Happy 2nd Birthday, 3 Chicks!

As a testament to how busy we are lately, we missed our own birthday. Can you believe it? No cake, no balloons, no confetti…worse yet, no giveaway celebration for all our awesome readers!

Well, we’d like to think it’s better late than never, so get that confetti cannon ready, because here. we. GO.


Thanks so much for spending another AMAZING year with us, sharing your thoughts as we discover so many terrific books and authors. To show our appreciation, we’re having a giveaway!! Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Prize 1: One print copy of From the Inside Out by S.L. Scott

This is a choose-your-own-ending serial romance by S.L. Scott that Janette really enjoyed, and we’d love to give one of you the chance to win your very own copy! Check out the details for this serial here. Sorry, U.S. entries only for this one.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize 2:  One eBook of Summer Symphony by Brandon Shire

Summer Symphony is literary fiction at its finest. It captures a brief time in a life that impacts that life forever. It’s emotionally hard hitting. You will weep and rejoice but most of all you will feel. THAT is a good book and that’s why Kristy wants to share it with you! With the purchase of Summer Symphony, Brandon Shire donates a portion of his profits to an LGBT charity so by us giving to you, we are giving yet again! That’s a win-win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again!! Here’s to many more happy years and great books!


3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, 3 Chicks!”

  1. I like finding out the reviewer’s likes/dislikes so I can compare it to my likes/dislikes. The review also fleshes out the storyline, because sometimes the blurb doesn’t really give enough details.

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday 3 Chicks and thank you for offering your readers a chance of winning a gift on your special day :)

    Whilst I do not like spoilers, I prefer an honest review that it is constructive in any criticisms but does not use the review to make destructive or detrimental statements about the book or the author. I like reviews that have a paragraph of pros/cons and the reasons for these or warnings, e.g. there are scenes of non-con but they are only mentioned via flashbacks…

    And I also like how you have summed up Summer Symphony, ‘you will weep and rejoice but most of all you will feel’ so now I am well prepared for an emotional heart felt read, thank you:)

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