The Only One Who Matters (The Only One #2) by Cat Grant and L.A. Witt

TheOnlyOneWhoMattersPublished on 18 March 2014
Published by Samhain Publishing
Copy obtained from author.

Holy smokes, I loved The Only One series! It feels very wrapped up but if it continues to a third book, I will not be disappointed! Sometimes I don’t care for military books because they can be pretty far fetched or hollywood interpretation of the military. Having been around the military my whole life, many of the books just rub me wrong. That is NOT the case with The Only One Who Knows and The Only One Who Matters. I was captivated and invested in these SEALS from the first few pages.

What really hit the mark for me was the detailed missions. In the first book it reads like an action adventure movie with lives at stake. Everything that can go wrong does but they persevere and (spoiler) make it. Grant and Witt really did their homework to make the SEAL team scenes pump adrenaline through our veins and create the right level of suspense. In The Only One Who Matters, a mission goes horribly wrong and team members are taken prisoner. Torture, fatigue, mental strain. These guys are suffering but fighting, as all good SEALS do.

The unique juxtaposition is that Flint in now an ex-SEAL and at home waiting for Walker to return from his missions. He senses things have gone bad this time because the quick mission is taking longer than just a weather delay. His unique knowledge of the on-goings with SEALS puts him in a very hard spot. He is the waiting partner, but he knows too much to just be idle. The waiting for Josh is becoming an increasing strain on David and he isn’t sure he can continue on this way. The guys are definitely at a crossroads. One I know almost every military couple has faced at some point in their military career. Tired of the rules, tours, moving, distance from family, separations. It is all very draining and with Josh and David dealing with more intense situations from Josh being a SEAL it is no wonder they’re feeling a bit rocky.

Grant and Witt pull no punches with this series and especially this latest release. You will get all the proper feels! I enjoyed the mesh of professional and personal lives for these SEALS. The emotional struggles, passion and hardheadedness were perfection. Add in the action and it is one exhilarating series! (Note to the authors: Thanks for remembering the dog! So many writers forget the animals half way through but Major was written in perfectly. You both rock!)


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