When All the World Sleeps

When All the World Sleeps by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

When All the World SleepsPublished on 24 March 2014
Published by Riptide Publishing
Copy obtained for review from publisher.

“That’s pretty creepy.” Bel laughed. “You don’t want someone watching you sleep?”

“Whole town’s watched me sleep.”

Daniel Whitlock is on parole, has been for nearly three years following his five year sentence. You see, he killed a man. Why only five years if he killed a man? Daniel had great lawyers who understood that he didn’t know what he was doing because he was sleeping. Since he was very young, Daniel would have night terrors, nightmares and would sleep walk. He would do things while asleep like destroy curtains, paint walls and draw just to name a few. He never could remember anything he did while asleep. Even when he was told he was watching a kid through his windows or when he was told he killed Kenny Cooper. Set fire to his house and killed him.

Now, Daniel is the freak nobody wants back in town. His own family acts like he’s a leper. Everyone looks at him with hatred and disgust for what he did to Kenny. Nevermind what Kenny and his cronies did to Daniel. Made his life a living hell and the fear they left him with was probably what drove Daniel’s subconscious to start that fire and light Kenny up. Daniel isolates himself from everyone and everything. He lives out in the woods and has a night job cleaning the library. He can live in the shadows, right? Who needs friends and companionship, right?

No matter the measures Daniel takes to keep himself from leaving his cabin at night while sleeping, he still manages to get out. He is doing the extreme, chaining and locking himself to the bedpost and yet he still manages to find a way out. One night he is sure he has a fool-proof way to keep himself inside his cabin and that is the night someone torches the place and Joe Belman, local cop saves him.  Bel sees what Daniel does every night just to get a few hours of rest and he is shocked. Is it really true that Daniel sleep walks? Did Daniel really not know what he was doing to Kenny Cooper? Can everything Bel’s known and felt about Daniel since that incident have more to do with town hate and less to do with truth and facts? Crossing paths with Daniel will be the ultimate test for Bel.

I cannot describe the emotions that Henry and Rock manage to pour onto the pages of this book. The failures, desires, wants, needs, disgust, hatred, love, acceptance, understanding. It is all gaping from the cracked surface of Daniel’s life.  Now Bel has made himself a part of that life and he doesn’t know if he will be enough for Daniel. Can he help Daniel realize he is more than a scourge on Logan? Can Bel withstand the judgement that will fall on him from the citizens of Logan? If the bridges burn, what side will Bel be on and who will be standing beside him?

Read this book for the sheer fact it is an emotionally raw and unique story. An extremely broken boy who needs the basics from humanity. One soul in a backwards town willing to be that one bright spot in the human race to reach out, touch and love the broken soul.



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