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If It Flies by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

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Released March 11, 2013
Published by Riptide Publishing
For Review from NetGalley

Nick. *sigh* I was really, really hoping to see more of him after his brief appearance in Market Garden #2, Take It Offand I got my wish. He’s every bit as intense and dominant as I imagined him to be when dealing with his clients. At times I was afraid I might not like him, because he manages to remain distant even in situations that are so intimate. I guess that’s all part of the job.

Spencer is new on the Market Garden scene, introduced through Percy who’s a regular. (Can I tell you how much I fangirled over Percy’s crossover from Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov’s City Mouse? SO AWESOME! You can see our review of City Mouse here.) Spencer seems to be your typical overworked lawyer just making it through life day by day. I liked his character, because he’s neither arrogant nor overly confident. In fact he’s hesitant about Market Garden, but curiosity wins and he goes. I appreciated how Spencer seemed unsure of the extent of his own needs, and, with Nick’s help, I really enjoyed watching him discover them.

The build in intensity between the two was palpable, and I ached for Spencer at times as Nick insisted on keeping a professional distance. It was obvious what was happening, and the emotional denial was heartbreaking. Spencer was willing to take whatever he could get from Nick while Nick began to show a little more vulnerability. The slight role reversal was really satisfying; all the angst and heartache made their reunion and declarations that much sweeter. I’m really hoping the two can figure out a way to make things work. In the very least, I hope they can entertain us trying.


City Mouse by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov

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Released March 18, 2013
Published by Riptide Publishing
For Review from NetGalley

When I first heard there would be more Malcolm & Owen I almost DIED. I absolutely loved Country Mouse, and the idea of getting more of their story had me super excited. I love stories where opposites attract. When those opposites come together in the most unlikely of circumstances, even better. When they’re eventually two hot guys in killer suits, THE BEST YET.

City Mouse picks up with Malcolm & Owen adjusting to their new relationship. It’s exciting, new, shiny & wonderful, but not without it’s fair share of kinks. (Pun intended. Seriously, an iced what? :D) It’s very fulfilling watching these two guys struggle and find their way through so many new aspects of life. Malcolm is out of his comfort zone for sure – relationships are not his thing. Neither is giving up control for that matter, so it’s fun to watch him squirm. Owen is calm and patient, but it was nice to see that even he has his limits. I didn’t want him to roll over like a total doormat just because he’s in love.

Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov are amazing writers of conflict and resolution. You really feel the raw emotions and desperation of the characters, especially Malcolm. He had a lot of growing up to do in this one. Nothing is magically fixed; the characters truly, painstakingly work things out and are better for it. That’s not to say there isn’t tender, sweet, make-up sex that will make you sigh, because there totally is.

I’m sure writers have a love-hate relationship with readers who say they want more. On one hand, it means we were so touched by a story and its characters that we can’t get enough. The flip side to that it’s like we’re demanding more from them that maybe they haven’t yet been inspired to give. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I hope there’s more to come in this series, because I truly love the guys, the setting, the premise, just everything about these stories. If there’s not, I’m okay with that too, because City Mouse was just perfect.


Something New Under the Sun by L.A. Witt

Something New Under the Sun CoverReleased January 21, 2013
Published by Riptide Publishing
Obtained for Review from NetGalley

Let me start off by saying science fiction isn’t usually my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I was raised on Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, but that’s the extent of my sci-fi love. Needless to say I was surprised to love this story as much as I did. Somehow L.A. Witt managed to bring in all the elements that I love in sci-fi and leave out all the things that truly make it too far “out there.”

Daniel and Liam are two amazing characters. Their history with one another is a bit of a mystery to me, since I somehow failed to realize Something New Under the Sun is a sequel until I was well into the book (like 80%). I’m really intrigued about how they got to where they are though, so you can bet I’ll go back and read the book one in the Falling Sky series, A Chip in His Shoulder.  Each of these guys is fierce, brave and fighting for what they believe is right – think Josh Duhamel in Transformers. (Okay, maybe that’s just me.) Each has ties to a powerful family in the Sky; each forced to live in the Gutter by those very same ties. Banding together, they plot and scheme to expose secrets that will change the world they live in forever.

I wanted to read this book for the romance, but what kept me reading was the ACTION. It was so intense and well written it kept me turning page after page.  There was absolutely no down time and nothing about this book ever dragged. The couple short reprieves our heroes had were filled with some of the sweetest & hottest love scenes. Add to that the truly interesting idea and practice of bio-modifications, and you have one fantastic story. I definitely hope you give it a shot.


A Taste of Love by Andrew Grey

Taste of Love CoverReleased November 2010
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Purchased Copy

I told myself that if I opened up this post and could think of something halfway coherent to say about this book, I’d post it. Initially I wasn’t going to review it at all. Don’t get me wrong – A Taste of Love is a good read. I’ve had this book for a while, and I was surprised how quickly it engaged me once I finally opened it. (Shocking how often that happens, isn’t it? I always kick myself repeatedly for letting it sit on my Kindle forever. Okay…getting off track.) I just wasn’t sure how to put into words exactly what this book did to me, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m not sure what drew me in first,  if it was wanting to know the secret that Darryl was struggling with from his past or the secret that Billy was struggling with in his present. Once Billy started working for Darryl, the attraction between the two was palpable. Even without the secrets, the chemistry between the two would’ve kept me reading. Thankfully Andrew Grey didn’t keep it angsty for long; the first kiss between the two was so satisfying.

About half way through, I was trying to anticipate where it was going, waiting for the conflict.  There didn’t seem to be much struggle at all with their relationship beyond the typical issues for a blossoming romance. I’m not saying I wanted them to be unhappy, but I was waiting for something to rear its ugly head. When it finally did, I was completely shocked. I wasn’t expecting what happened AT ALL. Nor was I expecting to spend about 40 minutes crying my eyes out. Call it good writing, unexpected circumstances, hormones, whatever – I was sobbing for the heartbreak that was happening to these guys. If ever I wanted to put a book in the freezer, this was it. (Kudos to everyone who gets that Friends reference. :))

Thank you to Andrew Grey for taking what would have been a pretty good book and making it that much better. For once it was nice to watch characters not struggle against each other but struggle together against something else.  Even if that something else ripped my heart out before very slowly patching it back together.

I think the only cure for this book hangover might be checking out the rest of the Taste Of Love series. Book two, A Serving of Love, is Sebastian’s story, but I’m hoping for some Darryl & Billy cameos too.

RATING: One very hip SNEAKER & One totally BAD ASS BOOT!