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Blog Tour for Myths Untold: Faery Anthology by Gus Li, Brandon Witt, Skye Hegyes, and J. Scott Coatsworth

We’re excited to be part of the blog tour for Myths Untold: Faery! A fantasy anthology faery fans will surely enjoy. Plus, author Skye Hegyes talks playlists and writing. Enjoy!

Myths Untold: Faery
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Authors: August Li, Brandon Witt, J. Scott Coatsworth, Skye Hegyes
Cover Artist: August Li
Length: 79K
Format: eBook, Paperback
Release Date: 4/13/16
Categories: LGBT, Fantasy, Paranormal
Price: eBook $5.99, paperback TBD



Faeries are part of mythology the world over, past, present, and future. Called elves, brownies, the fae, and more, they evoke a sense of wonder and a little danger. Faery has its own rules, and humans enter at their peril.

In this spirit, we bring you the first book in the Myths Untold anthology series—four stories from the land of the Fae: a homeless man in Cardiff and the luck that could destroy him; the trans man in future San Francisco who falls for an elf; the village boy who has always been a little different; and a faery prince whose birthright was stolen from him.

Welcome to Faery.

The Pwcca and the Persian Boy, by Gus Li

Despite beauty and luck, something about Glyn makes everyone uncomfortable. Homeless on the streets of Cardiff, he has nothing to keep him going but his friendship with Farrokh. Through stealing and fortune’s occasional favor, Glyn keeps them alive. But then homeless youths begin to disappear, and when Farrokh goes missing, Glyn begins to discover the reasons behind both his luck and the way people react to him. Determined to save his friend from a danger he never imagined, he enlists the help of Lleu, who might be an ally, or might be manipulating Glyn to achieve his own goals.

The Other Side of the Chrysalis, by Brandon Witt

In a species that values beauty above all else, Quay looses both his freedom and his birthright as prince of the fairies. Lower than an outcast, he watches over his younger brother, hoping against hope that Xenith’s rebirth will provide safety and positions that has slipped through Quay’s grasp. Though he expected kindness from no one, Quay gradually starts to trust that there is more to life, even for the likes of him, as sexual encounters with Flesser, a fairy barely accepted himself, turn from lust to love. Quay knows having forbidden relationships will be his undoing, but he is powerless to turn away.

Changeling, by Skye Hegyes

With his pointed ears and a tail, Tyler’s always been different than the other children, but until Marsh, a brownie tells him he’s a changeling, he never thought he wasn’t human. Now he will discover what faery life is like, and just how being a changeling could change his life. On the way, his ties with his mother will be pushed and prodded even as his friendships grow and his love life blossoms. However, in a village of God-fearing people, those who are different are spurned and Tyler will discover how much trouble a fledgling changeling can get into.

Through the Veil, by J. Scott Coatsworth

In the not-too-distant future, San Francisco has been swamped by rising sea levels caused by global warming, and has only survived by building a wall to keep the water out of the heart of the City. Colton is a trans man barely getting by on the canals outside the wall. Tris is an elf who has come to the human world on his journey to become a man. Fate brings them together, and everything changes for Colton when he sets out with Tris to find the elf’s missing brother, taking Colton behind the Wall for the first time.

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A Different Kind of Playlist

By Skye Hegyes

I always hear authors talk about a specific playlist they listened to while writing. It’s both awesome and daunting. I see a list of ten to fifteen songs they listened to while writing their works, and I’m envious of such lists.


Because I’ve never had such lists.

I listen to music while writing, but I just tend to put on Pandora, click a list of music I’d like to listen to and click shuffle so that it randomizes songs from my various channels.

That means the music I listen to changes with each writing session. After a while I tune it out, just needing the noise in the background anyway, so it really doesn’t matter what I’m playing.

Since my playlists are on shuffle, I can’t tell you a list of songs I listen to, but I can give you a rundown of the channels it flips between.

– 2000s Pop

– 80s Rock

– Pop Rock

– Country Love Songs

– Phil Collins

– 90s Country

– 80s Country

– Country Pop

– R&B Love Songs

– The Piano Guys

– 90s Alternative

– t.A.T.u.

– Breaking Benjamin

– Love Songs

– 80s Pop

It means a variety of music, and I hardly ever hear a song repeated within the same week even if I write every day, and that – to me – is the best part.

Meet the Authors:

Gus Li

August (Gus) Li is a creator of fantasy worlds. When not writing, he enjoys drawing, illustration, costuming and cosplay, and making things in general. He lives near Philadelphia with two cats and too many ball-jointed dolls.

He loves to travel and is trying to see as much of the world as possible. Other hobbies include reading (of course), tattoos, and playing video games.

Brandon Witt

Brandon Witt’s outlook on life is greatly impacted by his first eighteen years of growing up gay in a small town in the Ozarks, as well as fifteen years as a counselor and special education teacher for students with severe emotional disabilities.

Add to that his obsession with corgis and mermaids, then factor in an unhealthy love affair with cheeseburgers, and you realize that with all those issues, he’s got plenty to write about…

Skye Hegyes

Dragons, wolves, and sharp objects are commonplace in Skye Hegyes’s home in North Carolina. She spends most of her time between writing and working. When not doing either of these things, you may find her making crafts or adventuring with her family, which consists of her husband, two daughters, two birds, and three cats… and a partridge in a pear tree…

J. Scott Coatsworth

Scott has been writing since elementary school, when he and won a University of Arizona writing contest in 4th grade for his first sci fi story (with illustrations!). He finished his first novel in his mid twenties, but after seeing it rejected by ten publishers, he gave up on writing for a while.

Over the ensuing years, he came back to it periodically, but it never stuck. Then one day, he was complaining to Mark, his husband, early last year about how he had been derailed yet again by the death of a family member, and Mark said to him “the only one stopping you from writing is you.”

Since then, Scott has gone back to writing in a big way, finishing more than a dozen short stories – some new, some that he had started years before – and seeing his first sale. He’s embarking on a new trilogy, and also runs the Queer Sci Fi ( site, a support group for writers of gay sci fi, fantasy, and supernatural fiction.

BOOK BLITZ: Snowed In, a M/M Anthology by L.J. Hamlin, Lynn Townsend, Jessica Chase, Logan Zachary, Leigh Ellwood, Emjay Haze, Tray Ellis, Kassandra Lea

Snowed In MM Banner v1


Cover Artist: Kris Norris

Snowed In is a wintery blend of frost, snow, and romance from eight of Torquere Press’ M/M authors.

Winter storms are dangerous, and in Celibate Cold by Lynn Townsend, Topher finds himself stranded in one when his car slides into a ditch. Alone and scared, he tries to walk home in the blizzard but ends up at Chase’s house, desperately in need of help.

Can an accident on Luke and Tom’s annual hike lead to them becoming more than good friends? Find out in Jessica Chase’s Falling for Love!

In This Winter’s Night by Kassandra Lea, Barry is devastated when he realizes he spends more time talking to his horses than his boyfriend—but that’s about change.

These snow angels have a devilish side! Huey and Tommy think their neighbor Marshall would be a naughty, fun addition to their snow day in Snow Angels by Leigh Ellwood.

In Snow Job by Logan Zachary, winter doesn’t always come with a chill—sometimes it’s smokin’ hot! For Lance and Leo, snowbound and icicles are about to take on whole new meanings.

Beau and Leon are two strangers on a chairlift. When Leon—the “experienced” skier—laughs at himself, Beau looks at him in a whole new light in Taking the Fall Line by Tray Ellis.

In Snowy Reunion by Emjay Haze, Steven wonders if he even has a boyfriend since Jonathan walked out after their last argument. But Jonathan surprises Steven during a ski trip and it just might save their relationship.

Seeking the elusive Yeti is Joel’s passion, but he finds more than he bargained for in Adventures of a Yeti Hunter by L.J. Hamlin.

Goodreads Badge

Publisher:  Torquere Press
Release Date:  1/27/16
Book Length: 44,000 words
Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Menage/Poly, Anthology



Celibate Cold by Lynn Townsend

Chase squinted. Of course it wasn’t a yeti, he thought. But the creature who was stumbling in his direction was covered in snow from the thighs down and his coat was thick with ice crystals. He had a hat crammed low down over his ears, but no gloves, and his sleeves were crusted with more snow. He’d probably fallen a few times, to judge by the smears of white down his front.

By the time Chase had identified the intruder as being nothing more than a man, his visitor was nearly to the porch. The man’s teeth were chattering so hard that he couldn’t seem to force intelligible words out. Chase caught a few mumbled syllables.

“Well, you look like three miles of bad road,” Chase said. He helped the man up the stairs and then impartially started brushing snow off his back, not really paying attention to where his hands were until the man startled when Chase’s hands came down on his ass, smacking snow away.

The stranger whirled, his brown eyes wide.

Chase held his hands out to his sides, harmless. “No point in trackin’ that all in m’house, man, and you look a bit chilled to do it yourself.”

The man nodded, stomped off his feet as best he could, which wasn’t very well. Chase sighed. The guy was wearing fucking Oxfords, for Christ’s sweet sake. He’d be lucky if he had any toes left at all. Fool.

“Sex,” the man said.

“What?” Chase had to have misheard that. He stuck a finger—snow covered, and cold—into his ear as if to clear it out. Or wind up his brain. “What did you say?”

“Six. Six miles of bad road.”


Publisher of GLBT fiction books to offer the finest in erotic LGBT romance available.




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Brit Boys: With Toys

Brit Boys: With ToysBrit Boys: With Toys featuring Ashe Barker, M.K. Elliott, Lucy Felthouse, K.D. Grace, Lily Harlem, Ashley Lister, Sarah Masters, and Tabitha Rayne

Published December 22, 2015

Page count: 422 pages

Click for excerpt link

Amazon: US, UK

From coast to coast and city to country Brit boys enjoy playing with each other and their toys. Not any old toys, though; guitars, rope, plugs and Moleskine journals all prove to be enormous fun. Throw in a shop that’s wall to wall with kinky ideas, a journalist on the lookout for the next big thing, and Dominants who insist on obedience and there’s sure to be something to cater for everyone’s taste.

Whether it’s a quickie or a slow indulgence, Brit boys know how to hit the spot and they aim to please every time. So take a ride, fly high, come enjoy these sexy boys and their toys.

Brit Boys: With Toys is an anthology of M/M stories written by British authors, featuring British characters in British locations. If this steamy set of stories has whet your appetite for more don’t miss Brit Boys: On Boys.

Hard Riders By Ashe Barker

If there’s one thing Liam loves more than a scorching hot lust-on-wheels superbike, it’s the gorgeous sexy guy who owns such a dream machine. When Jackson finds him all but drooling over his tyres and offers him a ride Liam takes no persuading at all. Soon they discover that their mutual fascination with boys’ toys is not limited to the two-wheeled variety, so it’s just as well that Jackson owns his own sex shop and Liam’s job leaves plenty of scope for dressing up.

But real life is much more than just a few kinky games, and has an unfortunate habit of getting in the way.

All Roped Up By M K Elliott

When Alex Fraser interviews Conner ‘Big-Mac’ McCaughey, the champion of London’s bare-knuckle boxing scene, he has more than just the fighter in his sights. Hoping to expose the fight club’s illegal dealings, Alex will stop at nothing to get the story, including doing whatever Conner asks.

The moment Conner sees Alex Fraser, all he can think about is what the young reporter will look like bound. Shibari—the ancient art of rope bondage—is the fighter’s passion, and he can’t think of anyone else he’d like to practise on more.

But Alex’s quest to expose the truth could land them both in serious danger…

Doctor’s Orders By Lucy Felthouse

Hospital porter Aaron Miller isn’t expecting a very exciting birthday. He and his doctor boyfriend, Blake Colville, are working opposite shifts, leaving Aaron to go home to an empty house and the prospect of another shift the following day. Just as he’s leaving work, however, an unexpected sexy encounter in a supply cupboard leaves him feeling in a much more celebratory mood. And an impending dirty weekend away with Blake just puts the icing on the non-existent cake. But who needs cake when you’re dating a dominant doctor?

Toys for Boys By K D Grace

Alpha Nerd, Will Charles teams up with Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones in a coast to coast walk across England reviewing outdoor gift suggestions for the Christmas edition of Toys for Boys—an online magazine dedicated to the latest gadgets to tickle a man’s fancy. Will is recording their adventures with the latest smart phone technology. Doc is reviewing the latest outdoor gear. The two quickly discover the great outdoors provides even better toys for boys, toys best shared al fresco, toys that, in spite of Will’s great camera work, will never be reviewed in Toys for Boys.

Mile High Kink Club By Lily Harlem

Rhodri’s looking for love, but not ordinary love. He needs a man who’ll bend to his will, submit to his desires and obey his every command–including chastity.

So when Gay Hook Ups finds his perfect partner it’s well worth a trip to London. What he doesn’t bet on is his fragile-looking match being a sharp and successful entrepreneur. So when things between them soar, will he unlock the passion, free his desire and will they reach the dizzying heights of ecstasy together? It all depends on whether Darius is prepared to be caged in order to be set free.

Open Mike By Ashley Lister

Ken finds Mike reading poetry in a bar. Mike is confident and clever and seems capable of teaching Ken everything he needs to know about poetry. And, when Ken asks for his guidance, Mike gladly offers to share his expertise. Consequently, when Mike offers to share more than his expertise in poetry, Ken discovers there are a lot more things he wants to learn from him.

I Get You By Sarah Masters

Morton is Warren’s boss, and they fancy each other like crazy. Except neither of them has the courage to say so, until Warren blurts out an inkling of his feelings. Morton is stunned by Warren’s offer for them to go away together, but not half as stunned as Warren when Morton accepts. Both of them are pretending to be someone they’re not. And both of them soon realise that being yourself is the best bet.

The Guitar By Tabitha Rayne

When shy, awkward Kel plays guitar, it’s the only time he feels at home in his own skin. On stage he can hide in plain sight behind his band and the music. It turns him on to play and he can’t help rubbing up against his guitar. Kel is enraptured by a guy he sees every night in the audience and is shocked when this gorgeous guy seems to notice him. So full of his own self-loathing, Kel just can’t accept that someone as perfect as Damien wants to be with him. Will his insecurities put their happiness in jeopardy?


Our thoughts:

Hard Riders by Ashe Baker

Jackson and Liam meet over a bike that revs both their engines. They have a one-off and then decide there could be more. Unfortunately, Liam is a barrister and trying to find his way, meaning he’s closeted so relationships are unacceptable. Jackson is carefree and living life to its fullest. Can he help Liam see that at 30, he needs to take control of the life he wants? Will Liam give up on what they could have for his job?

These two are seriously into some hardcore sex. Liam uses it as his outlet and enjoys a hard ride. Jackson is happy to oblige, and also rock Liam’s world with some kinky toys from his shop.

Super enjoyable short that leaves us wanting more!

All Roped Up by M.K. Elliot

Wow! The shibari in this story is everything!

Alex is a reporter, contacted by Connor to report on the positive aspect of bare fist fighting. He wants to bring legitimacy to his sport. All Alex wants is a lead to the potential illegal gambling ring that’s been whispered about at the very same club.

After meeting Connor, Alex is sure Connor is not involved, he’s a pretty straight guy. Even after they connect through the erotic art of shibari, Alex insists on seeing his story through. He’s so set on completing the story that he fails to realize the impact it will have on Connor. He’s likely lost him forever, and for what? An article on the back page of the newspaper?

The shared scenes involving shibari are delicate, intricate, sensual, trusting and completely mind-blowing. Connor is sharing a trusted, artistic form of arousal with Alex. Alex is spent, feeling wanton and over sensitized to the point he could explode with the intense feelings. These two are matched so well and Alex is so giving and trusting. Connor takes just the right amount from Alex at each session. Will their foundation be enough when Alex betrays it all?

Doctor’s Orders by Lucy Felthouse

This erotic short is a total win! Doctor Blake Colville is anxious to take his boyfriend, Aaron on a weekend getaway for his birthday. Once at their destination, the fun and games begin!

Blake and Aaron are in love and they’re all about showing their love and affection in ordinary and not so ordinary ways. Kisses, hugs and gentle touches are great. A blow job can be mind-blowing but when they get into D/s mode, the sky is the limit. Bondage, spanking, toys, Blake always keeps Aaron on his toes.

These two have an intense connection. They’re very in tune to each other and aroused to the hilt. Every moan, touch and spoken word revs up the tension and lust. I found Aaron and Blake to be extremely sensual and loving and that made them even hotter together. They felt like a strong, grounded couple, concerned for each other, also eager to please. Very much in love.

This was one hot little short and definitely one of my favorites from this collection.

Toys for Boys by K.D. Grace

I’d have to say I liked the uniqueness of this story. Two men set off on a long distance hike. They have to hike an average of 15 miles a day regardless of weather conditions. They’re testing out gadgets and gear for T4B publication. There’s definitely some strife between Will and Doc from the get go. Doc refers to Will as Will fucking Charles for the first third of the story! Although there’s strife, there’s also some lust and attraction that they act upon right quick. They use some natural kink toys and their handy ‘urbrain’ recording device for some ‘homemade porn’.

The unique part is that the author inserts themself into the story. Telling Doc and Will’s story after a casual glance at them in a hotel lobby. After they connect, they tell KD their tale up to meeting and she finishes the story. It’s enterprising and different enough to pique the reader’s interest.

Mile High Kink Club by Lily Harlem

Rhodri and Darius are set up by a match maker. They’re hoping to find a love match in heart, body and kink. Rhodri is a Dom and Darius an eager to please sub. They have to navigate living a few hours apart with testing a new relationship, one with kink. It’s a challenge they’re both willing to endure for the potential they see after one date.

I enjoyed how Darius took control from the start. He’s firm, but not a jerk about it. He’s definitely attracted to Darius but he’s also feeling the sub out to see how well he responds to Rhodri’s requests.

Darius is eager to please. He might look more fragile, but he’s tough and up for just about anything. Rhodri puts him to the test and he doesn’t fail. Their second date is pretty epic and has them flying high in the clouds! In more ways than one…

Open Mike by Ashley Lister

This sweet little short was a surprise. Two poets finding each other at an open mike night. Ken has been asked to recite a few poems at his ex-lovers wedding. He wants to deliver a proper poem for the event but he’s also finding it hard as he’s still grieving. His ex started seeing another and left him. Betrayal and loss are still open wounds. Ken believes the talented Mike can help him with his delivery.

Mike’s willing to help but on the first night together in his apartment, he asks a few personal questions and gets the backside of Ken as he leaves the apartment. It isn’t long before Ken is running back to Mike for help. This short is pretty sweet. Two men scorned. Two poets. Second chance as love. A surprise twist that makes it all the more sweeter.

I Get You by Sarah Masters

Warren and Morton are coworkers. Actually, Morton is Warren’s boss. Morton has been lusting over the attractive man for some time. It’s an off the cuff comment Warren makes that thrusts them into a precarious situation. They’re off to a work meeting out of town, propositions have been made and now the heat is on. Warren fears he’s come on as experienced and demanding and he’s anything but! Morton is also a bit shy and awkward the tension has the potential to crush them before they have a chance to begin.

They’re painfully awkward to start but they do finally relax and even find they have a playful side.

The Guitar by Tabitha Rayne

Kel plays guitar in an up and coming band. He’s a great musician, he just lacks confidence. Kel has major body image issues and they keep him from searching out dates. When he notices a man at their shows consistently, Kel begins to fantasize getting together with him.

To Kel’s surprise, Damien is interested in him and wants to get together. It’s Kel’s self loathing that gets in the way. I loved how open Damien was. He tries to show Kel there’s more to him than just his physical appearance. Even then, he sees a sexy man. Years of negative thinking will take a while to change, but Damien’s willing to help and Kel is more than happy to let Damien lead.

Also, there’s nothing like using guitar vibrations as a sex toy! Inventive!


The Concubine Prince Anthology by Cat Summerfield

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The Concubine Prince Anthology by Cat Summerfield
Released April to August 2015
Published by Cat Summerfield
Sales link: Amazon

Volume One, Books 1-4:

The countries of Ramia and Tarra have been at war for years, and Ramia is on the brink of defeat. When the Emperor of Tarra suggests a peace treaty, the Ramians have no choice but to agree to it – even if it means giving their beloved Prince Kam to the Tarrese Crown Prince as a concubine.

Kam is a virgin and knows nothing of the ways of pleasure, but if he wants to ensure peace for his people, he had better learn quickly.

Volume Two, Books 5-8:

Forced to be Prince Ryuu’s concubine as part of a peace treaty, Kam was surprised to find that he liked his new role. He likes his strong, handsome master; he likes being tied up by him, likes tasting him, even likes his master sharing him with the other concubines. But as his feelings for Ryuu grow stronger, he decides he wants something more: Kam wants to give his virginity to his master.

Volume Three, Books 9-12:

As part of a peace treaty, Prince Kam of Ramia became the concubine of Prince Ryuu of Tarra. He thought he would hate it, but he loves it. The sex – and the feelings, too. Prince Ryuu is kinder than Kam could have dreamed, and he’s falling for him. But then Kam is snatched away. The peace he gave up so much for is under threat – and so is his happiness.

Our thoughts:

Sometimes the need to read something a bit more on the erotic side just takes over. If you find yourself in that position, try The Concubine Prince anthology. I read through all 12 stories in just over a day. It was a great escape. Erotically entertaining with just enough to pull you into the next story. The characters were rather pleasant to read about.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. A prince is taken against his will into the harem of a conquering Emperor’s palace. Kam is placed with Jian’s son, Ryuu. As per their tradition, all lands within its safety and kingdom are subject to their rules. One such rule being that the second child of the sovereign king of that land must be given to Tarra. There they will serve either Jian (if female) or Ryuu (if male) in the position of concubine.

Of course I expected harsh, cruelty inflicted on Kam at the hands of his masters but that was far from right. Kam is more cherished and loved than he’s ever been in his life he’s also able to give into the proclivities he’s always had but we’re considered damning in his land. To go to bed with another man would get him banished or worse. In Tarra, with Ryuu he will never worry of that fate. All Kam has to worry about is submitting wholeheartedly to his master, Ryuu, and learning the ways of pleasure.

To say Kam takes to his role easily and naturally would be an understatement. Kam was like a child left unattended in a candy store! He devoured every moment of attention from Ryuu. The other two concubines in Ryuu’s harem were welcoming and helpful. Also, just as attractive and wanting of Kam as everyone else. That unique blond hair was just too much to resist.

Cat Summerfield wastes no time on Kam wavering and stressing over his fate and his new role. Kam is actually content and proud that he was able to avoid war for his people and those of Tarra by sacrificing himself to the unknown. It was just pure luck that his master would be beautiful, strong, commanding and the one to capture Kam’s heart.

This is an erotic romance set around a concubine so expect a lot of sexual experimentation, sex, domination, sex, sex and more sex! Did I mention sex?! However, it’s not everyday a concubine Prince comes along and manages to steal for himself the heart of a Crowned Prince from a prominent kingdom through his bravery, submission and pleasure in being used.

Such a unique anthology and I like unique….