Boystown Season 3

Boystown Season 3 by Jake Biondi

Boystown Season 3Release Date: May 1, 2015
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“As the bomb exploded, it filled the area with thick, black smoke and flaming debris. It would be a while before the smoke cleared and hotel security could see the extent of the damage. Everyone hoped it would be the best new year ever.” BOYSTOWN Season Two

It’s a race against time to save those caught in the New Year’s Eve explosion. The survivors may not be the lucky ones as they struggle to restore normalcy to their lives. As the smoke clears, families are torn apart and lives are permanently altered.

Even more dangerous than the bomb, the Mancini-Ciancio feud heats up as family members fight for control and survival. At the same time, Jesse Morgan faces the fallout from his plan to break up his mother and her husband, Keith Colgan works to keep his past from destroying his future, Rachel Carson begins a plan that may have deadly consequences, and the search for the fourth Mancini brother reveals secrets that threaten to tear relationships apart forever.

It all culminates in a fabulous fundraiser like none that anyone in Boystown has ever experienced.

Welcome home to BOYSTOWN!

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BOYSTOWN is back with an action-packed, fast-paced, drama filled third season! Jake Biondi creates some of the most colorful, entertaining characters and puts them in questionable – often dangerous – situations. Season Two ended in a total cliffhanger, leaving readers anxious for answers. I know I was dying to know who survived the fallout at Max and Emmett’s engagement party. With so many story lines up in the air, it’s a relief Biondi picks up right where he left off.

So let’s discuss some of the major things happening as S2 drew to a close. First things first – the Derek/Joyelle/Cole love triangle. I don’t know, is it really even a love triangle? Derek’s definitely conflicted about his feelings toward Joyelle and Cole, and I think he’d prefer not to have to choose between them. Unfortunately this is fictional reality, so he must. There’s no way his wife will stand by and willingly share him with Cole, and Cole’s definitely not giving up without a fight. Fans following this story will love the twists Biondi adds in S3. For a second I almost thought Derek’s predicament had been solved for him, but Biondi’s clever writing manages to add even more complications. If anything has come out of it, I’ve lost most of my sympathy for Derek. His dominant, controlling side really shows as things play out, and I’ve relegated him to “you get what you deserve” status.  At least we get a little closure to this storyline…for now.

Next up is Jesse/Logan/Ben/Jaqueline. Talk about a mess! If you ask me, Jesse is one misguided individual. I’m not sure who thinks it’s a good idea to convince your mother that your former lover turned stepdad is a maniac by luring him to a hotel room for sex. I mean, how messed up is that? Then when your mom and current boyfriend find you, don’t be surprised that everything falls apart. In S3 Biondi tackles this plot from all sides, giving each person time to react and cope with what happened. Ben and Jesse seem to be on a path of destruction with little anyone can do to stop it.  Logan and Jaqueline are slightly more level headed, although Biondi gives them plenty of hurdles to cross before any kind of happiness is attainable.

If you’re dying for more about the Ciancio-Mancini feud, you won’t be disappointed. S3 really pushes the envelope, and we get into the thick of it. So much is happening, so much is changing; these families could easily rival the Ewings in terms of drama and deception. I nearly lost track of all the secrets and lies while trying to ferret out which liaisons are genuine and which are just part of the endgame. Call me a romantic, but I’m really hoping Gino and Justin end up to be the real thing. I have trust issues, though, so I worry it might be too good to be true.

I could really go on and on, but those are a few of the highlights you can expect in S3 of BOYSTOWN. There’s plenty of drama for characters new and old, all culminating in a fundraiser you’ll never forget. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but get ready for a cliffhanger that’s probably bigger than the last.  Biondi has really outdone himself this time, and I’m not sure how anyone will survive. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…no matter how much it kills us.

BOYSTOWN has become almost a guilty pleasure for me – it’s kind of like reading a really racy soap opera complete with sex, lies and secret baby daddies. I still love Biondi’s delivery style, writing in vignettes that seamlessly overlap from scene to scene. You get a sense that things are happening simultaneously all over Chicago. One thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull moment.




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