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Thank you for joining Riptide on our 4th Anniversary blog tour! We are excited to bring you new guest posts from our authors and behind the scenes insights from Riptide. The full tour schedule can be found at http://riptidepublishing.com/events/tours/riptides-4th-anniversary-celebration. Don’t miss the limited time discounts and Free Books for a Year giveaway at the end of this post!

Please welcome L.A. Witt to the tour.

Falling Sky

Or “How bad handwriting and a Burn Notice addiction create a story.”

2011. Four years, two moves, and 60-some-odd books ago.

Rachel Haimowitz approached me and, to make a long story short, asked me if I’d be interested in subbing something to a new publishing house. Naturally, I was dubious—new publishers are always a gamble—but I was also intrigued.  So, why not? I was only getting ready to move from Japan to Nebraska, so it wasn’t like I had anything going on. (This is an ongoing theme in my career, which began with NaNoWriMo 2008, which I won while in the process of moving to Japan in the first place.)

I digress. At the time, Riptide really wanted non-contemporary books, so I thought I’d play around with something paranormal. Vampires. Definitely vampires. And I envisioned a vampire being trapped in a tower of sorts—probably a castle—and freaking out because the roof was going to open up and expose him to the sunlight. (Don’t judge me—it was just a vague kernel of an idea to use as a starting point.)

Out came my trusty spiral notebook, and I started scribbling ideas. “Scribbling” isn’t much of an exaggeration here. My handwriting is terrible. One of my old co-workers said I have “serial killer handwriting.” See, I went to school when they were still teaching Duvall, which is like the bastard lovechild of cursive and printing. My Duvall was lovely. Pretty much flawless. No joke—I actually got some penmanship awards in elementary school.

Then they tried to teach us cursive. Okay, so they actually taught everybody else. They tried to teach me. My brain went “Another way of writing? Screw you guys, I’m going home.” (Totally in an Eric Cartman voice even though this was *mumble* years before South Park.)

It was all downhill after that. Believe me, nobody was copying off my papers in school because even I couldn’t read them. I can’t even blame my atrocious penmanship on typing like a lot of people can now. I’ve been typing since kindergarten. No, my rapidly deteriorating handwriting is purely the result of a cerebral rebellion after my well-meaning teachers tried to make me learn yet another form of penmanship when Duvall and printing were just fine, thankyouverymuch.

That was when I was about eleven. Skip ahead to 2011, where I’m on the cusp of thirty-one, and my handwriting has basically devolved into Mayan shorthand.  At some point, as I was sketching out my idea for my hapless vampire Rapunzel, stuck up in a tower waiting for the sun to shine, I decided there was an ex-lover involved, and that my towered dude had a serious chip on his shoulder.

Everything changed when I went back and reread my notes.

According to my scribblings, my character didn’t have a chip on his shoulder.

He had a chip in his shoulder.

And my brain went “OMG CYBERPUNK.”

Instantly, the story changed into the futuristic dystopian cyberpunk story it is today, which also became my first ever Riptide book, my first Riptide editorial bloodbath (and the first ever string of profanity upon opening the file and seeing a Riptide edit), and the first time an editor—Aleksandr Voinov, who would eventually be my co-author—told me that my character needed a bullet hole.

I also realized very quickly that this story needed a sequel.

Skip ahead a few months, after I’ve moved back to the U.S. and am wondering how the hell I’m going to survive three years in Nebraskastan (spoiler alert: it sucked, but I made it), and it’s time to write that sequel.

As it happens, my husband and I had just started watching Burn Notice. We binge-watched the first four seasons in about two weeks because OMG Michael Westen. Seriously, I was hooked. (I still haven’t watched the last three episodes, though, so no spoilers)

So here I am, with a cybernetically modified vampire assassin, on the lam with his cyberterrorist boyfriend, and I’m filling my skull with spy stuff. Breaking into buildings, getting past security systems, non-traditional uses for weapons…

It was a recipe for lots of violence, explosions, and sarcasm. As well as the first sex scene I’ve ever written that was momentarily interrupted by someone landing on a tear gas canister.

So that’s the story of Falling Sky, the duology made up of A Chip In His Shoulder and Something New Under the Sun.

Those two books were also the first and second I ever contracted to Riptide. Four years later, that number is closer to thirty.

And yes, I still say bad words whenever I open up a fresh set of edits.

About Falling Sky

FallingSky_Series500x750Liam Lansing is heir to a prominent family of bio-modified vampires. That is, until he chooses the wrong lover and is cast down to the Gutter to scrape for his life.

Daniel Harding is heir to Cybernetix and a prince of the corporate Sky. That is, until his ideology drives his father to put a price on his head, forcing him into the Gutter.

Years of anger and a heap of mods have kept Daniel and Liam apart. They have no reason to trust each other, but a bargain that began with the simple urge to live soon reminds them of the love they once shared. Together, they plan to rip open the hidden corruption that runs the Sky—for vengeance, for justice, and for hope. Only through courage in the face of death—or worse—might Daniel and Liam change the world they live in and create something new under the sun.

Learn more at Riptide Publishing.

About L.A. Witt

L.A. Witt is an abnormal M/M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain. In between wondering how she didn’t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever-growing herd of rabid plot bunnies. She also has substantially more time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don’t tell Lauren. And definitely don’t tell Lori A. Witt or Ann Gallagher. Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shut . . .

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Happy 1st Birthday, 3 Chicks!


In a lot of ways it’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for a whole year. It has flown by; we’ve learned a lot and met some awesome people along the way. Thanks to all of you who join us on this crazy adventure – we appreciate your support. Here’s to another great year!

We thought we’d take this chance to answer a few questions we often get and let you know a little bit more about the ladies driving this train. Here goes…

1) What is your review process? Any weird quirks or must haves while reading? What device do you read on?
Kristy: I don’t really have a set process but I have found I have to write my review immediately after reading the book or it won’t be done at all! Usually I will pull open a draft on my phone and type away. I’ve been known to do this in complete darkness at 1:30am with Thor (my husband) lying there asleep. Odd, yes but productive! I read on my Galaxy S3 phone 98% of the time, highlight text, and write my reviews on it, that phone is my life!
Janette: Mine’s a little bit different – I pretty much exclusively use my Kindle Fire to read, highlight, make notes, etc. I rarely read on my phone but mostly because when I read I like to pretend my phone doesn’t exist. :) I’m like Kristy in that I need to at least make notes or type a rough draft ASAP after finishing a book, sometimes while I’m still reading if there’s something I don’t want to forget.

2) Do you have a favorite genre to read/review? 
Kristy: I will pretty much read any genre except Sci Fi! Don’t get me wrong, I like Star Trek just as much as any nerd boy but I don’t care to read it! Give me a historical, PNR, contemporary, even young adult but never Sci Fi!
Janette:  I like to mix things up, although I do read a lot more contemporary than I ever used to. I was strictly historical or paranormal for what seemed like the longest time. I guess that means I prefer not to live in reality? I’m not sure. haha 

3) 3 Chicks reviews a lot of m/m romance. Do you have a favorite m/m romance book so far?
Kristy: I don’t exactly have a favorite book but I do like certain elements in my books. I love m/m books with broken boys and hard topics. I don’t shy away from rentboys, abuse or BDSM (even the hard BDSM). I like a good romance in between but I do enjoy reading about guys overcoming struggles and finding happiness.
Janette: I don’t think I have a favorite m/m or any other romance book for that matter. It’s funny how this is such a common question, but almost all readers/reviewers struggle to answer it. That genre is growing too quickly for me to pick a favorite just yet.

4) Craziest place a sex scene occurred or prop within a scene?
Kristy: Sometimes the unbelievable will pop up in an otherwise awesome book. One of these incidents that stands out to me is when two guys get it on in the back of a Prius. Seriously, a Prius? One of them was really tall too! I don’t think I could kneel on the back floorboard of a Prius let alone a 6 foot tall guy! That had us in stitches for quite a while.
Janette: Ha ha, the Prius! Yes, that joke has definitely gotten some mileage between the two of us. I swear I constantly find myself driving behind a Prius and every single time I think, “No f*cking way is that possible. NONE.” I think most writers do a great job of thinking through the probability of things before writing, but that Prius scene was just a little too out there for me.

Kristy: Another hang up I have it using odd things for lube. Really? I think the bottle of lube should be in every guys nightstand, no?! Please don’t use butter or shampoo! Butter is too good to be used on anything other than food! Shampoo burns people, it is never a good option!
Janette: I think the worst I’ve read might be salad dressing. I don’t know about you, but I think food oils and body oils should be kept separate. Maybe this makes me a prude, but oh well. The other would be food – in reading m/m romance I’ve found that most guys will use just about anything they can find to scratch that itch, hairbrushes and carrots included. I haven’t read a story like that in quite some time, so maybe that’s less of a trend in writing now?
Kristy: Carrots and salad dressing….are we making a salad here or building relationships?! Tangy! LOL!

5) How was 3 Chicks After Dark born??
Kristy: We met on twitter! We live on twitter so this isn’t a big surprise, I’m sure. We met during a book chat and just clicked. Then, I totally corrupted Janette by recommending we read Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning. That just fueled our book conversations in so many ways. After that, I asked her how she felt about reading m/m books because I had a book about m/m rockers, Conquest by SJ Frost. Somewhere along the line, we mentioned taking our twitter DM’s to the blogosphere. Janette really did all the work getting the blog created and designed. She’s awesome! That is how we became 3 Chicks After Dark!
Janette: Yes. What she said. I think we met in a twitter party for a YA book series actually. How ironic is that? Especially since I think YA is the genre I read the least now. The blog was Kristy’s idea definitely – not sure I would have ever done this otherwise and I couldn’t ask for better blog partners! :) 

So there it is – all the mysteries of 3 Chicks After Dark revealed. It might be our birthday, but you’re the one getting the gifts! Take a minute and enter our celebration giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. (Drawing ends October 24, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.)
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