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The Devil’s Ride (Sex & Mayhem #2) by K.A. Merikan

The Devil's Ride CoverRelease Date: December 5, 2014
Published by Acerbi & Villani ltd.
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You don’t fuck with the club president’s son. 

Tooth. Vice President of the Coffin Nails Motorcycle Club. On a neverending quest for vengeance. The last thing he needs is becoming a permanent babysitter for a male hooker.

Lucifer. Fallen. Lost. Alone.

After a childhood filled with neglect and abuse, followed by his mother’s suicide, Lucifer set out into the world alone. There was nothing for him out there other than taking it one day at a time. As the bastard son of the Coffin Nails club president, Lucifer never got much fatherly love. So when the Nails show up at the strip joint Lucifer works in, the last thing he expects is to be put in the custody of Tooth, the Nails Vice President famous for his gruesome interrogation techniques. The man proves to be the sexiest beast Lucifer has ever met. He’s also older, straight, and an itch Luci can’t ever scratch.

Tooth’s life came to a halt twelve years ago. His lover got brutally murdered, police never found the perpetrators, and all leads were dead ends. To find peace and his own justice, Tooth joined the Coffin Nails, but years on, he’s gotten nowhere with the case, yet still lives on with the burning fire for revenge.

Babysitting a deeply scarred teenager with a talent for disappearing is the last thing on his bucket list. He promised himself to never get attached to someone like him again. To make sure the openly gay boy is safe in the clubhouse, Tooth is stuck keeping an eye on him. The big, blue, attention seeking gaze is drawing Tooth in, but fucking the president’s son is a complete no-go, even when both their feelings go beyond lust.

What Tooth doesn’t know is that Lucifer might hold the key to the closure Tooth so desperately needs.

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What a journey! I am exhausted. Get ready for the ride of your life, Coffin Nails style.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series; it really sets the tone, one that K.A. Merikan continues with spectacular consistency in this second release. It’s intense and relentless, with hardly a moment to relax and catch your breath.  Even the happy times are suspenseful, always waiting for the bottom to fall out. Sometimes that kind of anxiety interferes with my enjoyment of a book, but in this case it adds to the appeal. I’ve become accustomed to Merikan’s unique style and delivery, and this kind of tension and suspense just adds to the excitement.

I feel like this book should be about Tooth, since he’s the main Coffin Nails connection, but for me it’s just as much about Lucifer. Each of these guys makes an amazing journey and transformation throughout the course of the book, shaped by events past and present that are beyond their control. Sure, I could anticipate some  of the events that transpire, but Merikan keeps you on your toes by adding unpredictable twists and complications.

Tooth is all rough, tough, strong and forceful, as you’d expect from the VP of the Coffin Nails. With Luci around, he seems to soften up a little. He’s more aware of humanity and what’s truly important. He has the air of a man hardened by life and the trials that go along with it, and it’s almost like Luci makes him remember and long for a time when vengeance wasn’t his main objective.  He’s struggling to keep a number of secrets, and that’s not even counting what he keeps under his bed. ;)

If you like broken boys, Luci’s character will steal your heart. He possesses some of the same characteristics of abused LGBT teens you may have seen in other stories, but Merikan manages to really compound the impact of his abusive past by giving him unique ties to  Coffin Nails. His situation seems impossible – leave a life of tricking in order to live under his father’s thumb at the clubhouse. Oh, and throw in a full-time, badass biker babysitter.  For me, the circumstances he must accept and the growth he achieves is nothing short of astonishing. Here’s a character who literally goes from scraping by selling himself for sex to being a fully functional, contributing member of society in the span of the book. Even more miraculous is that it’s all genuine, gradual change – none of it’s instantaneous or unbelievable. I was so proud of all he accomplishes that I literally had to remind myself he’s fictional.

I love the way K.A. Merikan is keeping it real in this series – not everything goes well for the Nails – and I’m excited to see what’s next. I’m really hoping we’ll get to know more about Luci’s family, particularly Astaroth, or maybe even one of the other guys like Ghost or Blitz. Okay, mainly Ghost. I feel like he’s gone rogue, so there’s bound to be something happening. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be outstanding.



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