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Wet Heat by R.D. Hero

Wet HeatWet Heat by R.D. Hero

Released June 20, 2016

Published by Riptide Publishing

Page count: 107 pages


Most omega werewolves want a mate and pups, but Lee Aung prefers an unconventional party-boy lifestyle. Yet at forty-two, he’s stopped going into heat, which means he’s expired goods—no longer a fertile, young omega that alpha wolves drool over. So Lee uses Wet Heat, a synthetic pheromone, to reel in the alpha hookups.

After losing his job at the bank, Lee can’t afford to keep up his Wet Heat habit. His solution: scam free samples by pretending to be a happily mated test subject at Wet Heat headquarters. There, Lee spends two years being interviewed by the reserved alpha scientist, Cain, who at thirty-two is unmated and—up until this point—content with that.

Cain never really felt his alpha instincts, nor took part in the usual alpha/beta/omega social dynamics. But after discovering that Lee has been lying about his unmated status for two years, Cain finally admits that for the first time, he wants to court an omega. Unfortunately, he’s picked the one omega who doesn’t want to be courted.

Book/sales link: http://riptidepublishing.com/titles/wet-heat

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Our thoughts:

Lee is a 40-something year old Omega that loves to play the field. He refused to settle down and mate with an Alpha or Beta in his prime. Now, the pheromones that attract potential hook-ups to him have stopped being produced, forcing Lee to use the synthetically produced Wet Heat.

Always one to party and becoming more addicted to the game, Lee loses his job and now moves about in an effort to score Wet Heat for free. He steals samples from perfume counters, stalks the free samples at grocery stores, and even entered a trial for free Wet Heat vials. The trial was for married Omegas, so Lee just makes up a story and continues it for two years.

Cain is the person Lee has to tell his fake stories to. Lee is sure that Cain is an Alpha, but he can never get him to break his stoic demeanor in all the time they’ve been doing this song and dance. That soon changes when Cain finally has a chance to meet Lee in a private setting. His nature is so different from most Alphas that Lee is thrown, causing Lee’s natural Omega tendencies to emerge.

The cat and mouse game Cain and Lee play was fascinating and entertaining. How does a calm Alpha who’s never played the field catch an Omega that doesn’t want to be tamed? By playing the game just enough to keep the Omega playing the game and feeling like he’s winning.

Throw in an interesting plot twist with a potential poisoning and another Alpha doing some seriously devious business with Wet Heat and we have a story that piques all interests. If you like Alpha, Beta and Omega stories, this one is a must read. Its uniqueness sets it apart, the wolves break the rules of most Alpha/Beta/Omega novels. Very refreshing.


BOOK BLITZ: Hyden’s Law by Hurri Cosmo

Hyden's Law Banner

Hyden’s Law by Hurri Cosmo
Publisher: Hurri Cosmo
Release Date: February 9, 2016
Genre: M/M Romance
Tags: Gay, Wolf Shifters, BDSM, Dominant/submissive, Bondage, Erotic Romance, Fantasy
Heat Level: 4
Pairing: M/M
Length: 28,000 words


Graham’s had it with Alphas. His experiences with them have been disastrous at best. Even with ones that didn’t tumble him into the nearest bed. So when the chance to move in with another Omega comes up, Graham grabs it. But Graham’s never seen an Omega so big. Plus, he seems to be able to push buttons only an Alpha has. However, trust is something that comes easily to Graham. Hyden says nothing about being an Alpha – so he must not be. Right?

Hyden has just met his fated mate – in the middle of a territorial war. Not the best timing. But now that Graham’s here, Hyden can hardly let the little pup escape, which is what he will do if he finds out Hyden is not only an Alpha but the Alpha. With the Mating Moon scant days away how will Hyden convince the smaller Graham that not all Alphas are selfish bastards? And he’s going to have to, because blood fever will not be ignored and Hyden can already feel it taking over his senses. Once it does, there will be no turning back. Hyden might have to resort to handcuffing the pup in order to make sure he doesn’t bolt off into the night. Hmmm. Not a bad thought. He might have to do that anyway…

Hyden's law cover image large

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Stupid, clueless little pup. Hyden pushed away from the door he had just closed, leaving Graham behind, and forced himself to walk into the living room. If he didn’t, he was sure he would slam that door back open, rip those boxers off the man, and take him right there on the cold hardwood floor.

Why now? Why did his fated mate have to show up now? Fuck, the smell of the man. He had never before experienced anything like it. And for the pup to be ignorant of Hyden’s Alpha status was absolutely crazy. But Hyden knew, due to the strong scent of terror rolling off the smaller man when he had even spoken the word Alpha, his mate would bolt if he learned that Hyden was indeed not only an Alpha but the Alpha.

The Solfang Pack was the dominant pack in the city, and it was odd Graham hadn’t heard of it. And the last thing Hyden was capable of doing was outright lying to his fated mate. He could, and was going to have to, hide some of the truth. But lying was not something he was going to want to do. Even now, with the subterfuge he was planning, he was skating on ground that would have him in high water to his eyebrows with one false step.

The timing of this sucked. He was just now moving into supreme power, and to be sidetracked by a naïve little pup was definitely going to be a problem. But he sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to let Graham slip away from him either. Hyden wasn’t the one who placed the ad in the paper, but if Graham needed to rent a room, he would rent it from him. And if Graham needed to believe Hyden was an Omega, then that’s what Hyden was going to have to be for a while. At least until he could convince the pup they were mates.

Except it was a little over two weeks to the Mating Moon.

Was that going to be enough time for him to get Graham to understand what was happening? Because he would not be able to hold back when that moon hit. He was barely able to keep his wolf at bay the way it was. Snapping and growling at him already, his animal was clawing to get out and at the pup.

He heard a noise behind him, and he turned.

There he was. Beautiful and innocent. Maybe not virginal. That was fine. But he was in no way going to allow Graham to be physical with anyone else from now on. “Feeling better?” The sweatpants and top he had given the man were very obviously too big. They belonged to his sister, who was no small thing herself.

“Yes. Thank you.”

He had pushed up the sleeves and rolled up the pant legs. He looked absolutely adorable.

And fuckable.

Hyden wanted to touch the hot skin beneath that fabric.

But he would have to wait. Shit. The beautiful man was talking to him, and he’d missed it.

“I’m sorry, Graham. What did you say?”

“I asked… what… what is the price? I think the paper was wrong. I think it was a typo or something because…”

“Come. Let’s sit down.” It would be easier for him to hide his reaction to this man if they sat. Hyden walked over to one of the white couches. He truly desired for Graham to sit at his feet, to keep him near, and almost commanded him to do so but was able to keep his mouth shut. The gorgeous man sat opposite him on the other couch. Damn it. So far away.

Oh, he was so timid. He sat perched at the end, looking ready to run at the slightest thing. Did he suspect? He should. How Hyden was going to keep from Graham what he was, he wasn’t sure, but at the very least, he was going to have to hide his extreme attraction. And his overpowering need to command the man to bend over for him. Right now.

He swallowed hard. Keep on task, or you will lose him. “What did the ad say?”

“It said two hundred dollars a month. But I know that can’t be right.”

“Two hundred a month is fine.”

“What? But…”

“Two hundred a month is the price. Do you want it?”

“Oh yes! Yes, please.”

Damn. The word please coming from those lips… Lips Hyden wanted wrapped around his cock. “Good. When can we move you in?”

“Today? Is today too soon?”

Today. Relief swept through Hyden. He would soon have the pup under his roof and his protection. No mistakes. He could make no mistakes. “No. Not at all. Where is your stuff?”

“In Tenway Park. In the Mercury building. I live on the tenth floor. It’s… not like this. I don’t know if you know anything about Tenway Park. I – it’s kind of slummy.”

Tenway Park. Damn. It totally figured he would be coming from the inner city. The wolves in that district rejected any kind of pack authority, had long ago abolished packs altogether. He understood the payoffs. Alphas running amok with no self-discipline, fucking everything in their path, not to mention the fact crime was a way of life. The only rule: don’t get caught. And even then, if you had money and power, getting caught simply meant you gained more influence and notoriety. Having to submit to a pack would stop all such behavior. Hyden’s Betas had been slowly infiltrating the area and bringing back much needed information. At some point, Hyden would take over the zone, and he needed to know who were going to be the ones he would have to defeat in order to do it. Just the knowledge that this was where his Graham had been living made him shiver.

Meet the Author 

Hurri Cosmo Author Pic

Hurri Cosmo lives in Minnesota where she holds tight to the idea that there, where it’s cold a good part of the year, she won’t age as fast. Yep, she avoids the truth as much as she avoids mirrors. But one of the reasons she loves writing is reality doesn’t always offer up a “happily ever after” and being able to take control of that is a powerful lure. Being a happy ending junkie, writing just makes them easier to find. Oh, she doesn’t mind “real life” and she does try to at least keep it in mind when she writes her stories, but she truly loves creating a wonderful couple, knowing they will fall in love and have their HEA. Every – single – time. And, of course, that is exactly the reason she loves reading this genre, too. Give her a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate, and her computer, whether she is reading or writing, and she will entertain herself for hours. The fact she actually gets paid to do it is Snickers bars on the frosting on the cake.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Other books by Hurri Cosmo:

How West Was Won
The Superior Jewel
Ice Dragon Tales (contains the first two books in the series, The Servant Prince and The Servant King)
The One
Forgetting Yesterday
Saving Jack
Talasar’s Elixir (Book one in the Dragon for Hire series)
The Door Keeper
Amber Moon (Part of the Intoxicating Fantasies series)
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The Astral Mage (Book one of The Captains of the Wolf)

Coming Soon
Then Sawyer Happened


Check out our review of Hyden’s Law!

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Review: Hyden’s Law by Hurri Cosmo

Hyden's law cover image largeHyden’s Law by Hurri Cosmo

Publisher: Hurri Cosmo

Release Date: February 9, 2016

Length: 28,000 words


Graham’s had it with Alphas. His experiences with them have been disastrous at best. Even with ones that didn’t tumble him into the nearest bed. So when the chance to move in with another Omega comes up, Graham grabs it. But Graham’s never seen an Omega so big. Plus, he seems to be able to push buttons only an Alpha has. However, trust is something that comes easily to Graham. Hyden says nothing about being an Alpha – so he must not be. Right?

Hyden has just met his fated mate – in the middle of a territorial war. Not the best timing. But now that Graham’s here, Hyden can hardly let the little pup escape, which is what he will do if he finds out Hyden is not only an Alpha but the Alpha. With the Mating Moon scant days away how will Hyden convince the smaller Graham that not all Alphas are selfish bastards? And he’s going to have to, because blood fever will not be ignored and Hyden can already feel it taking over his senses. Once it does, there will be no turning back. Hyden might have to resort to handcuffing the pup in order to make sure he doesn’t bolt off into the night. Hmmm. Not a bad thought. He might have to do that anyway…

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Our thoughts:

I was impressed with the length of this free story. Usually free books are short stories thirty pages or less. Hyden’s Law is setting up a world that I’d definitely enjoy reading more about!

Hyden is a Supreme Alpha trying to bring back pack law and rule to a greatly deprived area. One in great upheaval and distress. Alphas warring and killing. No rules, no control. That’s the inner city works, but Hyden Solfang controls the outlining areas. His pack oversees some 1200 pack members and their safety. While trying to work toward bringing a more peaceful existence and pack rule back to the out of control areas, Graham arrives on Hyden’s doorstep, literally.

Graham Taylor is an Omega who’s been mistreated, abused and discarded over and over again. The Alphas he’s been in contact with were not part of any pack and they abused their influence over Graham. As an Omega he’s too eager to please and that’s set him up to be used. Now, he’s untrusting of an Alphas and thinks Hyden is an Omega seeking a roommate.

The pretense under which they meet is upheld until Graham can no longer deny his attraction and Hyden can longer hold off claiming Graham.

Aside from the initial false pretenses by which Graham comes to live with Hyden. There’s no denying that they are destined Mates. Hyden needs to want Graham’s trust, claim him, and bring him fully into the pack. It’s everything Graham could ever want. He wants to submit to Hyden, not just in the bedroom but in all aspects. He wants to be cherished and protected. Poor Graham was so innocent with his trust in the past and unfortunately his mistreatment means Hyden has his work cut out for him.

They’re very passionate in the bedroom and rough in the playroom. As they grow to bond, more information is shared about who Hyden truly is and what Graham’s role beside him will be.

I would say we’re not left with a cliffhanger, more a bit of an open ending. I hope we have a lot more to experience with Hyden and Graham as they finalize their mating bond, potentially have a family and build onto the existing Solfang pack. So. Much. More! However, the ending is satisfying regardless of whether we see more from the Solfang Pack.

BLOG TOUR and INTERVIEW: Getting Close to the Omega (Cloverleah Pack #5) by Lisa Oliver


Today we welcome Lisa Oliver to 3 Chicks After Dark! She has graciously answered a few questions about the Cloverleah Pack series and writing. Thank you, Lisa, for being here!

What do you enjoy most as a writer of m/m shifters?

Hello and thank you for hosting me on your blog today. There are so many things I love about my “job”. The research for example – how many other jobs can you have where you get to hunt out hunky men, and different towns, cars and other things all day. I also love the way an idea comes together. I usually only have a hint of it when I sit down to write and sometimes even I am amazed at the way my story changes, twists and turns. And who wouldn’t love shifters – I research the animals my characters change into and they are fascinating, not to mention beautiful and deadly. Create combination in my book :)

As a full time writer, how do you manage to stay motivated to write/work? I know I’m always distracted while working from home and I wonder how you beat back the urge to neglect work, have fun or take a lazy day!

I am really lucky that I don’t have children at home anymore. When I was writing non-fiction I could cope with interruptions, but now I write fiction I can’t stand to have people around me as I am working. I spend most of the day on my own, through the week at least, and so have a regular routine that includes a lot of reading, a lot of cups of tea, and at least four solid hours in front of my computer. I do take days off sometimes, because otherwise I would go mental, but I don’t have a problem with working weekends either, so if I want to take a day off through the week, I do. Did I mention that I love my work?

Can you tell us about the Cloverleah Pack series? Getting Close to the Omega is book 5, can we expect more books in this series? Should the books be read in order or are they essentially standalone books within the same world?

OMG, the Cloverleah Pack series – I do love these guys. The Cloverleah Pack started as a really tiny idea I had for the NaNoWriMo challenge back in 2013 (Book 5 was written during the 2014 challenge). I wanted to try my hand at fiction and I loved MM shifter books, so I hunted out a couple of pictures of men that I thought would be perfect for each other and went from there. Originally the book was only going to be a one-off, but by the time I had finished book two, I realized that 1) the other men in the pack should meet their mates too and 2) that everything happens for a reason. The men in Cloverleah all have really powerful or unique mates, so as the series has progressed I am working up to a central storyline where all the men’s unique talents will be needed to cope with…an event. That’s all I can say about that at the moment.

The books can be read as standalone because they are all complete love stories in themselves, but if you want the Cloverleah experience then I would recommend reading them in order. I am currently working on Book 6 and that should be out soon and at the moment I have at least ten books planned in total for this series, but there could be more.

Would you be willing to share any teasers for upcoming works for the Cloverleah series or other series?

This is from the prologue of Book 6 in the Cloverleah Pack, Fae For All:

Snorting to himself, Jax wandered down the hallway of the huge pack house, clutching a piece of paper in his hand. Since that one moment in the bedroom before, Jax had resisted looking at it, not sure if he could hide the emotions that flooded his body when he caught sight of the two men in the picture Dean had drawn. One tall with long dark hair, one the same height with long blond hair. Two faces so alike and so devastatingly beautiful, and the depiction of a mating mark that burned inside Jax’s brain.

Dean’s face and words teased Jax’s memory. “They’ve been looking for three hundred years. Until they met me, no wolf shifter would ever go near them. I just thought, if I sent to the picture to the packs we know, that maybe someone would recognize the mark and come forward…” And without thinking of the consequences Jax had offered to send the picture out to all of the packs in the US, just to keep the little omega happy.

“You’re getting soft old man,” Jax muttered to himself as he headed off to find a computer. He had a bit of time before the next pack meeting and he could start getting the picture out to all of the other packs, just like he promised. He was a man of his word after all. And he was damned good at keeping his emotions to himself.

Wow!! We can already see that Jax’s book is going to be a good one!! Thanks Lisa for taking time to visit with us today.

Meet the author:

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook here, or email her directly at yoursintuitively@gmail.com.

Where to find the author:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lisaoliverauthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wisecrone333
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest/lisaoliver79
Lisa’s Blog – http://www.supernaturalsmut.com

Getting Close to the OmegaReleased December 2014

Published by Oliver Group Publications

Cover Art by Lisa Oliver


Dean Weir has finally found happiness in his position as Omega wolf of the Cloverleah pack. He has his friends, his work and his art and he has never looked for anything else. Badly abused by his ex-home pack and Alpha, Dean keeps his head down and stays out of trouble. That is, until his mate joins the pack.

Matthew Charmichael is over a hundred years old and has been a lone wolf for longer than he can remember. Joining the Cloverleah pack after he heard they were having trouble with another wolf shifter, Matthew is overjoyed to find his mate is the cute little Omega of the small pack. But Dean’s past, and the constant attacks on the pack from the mysterious Kylan, could mean that Matthew and Dean won’t get their HEA after all. Can Dean overcome his past, and embrace the powers that a claimed Omega is purported to have, or will his ex-pack kill him before he and Matthew have a chance.

Warning: This is a love story between two male wolf shifters. It includes graphic depictions of sex between men as well as some violence and coarse language. Historical abuse themes are referred to, but not described.

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“You matter to me,” Matthew said. “One day you will share your personal horrors with me, purely and simply because eventually we won’t have any secrets from each other. You will trust that I am strong enough to handle it, and that I will comfort you when you need me to. Those things come with time.” Matthew lifted his arms, encouraging Dean’s hands to come back up to his shoulders. As though he couldn’t get enough, Dean went back to tracing Matthew’s collar bone.

Matthew swallowed a moan and forced himself to keep speaking. “But right now, in this moment, I need you to know, that to me, any scars you have are a testament to your strength and ability to survive. And you have no idea how thankful I am that you did survive and that you feel comfortable enough with me to sit here and touch me like this.”

“You make me calm, like I have found my center,” Dean explained. “I don’t know why, but when I’m around you I don’t have any fear, of anything.” He looked up and Matthew was blasted by the pure need in Dean’s eyes. “Could you, would you mind maybe kissing me again, please?”

“As often as you like,” Matthew promised as he leaned over and carefully brushed his lips over Dean’s mouth.

Sales links:

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Our thoughts:

Hands down, this shifter series is entertaining, action-packed, full-on alpha posturing goodness!

I always enjoy a strong alpha going all protective and growly over their true mate. It’s even better when the mate is smaller or less dominant than the alpha. Two strong alphas can be entertaining, but the alpha and omega in this story are just the right alpha/submissive combination to heat up the book yet add the perfect amount of sweetness.

The moment Matthew and Dean cast a glance in each other’s direction, they know they are true mates. Dean, a reclusive Omega with past issues, retreats. That’s his way of dealing with the stress of new people in the Cloverleah Alpha’s house and the fact he just met his true mate. Matthew manages to restrain himself when all he wants is to knock down Dean’s door and claim his true mate.

They don’t waste any time accepting and declaring their intentions. Some would say it was just too fast, but I like this fast and furious move from ‘I don’t know you’ to ‘I could love no other, you’re my true mate’ in shifter books. For shifters, it just works! Matthew and Dean work out being mates and how they will handle the claiming. With all the abuse in Dean’s past, Matthew must be careful, slow and compassionate in the handling of the process… in the handling of Dean in general. He’s so caring and sensitive to his mate’s needs yet keeping his alpha in the forefront.

Having been around for as long as he has, Matthew once traveled to various packs trying to save abused and mistreated Omegas. It’s ironic that his mate would be the last Omega. Someone who has witnessed and rallied for Omegas would make the perfect mate for an Omega as important as Dean. I thought Matthew and Dean were perfectly matched.

Lisa Oliver adds in just enough of the other pack members from prior books in the series to give us nice cameos. We also get a healthy dose of some additional paranormal elements with Shawn’s Guardian Shifter powers, a Fae encounter, an evil witch and demonic elements. Action and suspense ensue when Dean is taken multiple times and the pack must figure out a way to protect him. The extent of his Omega power after finding a true mate and being claimed come to light and the Cloverleah Pack quickly realizes how precious Dean is to the whole shifter world.

I love the paranormal elements, the problem that must be worked out, the big alpha men and their protectiveness but nothing tops the intense bond between two true mates in and out of the bedroom. Matthew and Dean are sure to please in both settings. ;) I like the guys in the Cloverleah Pack and can’t wait to see how they handle a vampire/shifter problem in the next installment, Jax’s book.


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