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Welcome back to the blog tour and giveaway for my newest release, Wolf en Garde. I’ve been taking these opportunities to introduce, or in some cases re-introduce, the characters and places found in the story through tiny teasers from the novel. And we’ve finally got to the point in the tour where we’re meeting some new characters – the people that represent those folks that live on the other side of the wolves.

While this character isn’t a major one in the novel, he is a very good indicator of the people that Lyle, the MC, as well as Lyle’s family, have been accustomed to dealing with. The “law,” so to speak… the guys that the wolves don’t want to see standing at their door.

Before we get to it, though, as a thank you for joining me, I want to remind you to read through to the end of the post to find out how you could win your very own signed, print copy of Wolf en Garde, a sterling silver (nickel and lead-free) Howling Wolf Bangle, and a $20 gift certificate to the Less Than Three Press book market!

And now, I present:

Tiny Teaser: Introducing – The “Law”

The grumble died on his tongue as he swung the door open and stared at the man on the step: head to toe in a shapeless forest green suit, a god-awful ranger’s hat finger-clasped in one hand, a shiny gold bison-detailed badge over the left pocket, and a just-as- shiny gold bar over the right pocket with DWIGHT J. ROSIEN inscribed on it. Definitely, most assuredly, not a Girl Scout and a good step up from Boy Scout. A park ranger. With rank, if the suit and the shinies could be trusted.

Dwight smiled (or attempted to pass the flick of his cheeks off as one, anyway) and extended his hand. “Lyle? Lyle O’Connell?”

Lyle narrowed his eyes. “Who’s asking?”

All the right kind of people, Lyle,” Dwight said smoothly. “Can I have a few words with you?”

“It’s not my house.” Lyle crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the frame of the door. “I really shouldn’t let anyone in without the owner’s consent.”

Dwight J. Rosien offered Lyle another quick, not-quite smile. “Such a good little guard dog, aren’t you, Lyle?” He waved a hand at the open door and stepped forward. “It would be in your best interest not have this conversation on the front porch.” He leveled his gaze with Lyle’s. “Wolf.”

Lyle’s blood seemed to turn to ice. “Who are you?”

“An associate,” Dwight said casually. “Or, if sets you more at ease, let’s say a friend of a friend.” He pushed past Lyle and walked into the foyer. “I’ll get right to the point so we don”t end up getting interrupted by the return of Mr. and Mrs. Connor.” He looked over his shoulder. “You might want to close the door.”

Nothing on Lyle’s body wanted to work. His feet didn’t want to cooperate as he turned back to the house. His fingers didn’t want to unclench and shut the door, though he managed to force them to do both. But there was no way he could insist on his throat opening enough for speech. Instead, in the now-darkened hallway Lyle watched Dwight (J. Rosien, Lyle’s head repeated) peek into the various rooms that led off the foyer and assess the area.

“There has been some…” Dwight let his words trail off, he shrugged, and he came back toward Lyle with a slow, deliberate walk. “Some odd activity. Some disappearances. Normally things like that would be out of my, oh, let’s say pay grade, but I believe these particular ones might be a little different than your normal, run of the mill disappearances.” His eyes were like chips of ice as his gaze bored into Lyle’s. “Would you know anything about these, Lyle?”

Lyle had to swallow hard before he could reply. “Why would I?”

“You know I can’t tell you that.” Dwight softened his expression and leaned closer. “At least, I shouldn’t. But these are… oh… special people. People we’ve been watching for some time. You do know who I mean when I say ‘we,’ don’t you, Lyle?”

Wolf, en Garde Excerpt
© AF Henley, 2016

Wolf en Garde Front Cover


Three years ago Lyle made a mistake that cost him his freedom, and almost his life. Now, sick to death of watching his father love the man that Lyle wanted, Lyle accepts an offer to leave Wolf, WY behind and see what life in Washington, D.C. can do for him instead.

When Lyle comes across a seductive, attractive stranger with a fascinating yet terrifying view of humanity, he’s more than intrigued. It doesn’t take Lyle long to realize that Arius isn’t just playing games, though, and when Lyle runs across a secret in Arius’ lair he has no choice but to flee, even knowing his actions will enrage Arius.

On the run, with only a psychic’s second sight and his own instinct to help him, Lyle has nowhere to go but home. The only question is, will they have him when he shows up.

Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Notes: Wolf, WY contains some explicit and violent content
Book 2 in the Wolf series

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I’d like to take this last moment to thank 3 Chicks After Dark for having me back as a guest today. It’s an honour and a pleasure to be here again. I am truly grateful for all that you, and sites like yours, do for authors like me.

And a great big thank you to you, my friends, for reading and joining me. Best of luck with the giveaway and I hope you enjoyed the post!

Until next time,

AF Henley <3

Meet the author:

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Henley was born with a full-blown passion for run-on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation. Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I-love-my-dog stories to the current leap into erotica.

A self-professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for ‘research purposes’ which, more often than not, lead seven thousand miles away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas that, once seeded, tend to flourish.

Henley has been proudly working with Less Than Three Press since 2012.

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Our Thoughts:

After everything that went down between Randy, Vaughn and Lyle in the first book, I wasn’t surprised to see that Lyle was still struggling. A family trip back to Randy’s home in Washington, DC is the perfect opportunity for Lyle to find himself.

Lyle is still struggling to come to terms with Vaughn and Randy’s relationship. At this point he’s not sure if he loathes the fact that they’re together, still has feelings for Randy, or if there’s something more or something less. All this time Lyle thought that there was an attraction to Randy but it was a power struggle. It was more of a meeting of minds and brawn between him and his dad. All this time he’s thinking he has to be a beta, but Lyle is a true alpha. He’s strong and he’s more in touch with his wolf and the senses the wolf enhances, when in his human form.

Randy’s mother, Mary, pushes for Lyle to get out and roam the area much to Vaughn and Randy’s dismay. They can’t necessarily say no without looking overbearing. Lyle seizes the opportunity to get out from the scrutiny of his father and away from Randy and Vaughn’s relationship. During his ventures out into the streets of the DC area, Lyle meets Arius–a vampire. Lyle knows he should be afraid of the vampire, he knows that he should run from Arius, yet he can’t.

Arius is an extreme character. He has these grand, exuberant, and often scary rants that Lyle sometimes agrees with but overall just thinks they’re the delusions of a crazy man. He is attracted to Arius but he’s not sure if that attraction is from Arius’ manipulations or true feelings.

A combination of events are set into motion causing Lyle to realize that Arius is up to more evil than he had ever imagined. Arius also has some unbelievable partnerships. Lyle rescues Rafe from Arius’ clutches. Now he must race towards home, back to Wolf, Wyoming. Sometimes one just needs to go home. Sometimes the ties that really are the strongest and the people who really can help are those who were thought to be against you all along, that’s what Lyle learns.

Lyle finds his way, his true self, in this book. It takes him awhile but once he sees what he truly wants he’s finally on the right path.  He wants to be heard, to be the strong wolf he knew he was when everything started to fall apart. Coming home, his family stand beside him again and the interloper, Randy, is the skeptical one. That speaks volumes to Lyle and it really lets him see that the attraction isn’t there anymore. With Rafe, Lyle also realizes that he can have love and family. He’s put into the same situation that his father was put into in the first book and he now knows how hard of a situation that was and how difficult it is to get out of it. It’s going to take both his man and his wolf to win this fight but Lyle is strong enough and determined enough to come out the victor.

AF Henley weaves quite the tale! He has a very eloquent writing style and really keeps you hanging on until the bitter end, wondering what is going to happen! The book ends with us knowing that there could potentially be more to come for Vaughn, Randy, Lyle, and Rafe.  We also get the sense that the tides have changed and the wolves are not going to be pushed down any longer. It’s time to get back in touch with their original roots and the strength they once had as packs.


16 thoughts on “Blog Tour and Review: Wolf, en Garde by A.F. Henley”

  1. Interesting, I don’t mean to dismiss the character here but he’s one of “those” people. Likes to play games while insisting others don’t. You’ve done very well to make me hate him in such a short amount of time. xD

    But the situation is far more interesting. Must know what’s going on. *sigh* It’s only a few more days. I can make it…..technically a full week still as I intend to save the reading for the weekend. xD

    1. Well, you know, what would life be without delayed gratification now and again? ;)

      And thank you! Hate is an excellent emotion for this character and I’m thrilled that’s the one you went with! :D

      Good luck with the giveaway. <3

  2. Oh… oh… here we go, the organization! And because he loves doing this to me, he said “just wait till Book 3.” Wait, he says. When is THAT coming out? XD

    *nagimpatientmenag* :P

    There’s a far deeper meaning to this organization than just the organization that handles the “supernatural,” methinks. Some pretty strong correlation to real world people… and I’ve pondered this for a long time now, and the more I think about it, the more sure of it I am: Did your cover artist have a hand in helping you come up with the “GDBCG (the Genetics Development and Biological Connectivity Group)” name? I think I see some of his fingerprints in there.


    I do beg for some forgiveness on skipping everything after the excerpt. I like reading Henley’s works from bare bone and coming up with my own crazy ideas about what this and that could mean before venturing out to see what other people see. :)

    Thank you for the post! :D


    1. Oh yes, he loves to do that! I can not wait to see him leaning back in his chair, sipping coffee, smiling and say: We’ll see.

      By now I have been through this a felt gazillion times! It is a miracle that I have not a single grey hair. Yet. XD

      1. Surely you have my confused with someone who takes a great deal of pleasure from escalating frustration and someone begging me not to stop THERE. Or… you don’t. ;)

        *grins* <3

    2. *laughs* I’m glad you’re enjoying the excerpts, and I certainly can’t complain if they’re making you want more. :D

      Although, I’m not sure if my dear Raphael had anything to do with the acronym or name for the Center. I think I just kind of went… duuuhhh, what do they do? And then called them that. And there was a nice rhythm to the GDBCG acronym so it stuck.

      I look forward to reading what “crazy ideas” you come up with. Best of luck with the giveaway! <3

  3. Oh man, yes!!! :D A few words, a few lines suffice to make this absolutely creepy, dark, and very dangerous!

    ”Dwight” and our beloved author here do know exactly which few strings to pull to make the devoted reader cringe and feel goose bumps rising! :D

    Poor Lyle! He thought he was so smart with the GDBCG! And now he learns just how far reaching their grasp is and that there is no escape from them.

    The first time I read that, I felt so much for poor Lyle. There was an block of ice forming in my stomach. This is what great writing does! :D

    *bows deeply* Thank you very much, Lavender Wynter! :D I feel honoured! But all this is the product of A.F. Henley’s brilliant mind alone! :D


  4. Great teaser I can see trouble a head for Lyle and Dwight J. Rosien certainly has not call with good intentions. Poor Lyle.

    1. Thank you, Shirley! The GDBCG (the Center) doesn’t seem to be playing nicely, do they? But then who knows? Maybe they know more about things then they’re letting on.

      So glad to have you on the tour, Shirley. Thank you very much and good luck with the giveaway! <3

  5. Great teaser! Dwight can really put one on edge. My goodness, poor Lyle being subjected to the man. Hopefully he’ll be able to maintain the somewhat cool exterior he’s presenting.

    1. Thank you, H.B., glad you enjoyed! :D

      I have to admit that I am instantly put off by people that come on too aggressive so I agree with your poor Lyle. Here’s hoping he can!

      Best of luck with the giveaway! <3

  6. I really liked that excerpt! If I didn’t already want to read it, that teaser would’ve hooked me. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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