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Colorado Wild and Colorado Fire (Colorado Heart #1-2) by Sara York

   Colorado WildColorado Fire

Published 27 September and 3 December 2013
Published by Sara York
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I’m a Colorado girl so a series set on a ranch in the mountains of Colorado, I’m game. A series about ex-military who are now covert assassins, game! Hot man on man action at this secret ranch, GAME! This series is full of action and adventure. Not just between the guys (*wink wink*) but in the form of missions and investigations. It’s a nice mix of work and play. There are eight guys at Wild Bluff, all various branches of the military. They’ve been hand selected for these special missions to basically be assassins. It is a mentally and physically grueling life. Wild Bluff is a decoy ranch where they set up camp, do their investigating and basically stay off the grid.

Colorado Wild begins with the departure of one member of the group and his replacement. There’s a mission to prepare for and implement and then there’s some heavy emotional turmoil going on as well. Billy and Tucker are thinking there is some deeper level to their friendship and some mutual attraction. Tucker isn’t gay but he thinks maybe he’s been in denial all this time because Billy sure is turning him on! Tucker is on a mission when he is hurt and that pretty much propels the relationship forward. While all this is going on, Grant is made on that same mission by the one member of the group who left. His feelings for that person are confusing and add to that his attraction to their newest member, Roger. Poor Grant is an emotional train wreck. He doesn’t know if he can trust his feelings anymore.

That brings us to Colorado Fire. In this book we pretty much pick right up where Colorado Wild left off. The search is on for their former team member and everyone is on edge. Marshal and Zander begin to delve into relationship territory. They are pretty awesome together. With all the guys on the ranch the number of hook-ups we get are pretty diversified and extra lusty! We have Billy and Tucker smoking it up in their bedroom, Grant and Roger making out in the barn and Zander and Marshal steaming up the shower and much, much more! I think the pure chaos of all these guys is glorious! It doesn’t leave room for any down time or lulls in the story. Then to top it off we get a direct threat to the ranch and all hell breaks loose. It really is very action packed. Poor Marshal has a bad time but the sweetness as the book comes to a close is heavenly.

I’m not sure what Sara York has in store for us in the third installment of the Colorado Heart series but I’m betting it involves a hot young firefighter. ;) I will be sure to catch it upon release as I can always use an adrenaline rush and the Colorado Heart series brings it on!


Cherished by Sara York

CherishedPublished by Wilde City Press
Published on 18 September 2013
Review copy received from publisher

The following review may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Emotional overload! Seriously this book is full of emotions. If you want a mindless read with a perfect HEA bow on top, this is not the book for you! This book will make you feel! Of course, if you’ve been reading my past reviews you know I’m a sucker for the emotional read. The books that leave me reeling from the punches. The broken boys who just need a giant hug and a safe person to share their affections with. Those are my favorite. Sigh. Cherished falls right into those categories.

We have a forced Dom in Scott Fuller. Forced you ask? Yes, forced. He is a Dom because he needs, craves order to control his emotions and memories from the past. Order and dominance help keep those memories in check and help him move past the feelings he has never shared with another soul. Order is his coping mechanism. His love of order seeps into his work as a librarian and is where his path collides with Wesley Reese.

Wesley is a college student who goes to that particular library on a dare. Little does he know, the guy his friends think is cute isn’t really his type, but the older guy who also works there totally is and he can’t get him out of his mind. That older guy is Scotty. After weeks of coming in to study Wesley works up the nerve to ask Scotty out. That date is much more than he ever thought it would turn into. Scotty tries to scare Wesley by taking him to a rather aggressive BDSM club and it all backfires.

Scotty never dreamed he’d discover that he actually cares about Wesley and whether he was coming on too strong or hurting him. After a very short time at the club that is exactly what he realizes. Wesley is full of doubt, fear and so unsure of himself that he needs Scotty to set things straight. He needs Scotty to guide him and help he realize what his true needs are.

Unfortunately Scotty and Wesley fall into a very familiar pattern that is caused by, you guessed it, lack of communication. One of my biggest pet peeves in books. Be the adults you are boys and push the foolish pride aside and talk to each other! Wesley desires some of what he sees in the club and finally tells Scotty what interests him. Scotty is freaking out because he is falling so hard for Wesley and he has ALWAYS kept a distance and a high level of control in all his ‘relationships’.

A serious plot twist throws everything to the wind. Remember how I like the broken boys? We have so much of that going on in this book. Scotty suffered serious abuse as a child/preteen. He is so broken he will forever be shattered, or so he thinks. A roommate is physically taken advantage of to the point of rape. (Even though he himself doubts it’s believability as rape. It is rape.) That one incident spirals out of control and will forever change Scotty and Wesley. They have to open up and trust in each other. They have to make the hard decisions and talk about what happens and how it made them feel. They have to figure out if they feel safe with each other and can rely on each other. Most of all, they have to know what they need from each other to overcome. They need to know they are strong. What happened to them wasn’t their fault, it doesn’t mean they are weak. It doesn’t define who they are unless they let it. Then and only then, can they find some relief and happiness that they can truly, openly enjoy. Sometimes all a broken boy craves is someone who can hear them and still love them.

Whew! That is why the emotional reads rock!