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Review: Hyden’s Law by Hurri Cosmo

Hyden's law cover image largeHyden’s Law by Hurri Cosmo

Publisher: Hurri Cosmo

Release Date: February 9, 2016

Length: 28,000 words


Graham’s had it with Alphas. His experiences with them have been disastrous at best. Even with ones that didn’t tumble him into the nearest bed. So when the chance to move in with another Omega comes up, Graham grabs it. But Graham’s never seen an Omega so big. Plus, he seems to be able to push buttons only an Alpha has. However, trust is something that comes easily to Graham. Hyden says nothing about being an Alpha – so he must not be. Right?

Hyden has just met his fated mate – in the middle of a territorial war. Not the best timing. But now that Graham’s here, Hyden can hardly let the little pup escape, which is what he will do if he finds out Hyden is not only an Alpha but the Alpha. With the Mating Moon scant days away how will Hyden convince the smaller Graham that not all Alphas are selfish bastards? And he’s going to have to, because blood fever will not be ignored and Hyden can already feel it taking over his senses. Once it does, there will be no turning back. Hyden might have to resort to handcuffing the pup in order to make sure he doesn’t bolt off into the night. Hmmm. Not a bad thought. He might have to do that anyway…

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Our thoughts:

I was impressed with the length of this free story. Usually free books are short stories thirty pages or less. Hyden’s Law is setting up a world that I’d definitely enjoy reading more about!

Hyden is a Supreme Alpha trying to bring back pack law and rule to a greatly deprived area. One in great upheaval and distress. Alphas warring and killing. No rules, no control. That’s the inner city works, but Hyden Solfang controls the outlining areas. His pack oversees some 1200 pack members and their safety. While trying to work toward bringing a more peaceful existence and pack rule back to the out of control areas, Graham arrives on Hyden’s doorstep, literally.

Graham Taylor is an Omega who’s been mistreated, abused and discarded over and over again. The Alphas he’s been in contact with were not part of any pack and they abused their influence over Graham. As an Omega he’s too eager to please and that’s set him up to be used. Now, he’s untrusting of an Alphas and thinks Hyden is an Omega seeking a roommate.

The pretense under which they meet is upheld until Graham can no longer deny his attraction and Hyden can longer hold off claiming Graham.

Aside from the initial false pretenses by which Graham comes to live with Hyden. There’s no denying that they are destined Mates. Hyden needs to want Graham’s trust, claim him, and bring him fully into the pack. It’s everything Graham could ever want. He wants to submit to Hyden, not just in the bedroom but in all aspects. He wants to be cherished and protected. Poor Graham was so innocent with his trust in the past and unfortunately his mistreatment means Hyden has his work cut out for him.

They’re very passionate in the bedroom and rough in the playroom. As they grow to bond, more information is shared about who Hyden truly is and what Graham’s role beside him will be.

I would say we’re not left with a cliffhanger, more a bit of an open ending. I hope we have a lot more to experience with Hyden and Graham as they finalize their mating bond, potentially have a family and build onto the existing Solfang pack. So. Much. More! However, the ending is satisfying regardless of whether we see more from the Solfang Pack.

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