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Getting it Right (Restoration #1) by AM Arthur

Getting it RightReleased 16 March 2015

Published by Carina Press

Copy received from publisher for review.


Detective Nathan Wolf might just be a junior detective, but he tackles every case with the passion that he lacks in his personal life. A series of failed relationships with women has left him still single at thirty-four—because he’s too scared to admit to his longtime crush on his best friend James.

Dr. James Taggert likes to keep his profession as a psychiatrist separate from his party-animal persona. Known around the gay clubs as Tag, he’s the guy who screws them, leaves them, and never looks back. But James’s drinking is getting heavier, and when bad memories from the past resurface, he’s close to becoming the worst version of himself.

After a drunken blackout ends in a hot and heavy make-out session with his very straight best friend, James has no memory of the steamy affair. But Nathan isn’t sorry for the kisses that James can’t remember. Nathan finally musters the courage to tell James how he really feels, but a life-altering event might force them apart before they can ever be together.

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Our thoughts:

A new series from AM Arthur and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. This series ties into the Belonging Series. If you’re wondering how Getting it Right ties in, James Taggert was the guy who had an encounter with Ezra at the Pot o’ Gold bar. He’s also a psychiatrist and eventually treats Romy as he tries to heal from his abusive time with Carlos.

This tie-in with the Belonging Series gave us some behind the scenes from those two books in that series. You don’t have to read those to understand what’s going on, but if you have, it’s just the cherry on top a tasty ice cream sundae. I loved the melding of these two series. It was done flawlessly and in an interesting way.

What I really enjoyed were Nate and James. Two professionals with history together. One gay, one straight. Both fighting long-held feelings for each other. So maybe one gay and one questioning! In a drunken moment they share a kiss and it turns everything they’ve had upside down. Nate professes his long-term attraction to James and James blows him off. He’s so afraid that it will mess up what they are to each other that he lies to Nate.

As if that wasn’t already complicated, Nate is attacked on the job that very night and Nate refuses to allow James in to visit him. They endure a long separation but manage through. Managing through is what they get really good at because now Nate has PTSD from his attack. James has his own demons he must work through as well. These two men really have to man-up, work through some tough life decisions and choices. They can’t just ignore their problems, their past and move on.  Every day is a struggle and a rocky road, but they are strong.

The personal relationship in Getting it Right was perfection. Add in a murder mystery and a bit of suspense and it heightened the enjoyment level even more! I felt like AM Arthur wrote a book that hit every level of interest. One of the most intense books I’ve read by her so far, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this series.


Temptations of Desire (Desires Entwined #3) by Tempeste O’Riley

Temptations of DesireReleased 22 September 2014

Published by Dreamspinner Press

Copy obtained from author for review.


Desires Entwined: Book Three

Alexander James Noble is a gender fluid gay man who gave up on finding Mister Right a long time ago. He’s not asking for much, though. He just wants a guy who loves all of him and appreciates his feminine form too.

At the local LGBTQ center where Alex regularly volunteers, he meets Dal Sayer, an officer of the Milwaukee PD. Because he’s been rejected one too many times, Alex doesn’t trust the huge cop and the interest he shows in him, but once Dal sets his mind on something, he goes all out. Pushing aside his preconceived notions, Alex opens up just a little and soon caves.

From their first date—while dealing with his father’s failing health and his parents’ demands for him to settle down and have children—Dal never takes his eyes off his goal of making Alex his. But proving to Alex he isn’t like all the men who couldn’t see him for who he truly was and only wanted to hide him away is harder than he thought.

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Our thoughts:

Book three in the Desires Entwined series is all about Dal and Alex. I like when a book overlaps a previous book prior in a series. The time line for Temptations of Desire and Guardian of Desire are the same. In Guardian of Desire we have Chase and Rhys’ story and in Temptations of Desire we have Rhys’ brother Dal and Alex’s story. So much is happening with Chase and Rhys but at the same time, Dal is experiencing changes.

Dal Sayer, police officer, is navigating homophobic jerks at the workplace. Having a fellow officer spouting homophobic slurs at him concerning his brother, puts Dal in a tough spot. It adds stress and unnecessary hardship. Good thing he has a great partner in Red and a decent Captain not willing to let other officers get away with that type of behavior. It’s unfortunate that Chase and Alex both have encounters with the homophobes in the precinct.

Alex Noble is a personal chef six days a week and on his one day off, he cooks a fancy meal at the youth center/shelter. It’s his way to pay it forward he remembers his time spent in a similar place and the donated food he’d eat every day. This is his contribution to the kids. A way to give them one delicious, unique meal a week. It’s at the shelter that Alex and Dal meet. Alex is preparing his Saturday meal and Dal is there to check out the center for his and Rhys’ bouncing gig for the centers dance in a few weeks.

Neither man expected to be so taken with the other. Their witty conversation and obvious physical attraction is a great start, even if they both don’t act upon their interest. There’s just something about Alex that Dal cannot ignore, so he finds himself back at the center to request a date! Dal is quite the romantic. Well-planned date, all details thought through. Giving Alex 100% of his attention, never once does he shy away in public or make Alex feel he is being hidden. Dal oozes self-confidence and that makes quite the impression.

There is more to Alex than he is letting Dal see and that secret comes crashing down one evening when Dal stops by for a surprise visit. That’s when Dal discovers Alex is gender fluid. He is boy and girl and when he feels boyish, he dresses that way. When he feels girly he dresses that way. This night, Alex is all girl and he’s terrified Dal will attack him, at worst, over this secret. He doesn’t expect what actually happens. Dal is utterly speechless and so turned on by Alex. He loves both sides and doesn’t see it as anything other than Alex being Alex, or as he calls him, Lexie. Talk about an explosive sexual encounter! Such tenderness and worshipping. Thrumming bodies from the sensual touches. Heightened pleasure and intense release. They were just perfect in that moment. Seriously sexy!

Now that all the secrets have been revealed, Alex and Dal have the opportunity to get to know each other and grow their relationship. Dal must bring his family on page with his choices. Alex has a ghost from his past re-enter his life. Their life is very cut and dry. Nothing dramatic and suspenseful, just two people discovering, learning and loving each other.

This book was a nice addition to the series. It balances the drama and suspense from the other books nicely. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with Dal and Alex and their path to happy ever after?!


Tempeste O’Riley released a free short, Truth in Lace, that goes back to when Alex was a teen. He’s discovering his desire to embrace his feminine side with his twin sister’s help.  She encourages Alex to venture further than he ever has and accept that he is not alone. What he feels is part of being gender fluid.  Truth in Lace is a peek into Alex’s fears and desires as a teen in a strict household.


Acts of Faith (Cost of Repairs #4) by AM Arthur

Acts of Faith Published 17 December 2013

Published by Samhain Publishing

Copy purchased by reviewer.


Love can be built on a broken past…but not on broken trust.

Cost of Repairs, Book 4

Rey King has settled into his new life with Samuel Briggs, and his catering business has taken off to the point he’s brought a business partner on board. Yet something is missing. He’s still haunted by the pain of losing his daughter, Faith, in a custody battle six years ago.

Then, one month before Christmas, Faith’s grandmother passes away, and Rey gets a shocking offer he never saw coming.

Samuel knew loving Rey wouldn’t be easy, but then again he’s no walk in the park either. Still, for eighteen months they’ve thrived as a couple…until a shy seven-year-old girl shakes his belief that he and Rey can overcome anything.

Settling Faith into their chaotic lives would be a welcome challenge, if things weren’t complicated by Rey’s too-cute, overly attentive new business partner. As misunderstandings, miscommunications, and unresolved tensions escalate, Rey begins to wonder if the best Christmas gift of his life could cost him the man he loves.

Warning: Product contains one overprotective (and slightly jealous) police officer, an angsty chef whose heart is in the right place (even when his actions backfire), and an adorable little girl who turns their lives upside down. Added bonus—hot man-on-man action and the inappropriate use of a washing machine.

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Our thoughts:

In book four of the Cost of Repairs series, we revisit Samuel and Rey! Big changes are happening for these two. The wicked mother-in-law that caused Rey to lose his daughter dies unexpectedly. That one event has a chain reaction like no other.

Turns out Phyllis was abusive. She’d harm her husband and she was cruel to Rey’s daughter, Faith. Hair pulling, raging, strict rules were a way of life for Faith. When Rey finds out how his daughter was treated while he was stuck in Stratton trying to work his way out from his failure to keep her, it hits him hard.

Surprisingly, Faith is a well-adjusted little girl. She’s wise beyond her years and sweet. I’m usually hit or miss with stories revolving around children. They’re usually portrayed younger in speech than their years and that’s annoying. I guarantee that does not happen in this story! Faith seemed to be the only one not messing up anyone’s life. How ironic is that since she’s the one being moved into Samuel and Rey’s home?!

Rey is stressed over parenting Faith full-time and starting up a business expansion. He takes on a new partner, David. He fails, miserably, to make Samuel feel that this is a positive and safe option for his business. He also fails to help Samuel feel a part of the new family. Yes, I’m siding with Samuel on this. Rey was daddy and no one else. Rey’s insecurities bled all over Samuel, Faith and David.

It was unforgivable that Rey sends Faith home with Samuel then goes out with David to celebrate their first successful party as a team. No. Just, no. Rey was running away and drowning out his fears and insecurities and it only hurt those he claims to love. The hurt becomes literal when Samuel is actual curled up on the floor with a migraine while Rey is out having that drink. This is not the Rey we know from Cost of Repairs! Samuel is the same but Rey is floundering and so conflicted.

Their story is heartbreaking because they are really struggling. They are both making mistakes. Samuel gives Rey so much space to work it out when Rey just wants his comfort. It’s all just going incredibly wrong. They fight more than they do anything else in this book and it was devastating to see happy-in-love Samuel and Rey so miserable.

Thankfully, their love was deep and true. That strength and good advice from friends, Schuyler isn’t one to mince words, keeps them afloat. I’d be lying if I said I knew they’d make it. It was very questionable until the end. Again, Arthur delivers a realistic continuation for this couple. It was never easy in the beginning, so why would their lives all of a sudden be perfect from then on. Couples struggle. Couples fight. Couples question. Thankfully, they also love deeply and with their whole heart.


Cost of Repairs (Cost of Repairs #1) by AM Arthur

Cost of RepairsPublished 5 June 2012

Published by Samhain Publishing

Copy purchased by reviewer.


“Fixing the home can heal the heart-if you can find all the pieces. “

Police officer Samuel Briggs is getting to know the people on his new, third-shift beat, but he’d prefer they not know too much about him-or the painful past that drove him away from New Mexico to start fresh in small-town Stratton, PA.

All he wants is peace, a manageable routine, and time to fix up his project home. There’s no room in his broken heart for a new relationship. It’s crowded with too many memories. But there’s something about the Dixie’s Cup short-order cook, who’s flirty one minute, distracted the next, that piques Sam’s interest.

Part-time cook, part-time hardware salesman and full-time handyman Rey King lives to work-but not because he loves it. Relationships? No time. Until one glance at Sam’s haunted eyes sends a plumb line straight to his wary heart.

One afternoon of impulsive, no-strings sex begins to grow into a cautious friendship. But when Rey is seriously injured protecting a friend, the cracks in their already shaky foundation begin to show. Falling in love wasn’t in either man’s recovery plan…and this time, the risk could be too great.

Warning: Contains one emotionally wrecked cop, one angsty short-order cook, a few too many secrets, some meddling small-town folk, and plenty of hot man-on-man action.

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Our thoughts:

I’ve decided to take a series I’ve been longing to read and just go for it this week! Kind of a Thanksgiving treat that also revolved around a recent new release within the series. All this week I will be posting a review for each book in the Cost of Repairs series, Leading up to the newest release Foundation of Trust. Thanks for taking this journey with me! :)

It’s not often I read a 350 page book and have few notes accumulated while reading it. With Cost of Repairs, I think I was so into what was happening that I just didn’t stop reading to make the notes.

There’s so much pain, suffering and tragedy in this book. For Samuel, it’s the brutal attack on his partner of five years. How so many things in his every day life reminds him of Ben and then of that terrible day when he was taken away. We trudge through Samuel’s days as he learns his new patrol beat for the city of Stratton, where he moved from New Mexico to start over. To heal and give himself time to recover from losing Ben.

For three years he was a walking shell of himself. He was living the nightmare and letting it consume him. After almost taking his life in an accident, he knew it was time for a change and new chance. That’s what Ben would have wanted, right?

As Sam starts to familiarize himself with the people and businesses on his beat he starts to develop strong feelings for a few that are just all around good people. Dixie, owner of Dixie’s Cup diner, and her staff are some of his favorites. He enjoys the food and the company. He especially enjoys the hot number at the flat top grill, Rey. It seems Rey also has eyes for Sam and they share few a innuendos and smiles.

Reign (Rey) King is a man of many secrets. No matter how hard Sam tries, he cannot get Rey to open up and share his last name, his stories, nothing. It takes a lot of patience and time before Rey breaks down the walls, brick by brick, to let Sam peek into its inner circle. When the wall starts to crumble, it falls in a devastated heap. Rey has problems and not the kind that can be fixed with a kiss and a prayer. They are problems that will always be in the background, can never be swept aside. Past relationships are always ruined after Rey has confided his secrets and he knows his burdens are his own and he will never find someone to share them. Someone who will stay.

He doesn’t know Samuel’s resolve. Sam can handle it because his problems are just as bad. They both have a lot of hurt and heartache to work through. They just have to decide if they will open up to each other and get the support they both need and crave. To not be alone and suffering, but to be loved and endure.

Very much a love story, Cost of Repairs also has a bit of suspense and drama. Drama that comes back to wreck the happiness Samuel nd Rey have built and it just might be more than they can survive, literally.