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Reborn (Bound Gods #4) by Adrienne Wilder

Reborn Bound GodsReborn (Bound Gods #4) by Adrienne Wilder

Published July 5th 2016

Kindle Edition, 307 pages

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Leo promised to keep Aaron and Kaleb forever. Yet he’s left them with nothing more than a note with instructions to obey the commands of another god? A god who has the key to Kaleb’s collar. A god who will tell them nothing about what’s happened to Leo or where he’s gone.

Kaleb and Aaron both fear the worst. That Leo has not abandoned them, but left them because he won’t be coming back. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t.

Too many have died and the god-son is growing stronger. With no way for any god to track it, Leo has only one choice left. Fight fire with fire.

Or in this case Chimera against Chimera.

The problem is Leo has always maintained control of the beast within him. Using its natural senses to do what no other can. In order to stand a chance at tracking and killing the god-son Leo must give the Chimera within complete control.

And the Chimera might not let him return if he does.

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Our Thoughts:

This felt like the end of one series but the beginnings for potentially another.

Leo is tested beyond measure as he has to come to terms with his Chimera, his inner monster. The god-son is on the loose and must be stopped. He’s killing doxies and older families who’ve supplied doxies to the Gods for years. Who made the god-son and why, still remains to be seen but Alton and the others have a pretty good idea.

We’re introduced to the goddesses for the first time. They’re old, wise and realize that it is time to join with the Gods again as the world will be changing. They must join as allies and prepare.

Leo must leave Kaleb and Aaron under the care of The Priest. He does a good job providing for the two doxies, but he’s not Leo. Kaleb is struggling because he can’t fathom why Leo would leave them and fears they may never see him again. Meeting more of the Gods and their talents was a nice addition to this story and series as a whole. The Priest was extremely interesting and being one of the oldest living Gods, his wisdom and past experiences were an asset.

The really interesting dynamic was between Kaleb and the Chimera. The bond they seem to build is like no other and it really hits an epic level while Leo is off to find and destroy the god-son. I enjoyed learning more of the history behind the gods, goddesses, doxies and ambrosia but for me it was all about Leo and Kaleb. When Kaleb flees and the Chimera hunts, there was nothing better. The result was quite beautiful and life changing for Leo and his brother within.

Such an interesting series this has been! I can’t wait to see if there is a spin-off or second part to the series. I’d love to know what happens to Pandora and the son of a god and goddess. Will Aaron stay forever? What about The Priest?! So many characters I hate to leave behind, but so many more we have yet to enjoy.


Betrayed (Bound Gods #3) by Adrienne Wilder

Betrayed: Bound GodsBetrayed (Bound Gods #3) by Adrienne Wilder

Published May 11th 2016

Page count: 276 pages

Sales link: Amazon


Bound Gods: Book 3 Betrayed

The stakes are rising.

As the god-son closes in leaving more bodies in its wake, treason and betrayal against the Association is unveiled. An inquiry for the Goddesses has been called, threatening everything Leo holds dear.

And the Chimera is not about to let go without a fight.

Despite the dangers lurking in the shadows, Leo wants his doxie Kaleb to think of only one thing. Him. His training. His purpose. And embrace the reality of what he is and not be ashamed of his attraction to Aaron, the doxie tossed aside by Sol.

Attraction is one thing. Bringing the boy to their bed is something else entirely. Kaleb can’t possibly want anyone but Leo. A lie Kaleb will pay dearly for. Penance Leo will be more than happy to deliver.

But penance for a lie will pale in comparison to what Kaleb must do to keep Sol from taking Aaron away, and invoking the Chimera into a lifetime in chains.

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Our thoughts:

First, I want to say how much I love the warnings and notes from the author at the beginning of each book in this series. Before starting Betrayed,  we’re told by the author that we are sure to hate her over the turn in the story! That made me want to delve into the contents even more!

This series is pure erotica so if you don’t like a lot of sex between sexy Gods and their submissive doxies (who are bound to take care of Gods in any and all ways, sex, ambrosia and pain) then you might want to steer clear of this series.

What I enjoy about the series is the progression in Kaleb as a resistant doxie, one not born but sold into the position, and his trainer, Master, monster, and God, Leo. The Chimera and Leo are coexisting as they train Kaleb but the Chimera has been challenged by another and that has considerably changed the dynamic of Leo and Kaleb’s relationship.

I wasn’t sure about the addition to Leo and Kaleb’s duo, Aaron. Mutilated by a god-son monster, whom everyone is certain could be a Chimera as well,  Aaron  is discarded by his God Sol. He’s pretty broken as he was a born doxie and being sent home mutilated is pure dishonor to himself and his family. They’ll surely kill him. Kaleb has wanted him and his disfiguring hasn’t changed that.

When Leo brings Aaron into their bed, I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it added an edge and more of a challenge to those Leo and Kaleb already faced. How will Leo keep both doxies safe? Leo can’t claim two. How far is Kaleb willing to go to save Aaron? How far can Kaleb fall and let go to please Leo, the chimera and Aaron.

The primary mission is getting Aaron and Kaleb trained and focused. Leo is determined to make Kaleb the strongest, most pure doxie so no one can have him or drink from him except Leo. His chimera makes him unique to the others who’d die from overdoing on ambrosia if they took from Kaleb. So, there’s a huge focus on that training. The pushing of limits, the fear, pain, and unexpected requests.

It also opens up Aaron’s only hint of vulnerability and humility. Kaleb’s prized part that he’s never been able to release is finally broken and it rips him apart. Leo and Aaron must tear him down more to put him back together so he can be the purest doxie ever, and this greatly pleases both Leo and his inner monster.

This book was definitely setting up the final events that will take place. The god-son must be destroyed, the traitors exposed, Aaron and Kaleb claimed or safe, and Leo held in check. Question is, will they all survive and how far are they each willing to go to achieve their ultimate goal?

As you can guess, this was an exciting book within the series. Definitely some ups and downs as far as emotions. Some fears as to how things will work out for the three men. All will hopefully be addressed in book four that is already out and next to be reviewed here at 3 Chicks After Dark.


Chained (Bound Gods #2) by Adrienne Wilder

Bound Gods: ChainedChained (Bound Gods #2) by Adrienne Wilder

Published April 5, 2016

194 pages

Kindle Unlimited Amazon


Leo has been sent on a mission to find a missing doxie. And after weeks at Leo’s side, Kaleb is suddenly alone. Free of the cruelty the Chimera, he should be rejoicing. But instead, he becomes aware of a void in his heart, he never knew was there until Leo wasn’t there to fill it. When Leo returns Kaleb is faced with the choice of disobeying Leo—forcing him to take ambrosia—or risk losing him forever.

With a single flower, Leo is back under the control of the Association. And what kind of punishment is suitable for a doxie who disobeys his Master, even though it saves his life? Leo has a list of ideas, starting with Kaleb’s first visit to a Gathering.

At the Gathering of the gods, doxies, and mortal men, Kaleb first lays eyes on Aaron. The beautiful doxie is presented by the god Sol. There he will be fed the ambrosia, Awakened to his journey of immortality, and then serve his god, Sol, for all to see. Only the horror of Aaron’s treatment by Sol makes Kaleb realize monsters come in many forms.

And not all of them hunt doxies.

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Our thoughts:

The Bound Gods series just keeps getting better and better! The intensity revved up several notches as Kaleb is trained harder, longer and without mercy. Leo and his inner Chimera are determined to beat Alton at his own game. Using Kaleb to trap Leo into service by getting him hooked on ambrosia again will not work to Alton’s advantage. Creating Kaleb, Alton doesn’t know that Kaleb is producing ambrosia in as pure a form as the flower itself. With Leo’s training, Kaleb’s limits are pushed beyond humanly possible. The ambrosia he’s producing is so pure and intoxicating that soon Leo will be the only person that will be able to contain Kaleb and drink the ambrosia. He’s sealed Kaleb to himself. Exactly what I was hoping to see happen as this series has progressed!

Kaleb has been tested and pushed a lot in the second book. He’s discovering more about life as a doxie, life with Leo, and the cruelty underlying it all. A monster is attacking doxies. Until it is destroyed, no one is safe, not even the gods. At the first gathering Kaleb and Leo attend together, events unfold that impact everyone.

There’s a lot of play and sex this time around. Kaleb is starting to understand the game and give into the desires he feels towards Leo and the beast within. Their dynamic has changed and intensified. I like how protective Leo is of Kaleb, while also being the Master of him. Again, it’s that give and take that just makes the heart race and conscience become torn over liking the guy.

The only character I’m not able to get behind is Sonny, Kaleb’s brother. I don’t like how he’s constantly saying he’s a god. He’s already becoming a cocky bastard and for some reason I just don’t care for him. Kaleb is too nice to Sonny, he should put Sonny in his place. Afterall, he’s the reason Kaleb agreed to become a doxie for his father’s debts. Kaleb saved Sonny. Ungrateful much?!

One thing is certain, Adrienne Wilder has ruined me! I’m not sure I’ll be able to enjoy other books as I wait for the next installment in the Bound Gods series!


The Chimera (Bound Gods #1) by Adrienne Wilder

Bound Gods: The Chimera

The Chimera (Bound Gods #1) by Adrienne Wilder

Published by Adrienne Wilder

Released March 27th 2016

Page count: 147 pages

Available through Kindle Unlimited and Amazon


Kaleb Holten’s father’s debt to an underground group The Association has just been called in, and the man can’t pay the loan. Instead of turning over his wealth, he releases his son and Kaleb finds himself thrown into a world where a class of men see themselves as untouchable. Going so far as to call themselves gods.

After the Great Economic Collapse there are no laws that cannot be broken. And Kaleb is forced into a ten-year sentence of servitude where he will have no say, no rights, no value and yet be coveted and protected as if he were a priceless treasure.

Leo Roan, has slipped the noose the Association bound him with by breaking his addiction to ambrosia and Kaleb Holten was supposed to be his last assignment as a doxie Master. But something about the boy begins weaving a new net that will not only ensnare him but the conscious darkness inside, that craves pain, agony, suffering, and death.

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Our thoughts:

It’s been awhile since I’ve been pulled into a story involving servitude so I was anxious to delve into this fantasy world and the reasoning for the doxies. Servitude can be tricky due to the dubious consent involved; however, it can make for a powerful relationship dynamic for the two invloved. The give and take, the push and pull. It’s very intense in this fantasy world where the god Leo Roan and his inner Chimera are training a new doxie, Kaleb Holten.

Kaleb is to serve the gods for ten years, thanks to his father. The man took out a huge loan with underground group, The Association and never once made a payment or attempted to pay the debt he owes Alton. No attempt, just more spending and frivolousness is the face of their broken and torn society following the Great Economic Collapse. The Holten’s are the ones that have, his father wasn’t going to give up a dime of it to save his son, Kaleb. Don’t get me started on how much of a putz Kaleb’s father is.

For some reason Kaleb still has this sense of honor to obey his father and help his siblings, especially his brother Sonny. Kaleb agrees to go with Leo and be trained as a doxie. One year of training with Leo and nine more years of service to the gods. How will this green, virginal boy of eighteen get through the tortures and rigors Leo has planned for him?!

Now back to those pushes and pulls. There’s something captivating about the desire Kaleb feels for his trainer. Leo is harsh, firm, unyielding, yet caring all the same. There’s enough attraction that Kaleb is constantly at war with himself. Give in and please or question and discover what true pain Leo can inflict. It’s an interesting dynamic and the stage is already being set for these two to become deeply attached. Such strong attraction already, I question if Leo will be able to let Kaleb go after his training is complete. Leo just might keep Kaleb for himself. How is it that Alton knew to slate Leo with Kaleb? He fulfills every one of Leo’s and the Chimera’s desires. Kaleb will be his last doxie before being free of ambrosia and The Association forever, right? Maybe Kaleb will be too strong of a temptation, more so than sweet ambrosia.

An interesting world and players within it. I’m left with so much intrigue over Alton and his customers, the gods, Kaleb’s strange father and, of course, what will happen between Leo and Kaleb. A series I’m bound to, until the end!