Vanished 2 by Carter Quinn

Release Date: September 26, 2015
Published by Carter Quinn Books
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It’s only been three weeks since Henry woke up to discover his husband, Tom, had vanished. He’s still struggling to come to terms with his new reality when he receives a haunting phone call: “Henry. Help me.” It’s Tom’s voice, but Henry is afraid to believe. His world has already come crashing down around him twice in the last six months. Is Tom really alive, or is Henry losing his grip on reality?

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Tom? Is that you? Are you there? Is this real?

Carter Quinn gave us a tiny- minuscule – sliver of hope at the end of the first Vanished book that maybe, by some miracle, Tom hadn’t died after all. Where does that leave poor, heartbroken Henry? He’s already suffered a breakdown because he’s so bereft and can’t fathom moving on, but that’s what he must do in this next installment of the series. It’s all about moving forward, one foot in front of the other, staying firmly rooted in reality. Needless to say someone has other plans.

You see,  that’s when it starts – more of those little glimmers of hope. Just as Henry’s finally making strides toward his new normal, he hears Tom’s voice in an anonymous phone call as if he’s reaching out beyond the grave. The longer it continues the more I imagine someone is fabricating the entire thing; my main questions are who and why? But most of all I’m back to my very original question: WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

The main suspects for me? Tom’s parents. They have to be involved in this somehow, right? Their business dealings are everywhere and suspiciously connected to Henry’s professional life. Their recent activity raises some flags for sure.  Beyond that it seems that it could be anyone, but I’m reminded that often in mysteries it’s the person you least expect. Carter Quinn does a masterful job of keeping you guessing.

Overall this is a fantastic continuation of the Vanished series. I didn’t feel the disconnect from book one to book two you often find, and the characters are consistent as are the mood and pace. Quinn methodically – almost maddeningly – weaves an intricate, emotional story that gives you satisfying answers while leaving the door open for still more questions.


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