Book Blast: Just Stay (More Than Friends #4) by Aria Grace


Meet the Author:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Aria enjoys the year round sunshine and laid back environment of the west coast. She lives with her husband and two children on a quiet hill that gives her lots of time to read and write. Her first series was a semi traditional look at sexy gigs found online. She has now ventured into the exciting M/M world of gay erotica. She loves to hear from readers so please feel free to drop her a note or visit her at www.ariagracebooks.com.

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JS_800Released 7 October 2014

Published by Surrendered Press

Cover Art by Sexy Men Pix Book


When Spencer agreed to help take down the leader of a Portland crime family, he didn’t realize he’d end the night with the bloodied body of an unknowing accomplice in his arms. His initial interest in Dylan was purely physical but when Dylan stepped in front of Topher’s gun and saved Spencer, the lust quickly turned into something more. Something he wasn’t sure he’d ever find in the fast-paced dot com world he was from.

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He looks over his shoulder at his back, straining to see the smeared blood. “This should be fun.”

I turn around and step back to him. “Oh, right. Well, um, I can, you know, help with your back…if you want.”

Dylan’s eyes drop to my crotch and slowly trail up to my face. “Sure, if you don’t mind.” I silently follow him into the bathroom. He turns on the bath faucet and sets the temperature. Looking down at his boxers then back at me, he steps over the side of the tub and lowers himself into the rising water, careful to keep his bandages dry. “Ahh, that fucking hurts but it feels good.”

I reach for the bar of soap and unwrap the delicate paper surrounding it. Dipping it in the water with a hand towel, I lather it up. “Lean forward a little.”

Dylan looks deeply into my eyes before scooting forward and resting his cheek on the side of the tub. With gentle strokes, I wash away the smears of blood on his back and side. When there isn’t anything left on his back, I hold my breath and move the towel to the outside of his bronze bicep.

One eye peeks open and Dylan smiles faintly without stopping me. “I could just fall

“Well, I probably can’t lift you out without hurting your shoulder so try to stay awake for another minute.” With much more force, I run the sudsy towel over the front of his torso, stopping about an inch from the waist band of his wet boxers.

Our thoughts:

Just Stay continues from where Choose Happy left off.  You don’t have to read book three prior to reading this installment in the series but it does help understand what happened to Dylan, why it happened and how Spencer came into his life.

After bringing down Topher DeMonaco, Spencer finds himself comforting the man who stepped in front of him to take a bullet. Luckily, Dylan’s gunshot wound isn’t critical. Spencer insists on helping Dylan after the hospital stay and to get him on his feet. His boss is gone and he lived in the same apartment. Dylan was Topher’s personal guard and part of his security team. Now Dylan is unsure if he has a job or place to stay but more importantly, if he’s in good or bad with the Mafioso family.

Spencer was attracted to Dylan the moment they met for the set-up against Topher. Steve is a good friend so he never hesitated to help Steve in any way he could. Now he sees Steve and Joey together and he’s happy he had a hand in making that happen. He’s even more excited about Dylan. The man makes him think things that should be illegal! It’s a new side Spencer has never experienced. He’s not a pursuer, he’s only ever had five lovers in his lifetime. Spencer is a nerdy type, why would the hunk of manly muscle, Dylan, be interested in him?!

Dylan and Spencer are trying to navigate what they want from each other, all over phone and text because they live in different states. Dylan is open about his affiliation with the DeMonaco family and the business he took over running in Topher’s absence. Spencer is surprised but willing to accept the situation.  He’s more jealous of the two men who live in the same apartment with Dylan than what type of business he is managing.

The suspense aspect in this story hit both Dylan and Spencer. Someone is out to hurt Dylan and they’re willing to reach far across to make Dylan pay.  Can they figure out who is targeting him and why before they lose everything?!

Will Spencer and Dylan get together or will Spencer find someone Dylan thinks is more compatible? Do they have a chance at all? This installment in the series has a more drama/suspense plot and the romance is secondary. Don’t expect a lot of romantic interaction between Spencer and Dylan. They’re both working hard, living apart and trying to start a new romantic relationship. It’s a slow build and takes a lot time.


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