Unlocked-HC Brown

Unlocked by H.C. Brown

Unlocked-HC BrownReleased 23 October 2014

Published by Momentum

Copy obtained from publisher for review.


The Special Ops genetic experiments were designed to create super soldiers, not sex-addicted doms.

When Delano Briggs, BDSM club owner and volunteer firefighter, is called to aid in the evacuation of a burning New York hotel, he thinks it’s just another job.

But after rescuing the irresistibly sexy Chanze, he learns that behind the velvet curtains of the five-star hotel is one of the most exclusive, and immoral, prostitution rings in the country. For the men at the Cloister aren’t merely lovers for hire, but genetically enhanced sex slaves, created to provide the brothel’s rich clientele with the most insatiable doms and delicious subs.

Kept against his will by the doomsday chip implanted in his brain, Chanze sees no chance of escape. Until Delano and his three fellow super-enhanced operatives infiltrate the club for a walk on the wild side.

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Years ago the government used nano technology to build the ultimate soldiers. They could heal quickly, bulk up their muscle mass and later they were given advanced technological advances. Some can hack computers with a touch and various other useful tools. The program was later shutdown and the survivors of the experiments went off the grid. The one doctor that went a bit crazy was locked away and all was right with the world. Not quite. The nano soldiers, called Slayers, found each other and created a new life for themselves. Some are computer geniuses, others firemen or various other occupations that allow for cover-up. They are always seeking to help others and find more nano enhanced people.

Fate brings Delano, a BDSM club owner, volunteer fireman and former Slayer to the doors of RAB, Rent-a-Boy. As he’s carrying out a man, Chanze, almost consumed by flames, he realizes Chanze is a nano. It’s a total game changer for the Slayers and the guys at RAB. It seems the crazy doc got out and he is enhancing throw aways and using the nano technology to make the ultimate rentboys. The nanos allow for them to be used and abused yet heal within minutes, to do it all over again. One side effect of the nanos is an overactive sex drive and that is being exploited. The Fury, as the doc calls his group of enhanced rentboys, can’t help but feel trapped and used but conflicted because they crave the release.

The fire sets things in motion for the Slayers. They cannot leave the Fury there to be sold and exploited plus they cannot let the doc continue to illegally use nano technology and ruin more lives. With the help of Chanze, the Slayers hatch a plan to save the Fury and take down doc.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, H.C. Brown adds in a little romance to the mix. It seems the nanos can find a bond mate and it just so happens Delano and Chanze are bound. It reminds me of a super intense alpha mating within a pack. Delano becomes extremely protective, jealous and insatiable! It’s always fun to read about guys getting a little consumed by their lovers and this was that hot and intense. For a book about nano enhanced, sexually charged rentboys and soldiers, the sex isn’t over done or too much. The initial scenes are tough because you know it’s exploitation and the Fury are conflicted over what they think and feel. The encounters between Delano and Chanze are not sex for the sake of writing sex, it’s unadulterated love. There’s actually more action and planning going on than sex.

The bulk of the book is about freeing the Fury and when Slayers, Rhys, Bret and Jay are put in undercover, even more bonding occurs. Rhys bonds with a new Fury member Dylan. Bret and Adryck are on the same track although it isn’t sealed like Rhys, Dylan, Delano and Chanze. We have the bonding issue, freeing the Fury, inside and outside planning. It’s all very fast paced and suspenseful!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It has a unique plot with a bit of suspense, drama, BDSM and romance. Can’t really go wrong with all of that! I would enjoy reading more stories with these Slayers in the future.



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