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Once A Brat by Kim Dare

Once A Brat CoverReleased February 9, 2013
Published by Riptide Publishing
Obtained for Review from NetGalley

Bret is new on the BDSM scene, and he sets his sights on experienced Dom, Marcus.  While Marcus is able to ignore his attention at first, eventually his curiosity about the handsome, self-professed submissive gets the best of him. Marcus decides to give in and have a scene with  Bret at the local club. That is only the beginning of their relationship, and I don’t know if either one suspects where it will take them.

Rarely do I have a chance to read a story where the Dom/sub interaction is the basis for a relationship; typically it’s just one facet of the main characters’ interaction with each other. I wasn’t sure I’d find it a believable way for two people to fall in love, but this book proved me wrong. At first it seems that Marcus sets out to teach Bret a lesson about being a true sub, but Bret’s sassy, bratty, unusual sub behavior affects Marcus in ways he doesn’t expect. From there the hot, steamy scenes between them keep you turning pages.

I appreciate how Kim Dare manages to create a submissive character that isn’t full of insecurity and self-loathing. Bret is a strong, confident man who happens to have a kink for submitting to others, not because he doesn’t think he’s worth loving. Is this what draws Marcus to him? I think it’s definitely part of it. The chemistry between the two is definitely there, and you get a sense of their growing bond as they explore each scene together.

This Valentine’s centered story is the 1st in the Kinky Cupid universe. It appears that Bret is the Kinky Cupid, so I’m hoping this means plenty more of him to come. Keep on eye on this page at Riptide Publishing for new stories as they’re released.