Jessie G Exclusive Feature: Thinking Mushy Thoughts (Chase and Ty from Tricking Chase)

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Today I’m ecstatic to feature an exclusive Slice of Life short from author Jessie G. The short, Thinking Mushy Thoughts features Ty and Chase from Tricking Chase, book one in The Devils Pride MC series. Ty and Chase are a personal favorite, so anytime I get to revisit this couple, it’s always a thrill.


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Without further ado, Thinking Mushy Thoughts by Jessie G!!

Thinking Mushy Thoughts by Jessie G and hosted by 3 Chicks After Dark

Ty frowned when he saw Kyle’s car parked in the driveway. He didn’t begrudge Chase time with his cousin, but his boy always confirmed before inviting company over. After a long day in the shop working on an intricately detailed custom build, all he wanted to do was relax with his little family and unwind. Well, that wasn’t all he wanted, but for the kids he could be patient until bed time rolled around to get what he really needed—Chase.

As Ty parked the bike in the garage, his frown turned into a scowl when he realized that Chase’s car was missing. Not confirming company was bad enough, but not letting Ty know he was going out was completely unacceptable, especially after the Alicia incident. That was the only day in their relationship that Chase was not where he was supposed to be and Ty knew he wasn’t over the helplessness that he felt when he realized what was happening.

With fear stoking mere annoyance into anger, Ty tossed his gloves on the bike seat and stalked into the house, ready to wreak havoc on Kyle and whoever else might be with him. The sight that greeted him wiped away the stress that followed him home, the annoyance, and the lingering fear that was entirely too close to the surface for his liking.

It didn’t take a second to realize what he already knew deep down—that Chase would never willfully defy him without a damn good reason. Later he’d have to take the time to examine his reaction and the cause for it before it became an issue between them. Now, though, he’d take comfort in his lover’s arms.

A naked Chase stood just out of reach of the swinging door, feet braced shoulder width apart, hands clasped at the small of his back, and his head held high. He was truly a sight to behold and Ty paused, letting all the negative feelings leech away so that he could revel in this gift before him.

“Kyle and Javi picked up the kids an hour ago for a sleep over,” Chase said before he could ask, obviously recognizing the tension in his body for what it was. “Normally, I would have asked first, but I wanted to surprise you.”

Chase had complete autonomy to make decisions for the children, though he normally did confirm them with Ty. That he would spread those wings to arrange some private time for them was perfectly Chase. His focus remained Ty’s wants, needs, and pleasure. For those reasons and all the other ways in which Chase made his life complete, it was Ty’s privilege to make sure Chase was happy as he made them. Allowing his unresolved issues to take a second of Chase’s happiness wasn’t something he was willing to repeat.

Ty let the door swing shut behind him and walked a slow circle around Chase, taking in the perfect lines of his posture. He stroked one finger down that straight spine, the touch feather light, causing Chase to shiver and moan. Ty continued his slow perusal, only stopping when they were toe to toe and those mismatched eyes were gazing up at him. “You’re stunning, Chase.”

“Thank you, Master.” Ty could see the pride in Chase’s eyes and smiled when those already straight shoulders inched back a notch. “Dinner’s warming in the oven if you’re hungry.”

He was, but not for food. Instead he reached down, grabbed two handfuls of Chase’s ass and snatched him right up off the floor. Chase squeaked in surprise, throwing his arms and legs around Ty before he unbalanced them, and blinked in confusion. He knew better to assume or anticipate, and right now Ty’s need to have his boy in his arms overrode any desire for the kink that was woven into the fabric of their lives. If that was a residual from the earlier spike of fear, so be it.

Ty leaned in, taking Chase’s mouth in searing kiss that had those strong limbs tightening around him. That immediate response was everything he needed and he pressed Chase against him, grinding them together. They had all night to explore and taking the edge off now would allow them to play longer later.

He tore away from that irresistible mouth and asked, “Lube?”

If the kids were gone for the night, then he knew Chase would have stashed supplies around the house so they could play wherever he wanted. “On the coffee table.”

Ty turned with Chase still in his arms and crossed the living room. He snagged the bottle and handed it to Chase before continuing his journey out the patio doors. He didn’t stop until they were at the fire pit, well within view of any small boats or peeping neighbors. It’d been a while since his exhibitionist got the thrill of an audience. Didn’t matter if anyone was there or not, it was the possibility that they could be that was enough of a thrill for Chase.

He dropped him onto a double lounger and stood back to quickly shuck his clothes. Chase watched his hands, clearly wanting to do the task himself, and Ty knew the little denial would add another layer to his boy’s need. When his clothes were nothing by a pile on the brick, he grabbed his dick and stroked as Chase licked his lips in anticipation. It was tempting—Chase’s mouth was made for his dick—but there was no way he would last, so he denied that too.

“Slick yourself.” Ty nodded to the bottle of lube clearly forgotten where it had fallen.

With obvious reluctance, Chase tore his gaze away and focused on getting the bottle open so he could pour out a generous dollop. Then he drew his legs up and out, baring himself to Ty’s gaze as deft fingers sought out his tight hole. That gaze came back to his as Chase fingered himself, his throaty moans traveling on the tropical breeze. Ty remained standing, watching and stroking and waiting for the sign that Chase was nearing his breaking point.

Only then did Ty order, “Stand up and turn around.”

Chase was off the lounger before the words were done, his back to Ty’s front, his body vibrating in anticipation of what would come next. Ty pressed a hand between his shoulder blades until Chase was bent at the waist, his hands on the lounger with his ass high in the air. Then Ty grabbed him by the hips, holding him still as he wedged his cock between perfect ass cheeks to thrust up and down.

“Master!” Chase cried out and pressed back, but Ty wasn’t ready to give in.
He continued to tease, drawing it out as long as he could, until neither of them could take another second, before he shifted position and slid home. Chase was his home in every way possible. It didn’t matter where they were, who they were with or what was going on around them, as long as Chase was at his side, he was home.
Ty eased back, watching the slide of his cock until just the tip was holding Chase open. “Tell me.”

The demand was punctuated with a vicious thrust that pushed Chase and the lounger forward, but the words he needed to hear were strong and clear. “I love you, Master.”

He curled one hand around Chase’s throat, urging him up until they were pressed chest to back. “Look at me and tell me right.”

Chase turned his head, his eyes glazed and his lips swollen as if he’d been biting them. “I love you, Ty.”

Ty grunted in approval and slammed his mouth over Chase’s, taking his wild cries and heartfelt declarations inside. Strong hands sank into his hair as Chase reached back, seeking as much contact as he could while he buffeted Ty’s aggression. The words did that to him—made him feel aggressive, possessive, primal, and each snap of his hips declared that Chase was his to anyone privileged enough to watch the show. To the Gods that tried to take Chase away from him.

“You’re mine,” he growled. “Mine.”

“Yours,” Chase agreed desperately. “Your boy, your precious possession.”

Yes, Chase was all those things and so much more. “My love.”

Tears filled those eyes he adored and fell freely down flushed cheeks. “Ty.”

Such a simple name, just two letters, but hearing it fall from Chase’s lips with such emotion was enough to push him right to the edge. Ty reached down to grip Chase’s erection and asked, “Ready?”

Chase whimpered, nodded, then cried out when Ty thrust hard, driving him forward through the tight fist Ty had around his cock. Chase convulsed hard, his ass squeezing until Ty had no choice but to give into the orgasm that had been hovering ever since he walked through the door and found him waiting.

Ty eased them down to the lounger and together they watched the sun set on another beautiful day. “Thank you.”

Chase looked over and frowned thoughtfully, “For what?”

The list was endless, but Ty knew just how to sum it up. “For loving me.”

Forgetting the sunset, Chase shifted until he was nestled beneath Ty’s chin. They’d get to dinner and the toy box eventually, for now all they needed was each other.

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