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Men of Holsum College Series by Daisy Harris

We LOVE this series. We aren’t ashamed to admit we’re regular Holsum College groupies. We follow Daisy Harris just about every place we can find her: Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Tumblr, her blog…we love these guys.

Holsum College is a lot like most Liberal Arts colleges: small, quaint and full of hot guys. (What? My own small Liberal Arts school was FULL of them. Okay, maybe not full.) There are frat boys, sporty boys, nerdy boys, shy boys and every kind of boy in between. Daisy does a great job of bringing together even the most unlikely of guys and tells their story in a way that makes you unable to stop reading. There’s angst, drama and sometimes (MUCH) more.

This series has sparked MANY lengthy conversations by late night DM to discuss the guys, their stories & how they make us feel. KristyZ & I have been known to rank our faves in order after each release. Sometimes they change, sometimes they stay the same, but one thing’s for certain – THEY’RE ALL GOOD.