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Cover Him with Darkness by Janine Ashbless

coverCover Him with Darkness by Janine Ashbless
Published 10/14/14 by Tempted Romance
Review Copy from Edelweiss/Above the Tree

Synopsis: A priest in rural Italy keeps a dark secret beneath his chapel—a prisoner. Only the elder holy man knows who this prisoner is and even the priest does not know how long he has been there—hundreds of years, perhaps, or even longer. Outside of the dark cellar chamber, the life of the cleric is filled with light, laughter and a family. The priest prizes his lovely young daughter highly, especially her innocence and her devotion to god. His worst fear is that anyone in his parish would ever come in contact with his mysterious and unholy charge.

What happens is even worse than he could have imagined. His daughter trails her father into the cavern and catches a glimpse of the prisoner, a beautiful being like the most handsome of men and yet not. She looks in his eyes and sees pain and wisdom and eternity. Try as she might, she cannot keep away from this silent creature chained to an altar stone. She lives in fear that her father will catch her. One day he does and sends her off to America to be raised by her aunt in Boston. But she never forgets her silent love.

Cover Him in Darkness is a thrilling story of an archangel, banished from heaven and the very human woman with whom he falls in love. He knows that his enemies, earthly and otherwise, will discover her and he must escape his chains to protect her. Or does she need protecting from him? Good and evil and love and pain are all part of this masterfully told tale.

My Thoughts: The synopsis sucked me in but the story…WOW, it had me enthralled from beginning to end. Read it in one sitting instead of doing chores on a holiday weekend.

Our heroine, Miljah, is put in an untenable position…she was set up to fail and does so spectacularly. It’s what follows that failure that kept me riveted. Miljah is frequently presented the opportunity to see things and events through the eyes of another, and she is unable to grasp their point of view. It is only once she has a very similar  experience that everything falls into place for her. I wanted to cheer for her when she finally “got it”, sadly it was too late…things had progressed past the point of no return.

I think I was expecting Azazael to behave like other angels in other books. He doesn’t. He surprised me in his love and appreciation of humans and yet for all his professing his love for Miljah, he didn’t seem to want to be with her. Or it was only on his terms. He was a dichotomy.

Egan…I felt about him the same way Miljah did throughout the book. He was “nice”…or so we thought?!?!? I loved the onion getting peeled back on him…so many layers! Nothing and no one is ever quite what you think in this book.

Ms Ashbless really surprised me. In no way could I have predicted where this story was going and how it would end. The ending was especially surprising and left the door open to a possible series. I’ve looked a few places and can’t find any intentions of this becoming a series, but I do hope it does. I would love to know more about the other “prisoners”. Yep, I will still be digesting this one for a few more days.