Who We Are

JanetteD is a Midwestern girl who passes her days sweating her butt off in the South. She loves alt rock, live sports and a good book. You can find her on twitter when she’s not reading or busy deciding what she wants to be when she grows up. Whether or not she will is debatable.

PamS is a recent transplant to the Midwest. She loves reading, music, and instigating trouble. She describes herself as “very obnoxious and socially unacceptable redhead” which JanetteD and KristyZ can attest to.  PamS likes to write when time allows and dreams of winning the lottery and traveling the world!

KristyZ is a no nonsense, dark, selfish and sometimes bitchy alt girl. She loves books, music, movies, and running. She resides in Colorado where she soaks up nature, sports and as much culture as she can. Find her on twitter (or at a concert) where she lives in her fantasy world of peace, love and equality for all.




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