published by Wilde City Press
Copy obtained from author.

Don your best wig, high heels and paint those dreadful nails because the drag queens of the apocalypse will not be seen with you looking all drab and unglamorous! Buckle-up for a comedic take on a zombie apocalypse. Yes, you heard me correctly! Rob Rosen managed to take a horror/thriller, added in a large dose of comedy and a dash of romance. Who knew?!

Three drag queens, Destiny, Kit Kat and Blondella are in a fight for survival when a solar flare knocks out most of the unprotected population. A radiation blast that followed reanimated those who were killed by the flare. The result, ZOMBIES! Slow moving, stinky, green and not really resourceful zombies. This is good because if you can outrun them, you’re golden! Down side is that the zombies totally outnumber the living and desire human flesh. Another down side is that the solar flare left the temperatures scorching hot. This is Vegas heat with a shot of Phoenix hot boost! So basically to recap, we have queens in caked makeup and full on glam trying to maneuver through stinky, flesh-eating zombies in hotter than hell temperatures.

In this dire situation I would want to be paired with these ladies. They were from the same performing club and had known each other for years. They knew each others ticks and quirks but they also knew how to push each others buttons. The banter back and forth had me laughing more times than I could count. The fat one, the diva, the dumb one. The cuts and jabs were slung around and were extremely entertaining. It kept the seriousness of the zombie apocalypse to a minimum and propelled my love for the girls.

The story is about making it from California to New York. Blondella’s love, Johnny, is safe there and they are determined to get the couple back together. Along the way they meet MANY obstacles and add a few people and… zombies to their rag-tag team. Yes, zombies. How could this mission not succeed?!

I recommend Queens of the Apocalypse if you want a lighter take on the zombie theme, to laugh A LOT and experience some queens cat fighting. :) The book comes with a foreward by Sister Roma that is a delightful bonus read as well.


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