Civilian Master

Spotlight: Civilian Master by Cassandra Carr

Civilian MasterRe-released 27 January 2015

Published by C-Squared Publishing

Original copy purchased by reviewer, additional material provided by author.


Clay’s home for some R&R after a Special Ops mission goes terribly wrong. He’s been interested in BDSM for a while, but has never gathered the courage to check out a club. When he finally does, Clay gets the surprise of his life. His best friend and first love, who he hasn’t seen since he took off for the military, is there. Even more shocking: Flynn, like Clay, is gay. Flynn’s not about to let Clay vanish into thin air like he did when they were in high school and is determined to show the man the freedom found in submission. Can Flynn help Clay find his true self?

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Original thoughts on Civilian Master by Cassandra Carr:

Oh yeah! I admire the authors that go for it and bring an awesome BDSM story. I love that this BDSM story was full of some intense BDSM kink! Lots of spanking with various devices, CNB torture, humiliation and denial. Yes please, thank you Sir! ;)

Behind all this yummy BDSM play is a sweet little relationship that is waiting to blossom. Flynn and Clay were childhood friends. Clay’s family life wasn’t too great and when things went really bad he just up and left to enlist in the Army. When he left, he never looked back. He spent so much time with Flynn that it was hard leaving him and his kind family but Flynn had a girlfriend and a good life, he’d never miss him. How wrong he was!

Clay is back in town on forced R&R after a botched mission with his Special Forces team. He came home to find Flynn. Even though that was his mission, he is surprised when he finds Flynn at a BDSM club in the city, flogging a girl. Clay runs off yet again. This time, Flynn is determined to not let eight years go by before he has another opportunity with Clay. Flynn sets out to find him.

Clay is shocked to discover Flynn is gay and has been since sophomore year of high school. Not only that, he confesses to always having feelings for Clay even back then. This is a lot to process for a guy in forced leave for possible battle inflicted PTSD from his last failed mission.

The guys do commit to playing in the BDSM club but it’s when they finally go private that they get to really play, talk and connect. I love that Flynn really puts himself out there! He was a caring Dom. Forceful when needed but also a calming force for Clay. There was no way Clay could not submit and try to please Flynn. He was also getting the release he needed from the stress and fear of that dreadful last mission. Flynn is open and up front with Clay. He doesn’t want to lose him again so he just tells him his feelings and fears from the beginning. Loved that!

This story doesn’t end with Clay being called back. We get to see through the epilogue how they plan to make their lives fit together and work. The reunion was so sweet! It reminded me of a picture I saw in the news of a real gay couple in ACU’s embracing after a deployment. Made me smile big just thinking of it. :D I digress, this short was phenomenal! Interesting, loving, playful and I didn’t want it to end. I could read a lot more with Clay and Flynn. <3

Bonus material thoughts:

The re-release of this story comes with an extra epilogue. *insert loud squee* Now we get to know how Flynn and Clay get along in Georgia. We know how much clay thrives on the release submission gives him. Now we know how their relationship has progressed both intimately within and out of scene.

Utter domination with no restraint. Flynn is a machine, knowing just what Clay needs to fly. Clay is open, willing and completely submissive to Flynn. It’s gives him balance and release.

HOT as hades BDSM with love and adoration added in to really bring on the feels! The additional material will melt your fingers to your e-reader, it’s that hot!


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