Be My Valentine SIr

Be My Valentine, Sir by Elizabeth Coldwell

Be My Valentine SIrBe My Valentine, Sir by Elizabeth Coldwell

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: February 1, 2016

Genre: Contemporary

Pairing: MM

Length: Short Story


Jason has planned a perfect night in — good food, fine wine, a sensual shared bath and a naughty BDSM scene. But when his master, Adrian, goes into the office instead, Jason won’t be taken for granted any longer. Discovering a dominant side he never knew he possessed, he’s about to give Adrian a Valentine’s treat he’ll never forget.


©Elizabeth Coldwell 2016
All rights reserved

“When this is all over, we’ll go away somewhere for a few days. Tell you what, I’ll book us into The Hideaway. How does that sound?”

It sounds pretty good. Jason and Adrian had spent a memorable Christmas at The Hideaway, a boutique hotel in the New Forest that catered to those into the BDSM lifestyle and had a fully equipped dungeon for the exclusive use of guests. And now Jason’s mind drifted to thoughts of the punishment he’d received at his master’s hands in that dungeon—the feel of the flogger Adrian wielded so expertly, striking his naked, bound body over and over. But it still doesn’t solve the immediate problem.

Today was February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and he’d planned to give Adrian a night to remember. It would all begin when Adrian stepped through the door after his regular Sunday afternoon run. Jason had vintage Champagne chilling in the fridge, ready to greet his master. He intended to cook him his favourite meal of steak in peppercorn sauce with a green salad and crusty bread, washed down with a glass or two of good Margaux. Then they’d head upstairs, following a trail of dried rose petals Jason had laid up the stairs and along the hall. Jason would run a bath for both of them, perfumed with sandalwood and ylang ylang oil, designed to create a sensuous, arousing mood. He’d wash every inch of Adrian’s gorgeous, muscular body before drying him off with a fluffy bath sheet and leading him into the bedroom. The covers had been strewn with more rose petals, and candles stood by the bed, ready to be lit. Jason intended to serve dessert in bed—strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Of course, some of the chocolate would drip onto their naked bodies, forcing them to lick each other clean. And once they’d eaten their fill, Jason would present Adrian with the present that he’d hidden in the bottom drawer of the bedside cabinet…

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Our thoughts:

I was surprised by this short story! I expected a submissive giving the ultimate gift of submission to his lover and Dom. Maybe a new toy and some Valentine’s Day fun in the bedroom with a side of sweet declarations. That’s far from what this short offered!

Adrian is a Dom and his job has caused him to neglect his sub, Jason, more and more over the past few months. Jason had the whole day planned for them for Valentine’s Day: meal, activities, and a new toy for in the bedroom. Jason wants to submit to his lover but he’s never given the chance. Adrian is pulled away, once again, by his work.

Jason decides he’s had enough and is going to turn the tides on his Dom! That lovely gift will be used by Jason on Adrian. Jason wants Adrian to acknowledge what he’s been doing and be disciplined for it.

Now that, was a surprise! At first I wasn’t sure what was going to come of this turn. Adrian was reluctant but as the scene progressed, he was definitely aroused. I think Jason got his point across and Adrian won’t be taking advantage again.

You’ll enjoy this short if you like seeing a different turn of events and seeing a sub up to a little mischief!


Meet the Author:

Elizabeth Coldwell is a multi-published author and the former editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine, where she was responsible for publishing a number of now very well-known authors for the first time, as well as honing her own writing.

She lives in East London, is a season ticket holder at Rotherham United, and a keen cook. Her recipe for peanut butter brownies is available if you ask nicely…


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