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COVER REVEAL: Desired (Club Sin #3) by Stacey Kennedy

DESIREDReaders of Fifty Shades of Grey are sure to love Desired, Stacey Kennedy’s latest seductive, electrifying novel of Club Sin, where fantasy becomes reality.

Kyler Morgan, Master at the legendary Club Sin in Las Vegas, knows how to give women what they want—too well. He hasn’t had a real challenge in a long time. Then Ella Snow enters his life. Beautiful, inhibited, and innocent in the ways of submission and domination, Ella is the new blood he’s been lusting after. Soon, the thrill of training her to embrace his world brings forth desires Kyler cannot control.

After ending an abusive relationship, Ella makes a promise to herself to start living life to the fullest. It’s one of the reasons she seeks out Club Sin. Here, Kyler’s every touch is a lesson in liberation, stirring passions that have no bounds. But as she falls under Kyler’s command, Ella discovers that some secrets are so dark they must come to light. Submission alone may not be enough to save her, leaving her Master with only one question: How can he help Ella heal while unlocking the deep pleasures she craves?

Desired is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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About the Author:
Stacey KennedyUSA Today Bestselling Author, Stacey Kennedy is an urban fantasy lover at heart, but she also enjoys losing herself in dark and sensual worlds. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who gave her a happily-ever-after. Together, they have two small children who can always make her smile, and who will never be allowed to read Mommy’s books. If she’s not plugging away at a new story, you’ll find her camping, curling up with the latest flick, or obsessing over Supernatural, True Blood, Lost Girl, and Sons of Anarchy.

Connect with Stacey:
Website – http://www.staceykennedy.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/authorstaceykennedy
Twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/Stacey_Kennedy
Loveswept websitehttp://www.readloveswept.com


COVER REVEAL: One Week by Elisabeth Staab


3 Chicks After Dark is thrilled to be part of the cover reveal blitz for Elisabeth Staab’s upcoming contemporary romance One Week!

About the Book:
Michael Hale’s company is in jeopardy. In the wake of his father’s death and his transition to CEO, projects are circling the drain, and that could cost him everything. Come to find out, the consultant hired to fix things is the “one who got away” many years ago. This time he’s playing for keeps, and he intends to win.
Elise Jackson swore she wouldn’t come near Michael Hale again. He sucker punched her professionally, and he broke her heart. Still, a job’s a job, and they can both be adults. But high emotion and late nights working lead to passion neither of them can deny.
They have one week. Can the two of them pull Michael’s company out of the fire and heal their old wounds?

Release Date: January 15, 2014




“You called me innocent back there in that parking lot. I
dressed conservatively that summer because I was supposed to. You thought I was
some kid who had just fallen off the turnip truck?” Elise stepped forward. From
the rise and fall of his chest, his breath had deepened, and she struggled to
keep her focus on his hard, dark eyes. Still a little beer buzzed, she put
herself up in his face and laid it all on the line. “You tried to protect me
because you’d heard rumors about Scarborough? What about the rumors I heard
about you?”
His jaw hardened.
“What, you thought I wouldn’t have heard? Every woman at
HaleStorm with a pulse and proper vision had your name written on their
This time she ignored the warning from her shoes when she
clicked forward. “I didn’t let those rumors stop me, either. I’d been trying
damn hard to get your attention that summer.”
He didn’t move except to blink. “The trouble with rumors is
they’re half-true at best if true at all.” Then he did move, pressing into her
She hardened her gaze and met his stare, but there in the dim
light of his apartment his eyes had turned the color of dark amber. And
holy cow, those lashes could make any supermodel cry with envy. “Okay,” she
said. “So what’s your truth?”
His fingers danced up and down her spine, setting off shivers
all over the place. He bent toward her, his stubble scraping her cheek. “The
truth is, you were probably right when you said that this was a bad idea.”
She had said that, hadn’t she? His palm skimmed her waist and
she damned herself for being sensible. “That… that probably is true.”
“And.” The heat of his hands and his breath licked along her
neck and shoulders. Maybe she should have worn her coat over. “You have no idea
what’s fact and what’s fiction about me.”
What Elise did know was the way he touched her
now might well fry her brain. She needed to back away while she still had some
semblance of her dignity. She managed one step. “Maybe I don’t. My point is,
neither do you.”
Other than a slight raise of his eyebrows, he didn’t reply.
Fine. Well, about that whole leaving with her dignity intact plan….
Another step. “Whatever. Thank you for trying to protect me. It
was a misguided, unnecessary effort, but thank you for being concerned.”
Finally, with a clench of fists and a huff of breath, she turned on her
throbbing heel and stormed for the door.
About the Author

Author Pic - StaabElisabeth Staab still lives with her nose in a book and at least one foot in an imaginary world. She believes that all kinds of safe and sane love should be celebrated but she adores the fantasy-filled realm of paranormal romance the best. She lives in the Washington DC area with her family and one big scaredy cat, where she loves to spend time with good friends, go dancing, collect wacky coffee mugs from which to drink her favorite beverage, and sing off-key in her kitchen (when she isn’t making characters fall in love, that is).

You can stalk her, I mean find her at



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COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY: Feather Light by Lorenz Font

3 Chicks After Dark is thrilled to help reveal the cover for Lorenz Font’s first title for The Writer’s Coffee Shop!

We just couldn’t resist – with a summary like this, the cover’s bound to be hot, right? Check it out:

Parker Davis has conquered three major American cities and is the new ‘it’ man in massage. He earned the nickname ‘Feather Light’ for his sensual touches, tender caresses, and soft voice eliciting an almost orgasmic release. Clients from all over clamor for his services, and his clientele is growing by the minute. Business is at its peak, which makes Parker a busy man who has no time to deal with problems, let alone dwell on his blindness. With his declining vision, Parker has to accept his limitations and the changes brought forth by this disease, but he is not ready to relinquish the last control he has left. He is still the master in his bedroom.

Kelly Storm, a Hollywood actress, will do whatever it takes to get some much-deserved peace. Being famous has its perks, except the little privacy her popularity afforded her is slowly eating at her. With the paparazzi hounding her every minute of the day and her personal life under constant scrutiny, Kelly wants a semblance of normalcy wherever she can get it. Under the urging of a close friend, she agrees give Parker a try.   

Their first meeting is nothing she expects. Kelly finds comfort in his gentle probing and the spellbinding experience guaranteed to keep her coming back for more. Parker knows the woman on his table is special. He feels her vulnerability with his fingertips, and her smooth curves leave a burning ache inside him.

One night of steamy passion is all it takes to know that they wanted each other in more ways than one. Kelly hides in heavy disguises, making it impossible for Parker to know her true identity. What secret is Kelly keeping, and will she trust Parker enough to tell him the truth? Will Parker see beyond Kelly’s lies to show her what a future with him holds?

Sensual touches? Gentle caresses? Secrets and lies? Yes, please! This book sounds steamy, just the way we like it.  Let’s see if the cover lives up to expectations.


 So, what do you think? We think it’s nice. Very nice.  Or maybe a little bit naughty?

Feather Light releases October 10, 2013. Enter below for a chance to win your very own ebook ARC of Feather Light from TWCS and a possible spot on the TWCS review page.
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For more about Lorenz Font, visit these links:

TWCS Author Page: http://ph.thewriterscoffeeshop.com/authors/detail/59
Author Blog: http://www.lorenzfont.com/
Author Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lorenz-Font/455404784511100