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REVIEW: The Lusty Adventures of Theseus by Arthur Griffin

Lusty Adventures of Theseus CoverRelease Date: March 9, 2016
Published by Dreamspinner Press
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The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur has never been quite this steamy!

Handsome Theseus journeys to Athens to claim his birthright as heir to the throne, and along the way he meets the roguish Pirithous, who teaches him all about matters of the heart—and body. When they reach the city, Theseus is shocked to discover that his father, the king, has a tradition of sacrificing young people to the Minotaur, the monster that inhabits the island nation of Crete.

Theseus and Pirithous, along with Iphitrion, a slave boy they befriend, set out to slay the Minotaur. After learning Crete is ruled by a mad tyrant with a fetish for orgies, Theseus puts his new skills to the test, fighting, flirting, and fornicating his way through the ranks, working his way past soldiers, satyrs, and gods alike as he attempts to accomplish his goal and save his city.

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Book Length: 114 pages




Fans of Greek Mythology looking for an erotic escape won’t want to miss this fun twist on the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. I guess you could guess that from the title, right? Arthur Griffin takes readers on a mystical journey full of action, adventure and – of course – amoré.  It’s no secret that Ancient Greeks were known for partaking of carnal pleasures in any way they liked, and Griffin makes the most of incorporating that lusty living with a compelling romance  in this classic tale.

As Theseus embarks on his quest to meet his father, he’s adjusting to his newfound strength and status as son of Aegeus, King of Athens. As if that isn’t enough, along the way he also experiences a sensual and sexual awakening, discovering pleasures previously unknown while meeting the love of his life. Griffin makes sure this bit of romance isn’t lost in this titillating tale, enriching the story and adding to its dimension.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe that this series of events couldn’t have gone down exactly like this. Griffin’s tale reflects the far-fetched, near believable nature of mythology while keeping it grounded just enough to make it plausible. Many of the sexual encounters Theseus and friends have during the course of their quest to defeat the Minotaur are rather unexpected, adding an element of surprise and excitement that is absolutely tantalizing.



Arthur Griffin fell in love with mythology as a six-year-old when his mother, not able to find a sitter, took him with her to her art history class. They were studying Renaissance paintings of Greek and Roman legends, and he learned two very important things that day. 

One, that there was a whole new world of thrilling stories and myths for him to explore and be enchanted by.

And two, dude! A lot of people were naked back then!

Since then, he’s always enjoyed the steamier side of stories of the ancient world, and is thrilled to be exploring them in his writing. Sometimes his stories are set in a fictional version of the past, or sometimes the gods of old come knockin’ (boots) in the present, but almost always there’s some element of mythology visible in his work.

Arthur lives in Los Angeles with his boyfriend and two imaginary dogs. He had an imaginary cat, but it died.

When he’s not writing fantastical tales of two (or more) dudes doing the bone dance, he enjoys hiking, karaoke, superhero comics, getting drinks in West Hollywood, going to the beach, going to the gym, going to the movies, and writing non-smutty screenplays. (But for the record, smut is WAY more fun.)

You can follow him on Twitter at @MrArthurGriffin, on Facebook, or email him at MrArthurGriffin@gmail.com.