Swan Prince

Swan Prince by Erin Lark

Swan PrincePublished 4 August 2014

Published by Entangled: Edge

Copy obtained from publisher for review.

Review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.


Trapped between his royal heritage and swan shifter status, Oliver doesn’t pay close attention during his flock’s winter migration, and gets caught in the crosshairs of a trigger-happy hunter.

Careening toward the ground with no place to go, Oliver submits to his human form. As his swan’s feathers recede, he seeks shelter in an old barn.

Bastion’s spent the better part of his adult life caring for a bunch of bullheaded stallions, but this is the first time he’s ever found a naked and gorgeous man in one of his stalls. When he asks the man his name, he doesn’t get a reply. Without a wallet or a voice to tell him who this stranger is, Bastion takes Oliver in, clothes him and tends to a mysterious wound.

Oliver has nowhere else to go. Bastian is in a bind after firing a farmhand who would much rather call in sick than do his job. When passion flares, can Bastion and Oliver overcome their differences, or will this swan prince fly south?

Our Thoughts:

I can honestly say I have never read a shifter book with a swan shifter! I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out but I kept an open mind and I have to say, it worked!

The book begins with Oliver in flight, heading to his flock’s winter retreat down south. He usually has protection but, in his infinite wisdom, he decided to trick them and lose them along the route. He’s tired of being suffocated and just wanted to fly on his own. That decision might have been more fate than anything. The weather begins to turn and as Oliver is trying to press ahead, he is shot. Unable to land safely with an injured wing, he takes his human form at the very last second and braces himself for impact.

Injured, alone and naked he must find shelter and that is when he takes to Bastion’s barn, among the horses.

Bastion find Oliver, mends him and takes him under his wing (no pun intended). With Oliver unable to speak, they manage to get along fine. Oliver insists on helping Bastion with the horses and their attraction grows. I was surprised how open Oliver was. Usually shifters protect their secret at all costs. They hide their non human side to protect their pack, or flock in this case. Oliver shares a vision with Bastion in the very beginning and tells Bastion he’s a swan. Of course it is all lost in translation and Bastion refuses to see the truth.

As their attraction and lust becomes all consuming they act upon their feelings and come together. It is slow, sweet, sexy love-making and obviously a very important moment for Oliver. Bastion is his true mate, there is no denying it at this point. Post sex, he opens up to Bastion only to be scorn and brushed off. What Oliver does next is pretty awesome. He actually takes the risk of hurting himself again and shifts! The interaction between Oliver and Bastion while Oliver is in swan form is hilarious! Oliver padding through the house, nesting on pillows and more. So funny and cute all at once. Bastion takes care of Oliver and really accepts him in this form and is more playful. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it but that was probably my favorite part of the story!

Oliver can shift between his human and swan form seamlessly now that he is healed. That means he must go back to his flock. He is their prince and they rely on him to shift. That means leaving Bastion behind. Or does it? Can a human and a swan shifter make it work? Who can and will give in or will they part forever.


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