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Something to Believe In by Sloan Parker

Something to Believe In

Published 23 December 2012
MLR Press, LLC
Purchased Copy

Sometimes a book comes along that just rips your heart out, squeezes it mercilessly and then after a bit of damage is done it is put back in and rubbed warmly. That pretty much sums it up! As I sit here to write about this short I am reliving it. I even started reading the whole short again! Pull out your tissues for this one because if you don’t need at least one than I have no hope for humanity! :)

Sean and Gavin are living on the street. Two homeless youth trying not to freeze to death and put a little food in their starving tummies. Sean newly on the street and desperate for any help enters a shelter one freezing night. There is no room for him to sleep but they are offering a hot meal, after all it is Christmas Eve. While consuming his delicious and warm food Sean’s eyes set upon Gavin but Gavin leaves before they can talk. In a moment of weakness Sean is saved from making a dire mistake by Gavin, hurtling their friendship into motion.

Fast forward a year. Gavin and Sean want so badly to take care of each other and never see the other have to turn a trick to eat. They both want to be the one to bear the burden. When they come into a bit of money to rent a hotel room for a few days before Christmas, their true feelings for each other are revealed. Now they both have to figure out how they can escape their present life to save each other and be together forever. The tissues come into play when Sean gathers the courage to go home. What he encounters there blew my heart to pieces.

I like, no love, books that tackle the hard topics. This short takes on the problem of homeless LGBT youth in America. It shows us how they struggle to survive and what lengths they must go to, usually because a parent or family member deems them vile and unlovable due to their sexual orientation. The actual numbers of LGBT homeless youth is staggering. I will not go into that in this post but I am glad Sloan Parker chose to acknowledge this issue and write about it. I just wish we could find happy ending for every one of the homeless youths on the streets today.

RATING: BAD ASS STILETTOS (But warm ones so Sean and Gavin’s feet don’t freeze.)