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BOOK BLAST: My Zombie Boyfriend by T. Strange


My Zombie Boyfriend by T. Strange

Released April 15, 2015

Published by Torquere Press

Cover Art by B. S. Clay


Edward Grey is a medical student by day, necromancer by night. He lives alone with the first zombie he ever raised, his childhood cat, Boo. Edward’s life is simple: studying medicine, training his necromantic powers with his mentor, Mariel, and having weekly dinners with his parents. When he finds a very attractive corpse in a park and brings it home to reanimate, he accidentally creates a sassy, free-willed zombie who believes Edward is the one who murdered him.

With no memory of his former life, Edward names the zombie Kit and tries to win his trust. Kit slowly adjusts to his new un-life with Edward’s help, though he’s still suspicious of Edward’s role in his death and is convinced that Edward is hiding his former identity. Edward is very attracted to Kit, but understands why Kit doesn’t trust him. As they become closer to one another, Kit turns to Edward for comfort and love. The fragile trust they’ve built together will be tested when Kit unexpectedly regains his memory and seeks revenge on his murderers.

Categories: Humor, Romance, Horror, Contemporary, M/M Romance, Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Paranormal

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Kit took one look at the concoction and raised his eyebrows in disbelief and disgust.

“What is that supposed to be?”

“It’s your food. Mmm! Delicious, brains! Zombies love brains!” I could see right away that I had gone too far.

“I am not a dog or a child, Edward. And I don’t appreciate your stereotyping.”

Oh, great. I had offended a zombie. What a schmuck. “I’m sorry, Kit. Won’t you at least try it?”

“Is that a slice of brain?”

“…yes. Technically. It’s not human!”

“Oh, it’s a brain, but it’s not human. That makes it all better. What’s in the rest of it?”

“The rest of the cow?” No, this was not going at all well. I pleaded. I cajoled. I begged.
He poured it down the sink.

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About the author:

My Zombie Boyfriend is T. Strange’s first full-length novel, though she has published several shorter works with Torquere Press. When not writing, T. enjoys gardening, spending time with her horse, and, of course, reading. T. lives in Canada with her wife, surrounded by pets.

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The Copper Horse: Pride by K.A. Merikan

Copper Horse: PrideReleased 17 March 2015

Published by Acerbi & Villani ltd

Sales links: Amazon All Romance eBooks Smashwords


Volume 2 in the ponyplay erotic romance trilogy: The Copper Horse

1907, twenty years into the zombie Plague

After being kidnapped into slavery by a powerful crime family member – Erik Dal, Reuben is slowly adjusting to his new life. He is now Copper, Erik’s proud stallion, serving in any way his master might require – from pulling a cart, to pleasures in the bedroom. But his journey has only begun, and as he becomes increasingly attached to Erik, his devotion will be evaluated. From getting bred by another owner’s stallion to Erik marking him for ever, each of Reuben’s decisions makes him more of a pet and less of a human.

Becoming Erik’s horse isn’t just about getting pampered, wearing hooves and tack, or providing the master with pleasure. It becomes a violent game of prize and punishment, but when Reuben understands he too has leverage – Erik’s attachment to him – he becomes an active player in the negotiations of his stay at the mansion. But with his master’s grand annual birthday party approaching, his loyalty will be tested like never before, and the tasks he is to perform might prove too much.

Genre: m/m dark erotic romance, BDSM

Themes: class differences, slavery, steampunk, alternative lifestyle, Victorian, master/servant, captivity, ponyplay, animalization, heavy kink, organized crime, violence, power play

Erotic content: explicit m/m erotic scenes (including ponyplay)

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Our thoughts:

The Merikan’s are back with my favorite ponyplay couple, Erik and Reuben! This erotic, steampunk, Victorian story met and exceeded all my expectations. I would have been happy with Reuben finding his place amongst Erik’s household and tolerating his position better than before. Instead we get a full on love story! Yes, non-con to dub-con to consensual. That’s a huge deal and yet it is believable and doesn’t feel like Stockholm Syndrome!

All his life Reuben just wanted to be praised and loved. When he is taken for the pits, but saved by Erik, he was scared and unsure of his role. Erik’s longing to have a proper horse for ponyplay has been his true desire; it’s what drives him daily. He sees something in Reuben. All the breaking down and training wasn’t as harsh as originally suggested. Reuben was using his fears to prevent himself from fully encompassing his role as Copper, Erik’s pony. In reality, Reuben loves the attention. He wants to please. He enjoys the work and the pampering that follows. He greatly enjoys being taken by Erik. Being tied and forced. Touched. Kissed. Hand fed. Nuzzled. This is what Reuben is afraid to admit. He likes being Copper, likes Erik and feels safe in his new role.

With full submission and acceptance of who he is and what his role is, Reuben is able to settle in and focus on pleasing Erik. In turn, Erik is more comfortable and less harsh. Discipline is less frequent and more time is spent together in good graces and favor. When Erik does discipline, Reuben begins to speak up. The communication grows by leaps and bounds in this second installment. So much growth between Reuben and Erik. It’s all quite sweet and entertaining. There’s a sense of calm and enjoyment that radiates from both man and pony, playfulness and longing from both as well. It’s feeling more and more like love. :)

Erik is harsh but fair and that garners respect. He might have a bizarre kink, but he surrounds himself with like-minded individuals. We get more back story on how this fetish came to fruition for Erik and why he despises his family.

For those who have read the Zombie Gentlemen series or specifically Stung, you will get a few glimpses of characters and problems (that infamous Dal honey) arising for the Dals that were portrayed in these former stories. Humanists. Gregorovich. Honeyhill. Victor Sheppard. We get all of it in this story! The world the Merikan sisters have built is complex and intriguing. I love how the same world has been portrayed in so many different stories. We can appreciate the complexity of the situation and still be brought down to just a few individuals and their struggles within zombie plagued London and Bylondon.

Copper truly shines in this book. We see a gentler side of Erik. The ending alarmed then shocked me. It was unexpected and then when the discovery is made it’s totally a surprise. Baffling, but also leaves me wondering what happened! I don’t know what is coming in the third and final book, but I will be anxiously awaiting any news of when The Copper Horse: Love will be published. If you like to read unusual, dark erotic kink this book series is a must read!


Just because I love this cover, I’m including it here. It was changed before the book was published but I love the artwork and it captures Copper during an important moment in The Copper Horse: Pride.

Copper Horse: Pride version 1

Queens of the Apocalypse by Rob Rosen

Queens of the ApocalypsePublished on 29 January 2014
Published by Wilde City Press
Copy obtained from author.

Don your best wig, high heels and paint those dreadful nails because the drag queens of the apocalypse will not be seen with you looking all drab and unglamorous! Buckle-up for a comedic take on a zombie apocalypse. Yes, you heard me correctly! Rob Rosen managed to take a horror/thriller, added in a large dose of comedy and a dash of romance. Who knew?!

Three drag queens, Destiny, Kit Kat and Blondella are in a fight for survival when a solar flare knocks out most of the unprotected population. A radiation blast that followed reanimated those who were killed by the flare. The result, ZOMBIES! Slow moving, stinky, green and not really resourceful zombies. This is good because if you can outrun them, you’re golden! Down side is that the zombies totally outnumber the living and desire human flesh. Another down side is that the solar flare left the temperatures scorching hot. This is Vegas heat with a shot of Phoenix hot boost! So basically to recap, we have queens in caked makeup and full on glam trying to maneuver through stinky, flesh-eating zombies in hotter than hell temperatures.

In this dire situation I would want to be paired with these ladies. They were from the same performing club and had known each other for years. They knew each others ticks and quirks but they also knew how to push each others buttons. The banter back and forth had me laughing more times than I could count. The fat one, the diva, the dumb one. The cuts and jabs were slung around and were extremely entertaining. It kept the seriousness of the zombie apocalypse to a minimum and propelled my love for the girls.

The story is about making it from California to New York. Blondella’s love, Johnny, is safe there and they are determined to get the couple back together. Along the way they meet MANY obstacles and add a few people and… zombies to their rag-tag team. Yes, zombies. How could this mission not succeed?!

I recommend Queens of the Apocalypse if you want a lighter take on the zombie theme, to laugh A LOT and experience some queens cat fighting. :) The book comes with a foreward by Sister Roma that is a delightful bonus read as well.


The Copper Horse: Fear (The Copper Horse #1) by K.A. Merikan

Fear (The Copper Horse)Published 7 March 2014
Published by Storm Moon Press
Copy obtained from publisher.

Only Kat and Agnes Merikan can make a slavery situation loving. A pony fetish, fascinating. The captor someone we root for. That is exactly what happens in The Copper Horse: Fear.

All his life, Reuben has been slapped around and considered useless. His father nags on him all day and night. His friends laugh at him, if you can even call them friends. He seeks companionship but even that leaves him feeling ashamed because he really wants the affections of a lad and not a lass. Of course to Reuben, that is wrong, wrong, wrong. In order to make himself feel better about his choices he picks burly men to entice then backs off right before the act so they will abuse him and force him. He definitely is not in a content and normal mind-frame.

A so-called ‘friend’ talks Reuben into betraying his father by making bread from their bakery to sell in Bylondon. They forge through the sewers, are almost killed by a zombie and what does Reuben get in return, betrayal. Reuben is captured and on his way to the Pit of Death when a mysterious man in tight leathers selects him. Reuben has escaped the eminent death of the pit but what will he face now? Will he be a servant? What does this new master require of him? Well…..

The Dal’s are very prominent in Bylondon. If you’ve read the priors books set in this same zombie plagued world (like Stung and The Scavenger series) you know that their reach is far and their hand is heavy. Erik Dal is the forger. Stained hands from his skill and also a bit in the eccentric side. His eccentricity and his dalliances are overlooked but his skill is much-needed and treasured. Erik has a free pass to act in any way he delights and his delight is pony play. He finds his stallions and then trains them to serve and submit to him. His new stallion of choice is Reuben.

It totally helps that Reuben isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He enjoys the play until he starts thinking a little more than usual. He loves the attention that is lavished on him by the whole household, the careful grooming and warm filling meals. He enjoys all the affection he receives from Erik and his groom Jack. He even likes the pony play he and Erik do together but the minute he thinks someone else will find out or know he freaks. It goes back to his issues from before with accepting his preferences. Once he can get past that little hitch, he will make the finest stallion for Erik. That is what Erik desires and he is the one in control of not only Copper’s happiness and comfort but his life. To deny and fight is surely death.

It is a fascinating world that Kat and Agnes have created for Erik and Reuben. The transformation of Reuben into Copper and his acceptance of his fate is an interesting struggle to witness. Reuben wants so badly to just give in but he continues to hold back. Once they discover the fears Reuben has and he learns that Erik will take care of him he can finally submit and give in to being Copper. Eric is a very patient Master, surprisingly. He is one of the most redeemable ‘bad guys’ I think I’ve ever read. I should have hated the captor but when he is gentle, affectionate and caring it is hard to do so. As long as Reuben embraces being Copper to his fullest potential, I think these two will be inseparable. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book!