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Scrap Metal Blog Tour

Welcome to the 3 Chicks stop on the Scrap Metal Blog Tour!!

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We’re so excited to be a part of launching Scrap Metal, the first book in the Midwest Kisses series. This collaboration between authors Jennah Scott & Alexi Raymond is sure to make you melt a little – if not from the romance, then from the hot, steamy parts.  To celebrate the upcoming release, we invited Jennah Scott to the blog to interview one of our favorite guys from Scrap Metal, hunky, body shop owner, Ryker Talcott. (Seriously, I loved this guy.)

Take it away, Jennah!


Hey, everyone!!  Today I’m at Red Light Body and Paint, Ryker’s body shop, interrupting Ryker’s day so you can meet him. By the way, it’s crazy hot today and the humidity is insane. To my delight (and yours) he’s working shirtless. Wondering what that looks like?

A little like this: 

Shirtless Ryke

 Ryker: Umm, yeah, except you forgot the tattoos. You know I hear those are a turn on for some women.

Jennah: Nice of you to join us. Glad we could steal you away from the shop for few minutes.

Ryker: Yeah well, when you go posting pictures of me I need to mediate.

Jennah: *coughs* sure you do. You should remember that you’re around because of Alexi and I.

Ryker: *shrugs* If you say so. *relaxes into his desk chair* Now, what do you want to talk about? I’m on limited time here.

Jennah: Since you brought up the tattoos, want to tell us more about them?

Ryke: Nothing special. Just a Colt .45 *runs his hand down his rib cage*

Jennah: Umm, maybe you could refrain from rubbing your hands all over your body. *fans self*

Ryke: *smirks* Ahh, is this a problem? *smooths both hands over his chest*

Jennah: *looks around the small office* Not a problem so much…but yeah, we should probably get back to the tattoos. What’s the deal with the Colt. You some kind of cowboy?

Ryker: We are in the Midwest.

Jennah: Right… a cowboy running an auto body shop. Ryke's Classic CarRestoring classic cars.  I don’t think so. What’s the story tough guy?

Ryker: I’m pretty sure it’s sacrilegious that you don’t know right off what the .45 is for. 

Jennah: Yeah, yeah. Get on with it. 

Ryker: Young Guns.

Young Guns Poster

Jennah: *waits for him to continue* That’s all you’re going to say. Young Guns?

Ryker: Yep. You want to know more, Google it. Might as well Google Billy the Kid while you’re at it.

Jennah: Hey, I know who Billy the Kid is. I’m just not that well-versed in Westerns. That’s Alexi’s expertise.

Ryker: Thank goodness one of you is. *shakes his head* Sad really.

Jennah: Anyway. The other tattoo. Ladies, this one is hot! I’m not usually a fan of pin-up girls. But he’s got one that goes over his shoulder and across his collarbone. HAWT. Ryke's Pin Up girl tattoo

Ryker: I just thought the chick was sexy as hell. I kind of wish I’d held off so I could have used Angelica as my model.

Jennah: You know, that’s sweet in a way. *winks*

Ryker: If you say so. Listen, I’ve got to go. We’ve got a truck that we’re trying to restore for a good friend. You might know him…James.

Jennah: Oh yeah, I know James. Now there’s a cowboy. Maybe you should take some lessons from him.

Ryker: Nah. He’s got his hands full with Angel’s girl Ray. *looks at his watch* We done?

Jennah: Yeah, but before you go…care to tell us something no one else knows about you?

Ryker: I’m pretty much an open book. But let me try…how about this. My next tattoo is going to be just for Angel. Not wings or anything like that, but something just for her. I’m thinking a piece of her artwork. Maybe, if you’re lucky, y’all get to see it one day. That’s all you get! I’m out.

Jennah: See ya! Thanks, Ryke.  And thanks to Janette for giving letting us invade your blog today!

Thanks so much for being here guys! And Ryke mentioned James… *swoon* I don’t always go for the cowboy type, but that’s one cowboy I’m pretty fond of. ;)

Be sure to check out Scrap Metal, releasing July 8th! Here’s a little more about the book:

Not one to settle down, Angelica Rousseau never thought she’d consider planting roots in the small town of Kimmswick, Missouri. When her art speaks to her—and gives her a reason to get up close and personal with body shop owner, Ryker Talcott—sticking around starts to have appeal.

Ryker has to deal with a lot of personalities and has found that custom orders for women almost never end well. Especially when the women are as picky and confident as Angelica. This time it’s different. He’s never met a woman like her. She rivals his confidence and has the attitude to back it up.

When the past threatens their future, Angelica and Ryker have to decide what’s more important—their own promises to themselves, or the love they both feel for each other.

You can get your own copy – available for pre-order from Liquid Silver –  right HERE.

About the Authors:

Jennah Scott resides in Missouri. Until she started writing, she didn’t know what she wanted to be. So she ended up with degrees in education, business, and the medical field. When not writing you can find her with her family or lost in a book.

Find Jennah:
Website: www.jennahscott.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Jennah_scott
Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorjennahscott
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/jennahscott
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/jennahscott

Alexi Raymond lives in Indiana with her husband and kittens. She can be found tumbling at gymnastics class, beating up the boys in a wrestling ring, and filming sports for her local TV station when she’s not on the couch talking to the people in her head!

Find Alexi:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alexiraymondromance
Twitter: www.twitter.com/alexiraymond
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/alexiraymond