Desert Heat

Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse

Desert HeatRe-released 29 January 2015

Published by Lucy Felthouse

Copy purchased by reviewer as part of the original released anthology.


Their love is forbidden by rules, religion and risk. Yet still they can’t resist.

Captain Hugh Wilkes is on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. The British Army is withdrawing, and Wilkes expects his posting to be event-free. That is, until he meets his Afghan interpreter, Rustam Balkhi, who awakens desires in Wilkes that he’d almost forgotten about, and that won’t be ignored.

Please note: this book was previously published as part of the Unconditional Surrender bundle.

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Our thoughts:

***Review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk!***

Wilkes is returning for a six month tour in a remote FOB in Afghanistan. His team is ready to replace the soldiers who’ve manned the base prior. They barely have any overlap but upon meeting the outgoing commander, he’s is disappointed to know Wilkes has his own interpreter, Balkhi. Aziza the outgoing companies interpreter knows he will not be faced with a warm welcome when he returns home. His village sees him as an infidel and siding with the enemy. Wilkes asks the commander to do what’s necessary to get him safety IN England but it seems the Afghani interpreter fears for his family so he must visit home and not hide away.

Wilkes has other worries. Aside from his mission to keep the villagers and his soldiers safe, he wants a completely issue-free tour. Having ‘inappropriate’ thoughts for Balkhi does not fall into safe and issue free! Wilkes cannot help it. He’s gay and attracted to the handsome young Afghani. His dark stubble, smooth tanned skin and deep attentive eyes, Balkhi is just too sexy to ignore. But ignore is exactly how Wilkes tries to deal with his feelings. Keeping more to himself during down hours to avoid extra contact with Balkhi is putting a strain on Wilkes. He fears his troops noticing a difference, he fears they will know his secret.

When news comes down from the village that Aziza endured a tragic fate at the hands of his villagers, Wilkes and Balkhi are called back to base to meet with officials regarding the case. That is why Wilkes cannot contain his fear for Balkhi and the same fate. They let their desires carry them through the visit and vow a way around their cultural, religious and closeted ways. With both men committed and wanting the same outcome, can love overcome so many obstacles?

This is a great short story to cuddle up with on a cold winter day. It will definitely add some warmth.


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