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Heart of Timber Blog Tour Spotlight and Giveaway!

We are pleased to be a part of the Heart of Timber Blog Tour! We are huge fans of all literary works by Brandon Shire so shining a spotlight on his newest release is our extreme pleasure! We introduce Heart of Timber, book 2 in the Cold Series to all our readers!

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Two years after watching Anderson walk out of the prison gates, Lem has a visitor who informs him that Anderson desperately needs his help. He scoffs at the idea until he is given an offer that he cannot refuse. He doesn’t know if he is finally ready to make peace with himself outside prison, or if he is ready to face the pain he has caused, but he also understands that he will never get another chance like this. Anderson has tried to push Lem to the back of his heart, but he cannot find anyone who can measure up to the man that Lem was. Letters he meant to send sit on the table, and the dreams he had about rebuilding his life go by the wayside as he pines for a man he cannot have. He doesn’t believe he will ever be happy again and finds it increasingly difficult to keep up the cheerful facade his family expects. But unknown to Anderson, the women in his life have colluded to bring him and Lem back together again. Will he and Lem rekindle their love, or will they burn everyone around them by falling back to their past mistakes?
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Award winning writer BRANDON SHIRE is a distinct voice in contemporary gay fiction. A Buddhist and a gay parent, Mr. Shire has been writing for 15 years and has only recently begun to publish his work. Genres include contemporary gay fiction, m/m romance, horror, and science fiction.
Brandon Shire is generously offering a copy of Heart of Timber to one lucky recipient! Enter below for your chance at a .mobi or .epub copy of Heart of Timber. Good luck!

Heart of Timber (Cold #2) by Brandon Shire

Heart of Timber Published by TPG Books
Published on 15 November 2013
Copy obtained for review from author

After months of waiting, it was almost surreal starting Heart of Timber. I think a lot of Cold fans built up in their minds what they expected of Lem and Anderson, hell, even Brandon Shire. I don’t know how authors can block out the fandom, requests and rage from their readers and deliver the story they developed and nurtured from its early stages into book one and on into book two. I will just come out and say it, Heart of Timber did not disappoint. I had no expectations, no desires for Lem or Anderson. I was along for the ride, happy to jump into the backseat of their journey.

Heart of Timber picks up right after Cold. Splice the ending of Cold and the beginning of Heart of Timber together and it would be seamless. I’m always a fan of this. I don’t want or need a recap. I don’t like big time gaps between books with memories to tell me what happened in between. So immediately, I was a happy girl.

What appealed to me in Heart of Timber? To start, I liked that we get to know Lem and Anderson better. In prison they were in a fishbowl. With everyone from guards to prisoners to counselors watching their every move it was extremely hard for them to be their true selves. Plus, the shell they wore as protection kept their real personas tamped down. We get to see the perpetual need to recapitulate in the insecure doubter Anderson. On the flip, Lem is calm, gentle, esoteric and astute. Lem pretty much deals with everyone the way he would approach caring for his greenhouse (or the Bonsai). His patience is quite impressive. Complexities that we now get to learn and see in action.

One thing is certain, never underestimate the power of a tough woman with money at her disposal! Gia, Anderson’s sister, is a force! She is far wiser than Anderson can fathom and it is her hard work and determination that really pulls Lem and Anderson together. She helps with parole issues, lawyers, housing, jobs, cars, you name it, she takes care of it. A power house anyone would be thankful to have on their side. She is the voice of reason Anderson needs, the push that gets him to toe the line. Without Gia, I think Anderson would have been a little lost and unsure about his choices. Remember, he analyzes too much! Lem just kicks back and patiently waits for Anderson to figure it all out. He’s a freaking saint!

Heart of Timber is story driven. It’s all about knowing what happened, what is coming and where it is all going. No loose ends! The relationship is not rushed. These guys are totally in love but they take their time working it through. Prison was the fast-tracked fling that turned into so much more on the outside when it had time to breathe. The chemistry between Lem and Anderson is as hot and insatiable as ever, enhancing their connection. No pointless sex to fill the pages.

Overall, I enjoyed spending more time with Lem and Anderson. I feel they both received multiple happy ever after’s. Anderson with Lem, Gia and his mom. Lem with Anderson, the forest and new family. The perfect end to the Cold series. Prepare to hurt, love, cry, shout, smile and blush!