Snatched Anthology

Snatched Anthology

Snatched Anthology Published 14 February 2014
Published by Storm Moon Press
Contributors: Ann Anderson, Lor Rose and Tilly Hunter
Editor: Egnis Jones
Copy obtained from publisher for review.

Anthologies are always fun to read because the theme is common but the stories are so diverse. In the Snatched Anthology there are three short stories all revolving around captivity. With captivity comes some dark themes but I was amazed at the vast realm of differences between the three stories.

The Guerrilla’s Plaything by Tilly Hunter:

Captured by a  Guerrilla in the middle of the Amazon in Ecuador? Thomas must be having the worst day ever! Fighting with his dom boyfriend before the trip and now being taken captive in one of the safest places to travel in that region, what bad luck! Being a submissive isn’t helping the situation either. The cuffs, rough handling, and humiliation just leaves him turned on and that is not the type of thing he want to happen when being held captive. Good thing Alvaro is his captor because he wants to breakaway from the Guerillas as much as Thomas but he might want to have a little fun with Thomas first. To Thomas’s surprise, he’s okay with that!

A little suspenseful, not knowing if Thomas will be safe or be tortured.    The scene between Alvaro and Thomas was expected but I was surprised that the reunion for John and Thomas was played up more. Maybe another short…. :)

The Two of Us by Lor Rose:

This dark fantasy short was quite captivating. I liked the medieval mythical creatures. Man turning into huge demonic iron horses.  Very unique and would make an interesting world to revisit. Bryce was an a pretty complex character. He is with his boyfriend when they are attacked my the demonic horses, Lampon and Xanthos. His loyalty to that boyfriend is pretty fleeting as Bryce watches his demise. Bryce has just enough of a moral lacking to make him see the fairer demon horse, Xanthos, in a different light. He doesn’t fight his captivity and he is compliant. Xanthos falls for Bryce easily because of this difference in him. When Bryce becomes ill  while Lampon is away, Xanthos risks everything he’s ever know to help Bruce. The bond between them deepens and Xanthos knows it is time to flee.

Who doesn’t like a riding off into the sunset type of ending for a short?!

Feel the Wind by Ann Anderson:

I LOVED this short story!!  Micah is won in a sport hunt by Prince Ari, his chance to be free, like the wind, is ripped away from him. He soon realizes that Ari is a very gentle soul. Of all his brothers who were at the sport hunt and other nobles, Micah really was fortunate that day that it was Ari his fate was left with.

Ari has never taken to any one toy before so his family is shocked to discover that Ari is possessive of Micah and unwilling to share him. Things are going really well and Micah is feeling treasured and relatively safe when prince Dhea propositions him. What Dhea needs is much different from Ari’s needs. Dhea wants to be dominated by Micah and Micah is more than happy to perform. The relationship Micah has with Ari and Dhea becomes comfortable until Micah discovers Ari might be betrothed soon. Micah suddenly feel less favored and like he should risk taking his freedom back by running away. That decision is a tragic one. His past comes back to torture him, literally. Does Ari or Dhea cherish Micah enough to save him?

I was blown away by the character development and the world building for this short story. I was sad to see it end!


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