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What a Lady Craves (The Eton Boys Trilogy, #1) by Ashlynn Macnamara

What a Lady Craves coverRelease Date: August 12, 2014
Published by Loveswept
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About the Book (from Goodreads):
Ashlyn Macnamara weaves a delicious tale of two souls torn apart by circumstance and reunited by fate—perfect for fans of Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries.

Henrietta Upperton is about to marry Alexander Sanford, when he rushes off to India to salvage his family’s fortune. Then comes the devastating news that he has wed another. Eight agonizing years later, a storm washes Alexander ashore—injured, widowed, and hunted—and one glimpse of his ruggedly handsome face reawakens the desire Henrietta thought she had buried deep inside. Her body still yearns for his touch, but she’s determined not let him wound her again . . . not this time.

For Alexander, honor always comes first. But only now does he realize that when given the choice between two virtuous deeds, he picked the wrong one. On the run with his life in tatters and a pair of daughters in tow, Alexander burns for Henrietta. He knows he does not deserve forgiveness. And yet he longs to wrap his arms around her warm body once again. What’s more, he is sure the lady craves the same.

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Our Thoughts:
Do you know what this lady craves? A historical romance full of passion, depth and darkness just like this one.

Ashlyn Macnamara is a master of intrigue. She knows just how to begin a story in such a way that she introduces the characters and situations with just a hint of the complications between them. It’s compelling in that you think you know what will happen, but you suspect the story will be clever enough to surprise you. She makes you crave details and insight, makes you want to discover more. The anticipation of such a  journey lured me in, and I couldn’t wait to uncover the true story of what happened between Alexander and Henrietta all those years ago.

I love the tension and emotion tangled up in the backstory between Henrietta and Alexander. Theirs is a classic story of a jilted debutante recovered from her broken heart only to have the wounds ripped open when her former love returns. The unrequited emotions are achingly tender, and Henrietta’s reaction to Alexander’s appearance showed her strength and vulnerability.  I was a little disappointed in how often she capitulates to Alex, but she fights her feelings admirably, reminding herself those urges and emotions are forgotten. In the end her choices are made with a level head and an open mind.

It’s clear Alex has been through a lot. If I’m being honest, I really didn’t want to like him. I mean he’s a bit remorseful for what’s transpired, but he’s also attempting to manipulate the current situation with Henrietta despite all the pain he’s caused her. Normally I’d write him off as pompous and arrogant, but there’s something about him that says if you know the whole story you’d forgive him. In the end that’s exactly what happened – he completely won me over.

If the romantic tension isn’t enough, this book is filled with shipwreck, mystery and murder. Nothing is as it seems, and as the story unfolds it reveals secret after secret in a whirlwind, action packed tale. Macnamara more than delivers on the intrigue and promise of a fantastic story.

One thing I’m perhaps most overjoyed about is that What a Lady Craves is the start of a new trilogy! (You thought I was going to talk about that sexy cover, didn’t you? ;)) You know what this means? Three fantastic historicals from Ashlyn Macnamara! While I believe the heroine in this story is a relative of George Upperton from Macnamara’s previous book A Most Devilish Rogue (another cover with a  gorgeous backside), the series will explore the lives of Alexander’s friends. Macnamara’s already done an excellent job of setting things up by introducing them and giving us a glimpse of their predicaments.  The blurb for Viscount Lindenhurst’s story, What a Lady Demands, is already up on the author’s blog – check it out here. I can’t wait to find out what has his knickers all in a twist. Unfortunately for him, they’ll stay that way until November. ;)


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