The Encounter by Jacey Holbrand

theencounterPublished 3 July 2014

Published by Evernight Publishing

Copy received for blog tour and review.

This is the start of a new series for The Agency, a group dedicated to helping with all supernatural needs of the public. In The Encounter, we meet three agents, the head Owen and two field agents Evan Zenas and Seth Trivos. Evan has been with The Agency for some time and has a new assistant, Seth.

What Zen didn’t expect was for Seth to be that sweet kid he knew over a decade ago. The nephew of his former lover, Kit. The attraction back then was palpable but Seth was too young and very much off limits. Once Seth was old enough, Zen had experienced some changes and was out of Kit’s life and consequintly out of Seth’s life too.

Funny how things come full circle. Both men lusting after each other when it was taboo, only to find themselves working alongside each other at The Agency. Now Seth and Zen must open up about their feelings over their missed connection. That’s not the only secret that must be revealed. How did Zen come to be at The Agency and why? He’s so sympathetic when speaking with people who’ve have encounters. Or is he empathetic? There’s much more to Zen than meets the eye, now all Seth has to do is get the man to open up to him in more ways than one.

Overall, this is a decent start to a new series with a sci-fi feel to it. I’m not one to normally pick-up a sci-fi book but I was willing to give The Encounter a fair chance. I have no idea what is next for this series, but I’m intrigued! There’s a lot to explore in Seth and Zen’s relationship and also in their dealings with The Agency.


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