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An Ass Out of You and Me by Lee Cairney

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Release Date: December 6, 2013
Published by Storm Moon Press
Review Copy from Publisher

This story started out as a pretty entertaining yet predictable read about a guy who accidentally double books two dates for one night. The only catch is that in this case the dates are with one man and one woman, and neither knows about Phillip’s preference for the other.

Despite this scenario playing out as expected for this trope, the woman, Gina, decides to give Phillip a chance to explain. That’s where the fun and passion come in – perhaps this would have gone differently if anyone was looking for something permanent. Writing off his male date, Luis, Phillip decides to spend some time playing with Gina.

As far as erotica goes, this story was pretty standard. It was hot, graphic and definitely not too vanilla. Gina coaches Phillip like a pro, and it’s obvious she has quite a bit of experience. When Luis decides he’s been a little too harsh and shows up unexpectedly, it adds a delicious little complication. After Phillip comes clean about his bisexuality, they sort things out and everyone’s able to get in on the action. It’s a fun romp with a little sense of exploration in both intimate scenes – first for Phillip, and then for Luis. I was almost a little disappointed for Gina, because things just seemed business as usual for her. Although I suppose she does get the pleasure of two hot guys, so that’s something. ;)


NEW RELEASE & EXCERPT: Broken Pieces by Riley Hart

We’re excited to celebrate the release of something brand new from M/M romance author, Riley Hart. Today her second self-published story, Broken Pieces, is here –  see what it’s all about!

Broken Pieces CoverAbout the Book:

Can three broken pieces make a whole?

Josiah Evans is the orphan who lost both his parents. He’s sweet, shy, and all heart. He wants nothing more than to be loved.

Mateo Sanchez is the son of a gang leader. He’s seen it all, and never hesitates to do what needs to be done, no matter what it is.

Tristan Croft is the wealthy attorney who clawed his way up from the bottom to rule his own world. He’ll never depend on anyone but himself again.

Three men who couldn’t be more different…and yet, as their lives intersect they find an uncommon balance that calms the storms inside each of them, and ignites fires hotter than they ever thought imaginable.

Told uniquely in three parts and spanning over ten years, BROKEN PIECES is a journey of healing for three fragmented souls, finding love in the unlikeliest of places—with each other.

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Now that we’ve got your attention, how about a closer look? Check out this excerpt:

Tristan stopped in front of him, questions in his eyes. Josiah looked over Tristan’s shoulder, finding Mateo. The look on Teo’s face said he knew exactly what Josiah needed from them.
            His pulse pounded in his ears, but Josiah tried to stamp it down or ignore it. Whatever he had to do to make this happen.
            “Come here, Teo. Please.” How many times had Teo said those words to him? Come here. Every time he knew Josiah needed him, he’d use those words, except it was usually him who still went to Josiah. Or who pulled Josiah to him.
            He waited, breath in lungs, counting the beats of his heart the way Tristan did, until Teo took a step toward them, then another. When Teo stopped beside Tristan, Josiah took them both in. The two men were opposites in so many ways, but so similar in others. It was more than just their dark hair and dark eyes. More than the fact that they were both his.
            “I want to see you together.” He looked at Tristan. “Will you kiss him?” It had to be a question, he knew that. Tristan didn’t take commands or direction in the bedroom. Hopefully Tristan could give them all this much.
            An electric charge zapped the air around them. The men faced off before taking a step closer to each other. It was Teo who moved first, his steady hands grabbing the sides of Tristan’s face the way he’d done with Josiah too many times to count.
            Josiah went hot all over, his cock hardened instantly as their mouths met. The kiss started out slow, but then it was a give-and-take battle between them, Teo’s gentle hunger matching Tristan’s fierce passion. He saw their tongues touch, saw Teo suck Tristan’s into his mouth before releasing it. Saw Tristan nip Mateo’s lip before grabbing his face the same way Teo held him.
            Josiah’s body burned in the most incredible way. His heart pounded as he watched the two men ravage each other’s mouths. And then as if they planned it, they both reached out for Josiah. He went willingly, caught between the desire to taste them, too and enjoying seeing the two of them together.
            When Mateo’s lips drifted down to Tristan’s neck, Tristan pulled Josiah forward, so their mouths met. The combination of Tristan’s tongue in his mouth and the feel of both hard bodies against him made a jolt of pleasure shoot through him, then another, as though there were way too many sensations at once but also not enough.
“I want his mouth,” Mateo said huskily, making Josiah’s knees week.
            Tristan pulled away, his mouth going to Mateo’s neck the way Mateo had just done with his. As he sucked Mateo’s flesh, Teo’s mouth crashed down on Josiah’s, quick, urgent and needy.
Josiah moaned, kissing deeper when Teo’s hand gently pulled at his hair. Visions flashed in his head, the three of them a tangle of limbs, a cluster of lips and mouths. It made his cock ache.
            Josiah pulled back slightly, and that was all it took for Mateo and Tristan’s mouths to meet again. Hands grasping, grunts and moans, and ah fucks filling the room. There was a part of him that wanted to do nothing but take it in. The sight of them pumped blood to his heart. Made it beat life into him. Filled his lungs with breath. And yes, made him feel like he was going to explode.
            But he also wanted more, too. Wanted every part of both of them, and he damn sure intended to have them.


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Must Love Randy Jansen

I’m going to make a little deviation from our usual book review blog post format – I hope my fellow Chicks don’t mind. After reading Heidi Cullinan’s Special Delivery series – Special Delivery and Double Blind – I have to. I’m totally overwhelmed by my feelings for the characters. Well, one in particular – Randy Jansen.

Double Blind









Randy Jansen is an enigma. At first I hated him. Wait, that’s not right. I hated the idea of him. I was hoping we’d never have to meet him. Not really fair of me, is it? I just knew that if we did, things would change. Sam & Mitch, the main players in Special Delivery, were doing JUST FINE without him. Sure Sam was broken – Mitch too for that matter – but they were figuring it out and fixing each other a little at a time. The sum is greater than the total of its parts and all that. I had all but carved a giant heart with “S +M TLA” in the middle. I did not need anyone storming in and derailing it while they were still in the tender figuring-things-out stage.

Of course Randy, being Randy, kind of bursts onto the scene. He’s cocky, confident, sure of himself – all the things I expected him to be. Let’s not forget pushy and arrogant with a penchant for going just a little bit too far.  At first seeing him interact with Sam, I was all HELL NO. (My emotional irrationality knows no bounds sometimes, I swear, but yeah. Not winning any points.)  In all my worrying about the trouble Randy would cause for Sam, I never stopped to think how Sam would affect Randy.

You see, Randy has a weakness: Mitch. It wasn’t until Randy used his astuteness to analyze the new dynamic that he realized his presumptions weren’t completely right. Mitch wasn’t just following some kinky, preexisting script from their past.  It surprised me how even Randy wasn’t quite prepared for what was coming. Color me intrigued – he’s vulnerable. That’s when it all began to change.

Randy is nothing if not loyal to those he loves. Once he made the decision to care about not only Mitch but Sam too, I melted a little. He recognized how good they were together, and I started to feel like Randy might not f*ck up the paradise that was this book. There’s one particular scene toward the end of Special Delivery where Randy calls Sam to clue him in to life that seriously made me think I could love Randy Jansen. I mean I wasn’t ready to throw down for him, but kudos to Heidi Cullinan for taking a character I wanted to loathe and turning him into one I liked and trusted.

Double Blind is more or less Randy’s book, and I dove in immediately because, let’s face it, Randy demanded it.  He’s charming, smooth, and his usual cocky, arrogant self, but this time there’s more. Sam & Mitch are a part of his strength but also a weakness as Randy realizes he seeks completion. (Okay, not THAT kind of completion. Well yeah, THAT but that’s not what I mean.) Randy sees the love, trust and commitment his friends share and realizes while they’re still his partners in many ways, he’s the odd man out. He wants what they have for himself. Beneath all that armor he surrounds himself with, he’s just a guy who needs to be loved for who he is inside. How can you not love that?

Enter Ethan Ellison. (Here’s where I fell HARD CORE for Randy Jansen.) At first all he did was teach the man poker, but that’s the thing. It’s never really just teaching Ethan poker. It’s always something more, and if you dig deeper you see what he’s truly about.  He’s a protector, always making sure those he loves have what they need. He gives selflessly to see them happy. Watching him take care of them was almost more than I could take. *sigh*

I wanted to wrap Randy up and hold him tight so many times.  Knowing what he suffered growing up, figuring things out, fighting to be someone he could be proud of – so much pain and suffering. When he sits in therapy with Sam and tells him ALL THE THINGS (you have to read it, then you’ll know), I couldn’t keep a dry eye. Randy projects a strong image to the world but inside he’s just trying to hold it all together.

Here’s a tiny spoiler – look away if you don’t want to know – the ending is happy. Not without it’s ups and downs of course.  I was a little worried that Ethan might not be good enough for Randy, because I knew he needed someone insanely special. But in the end, Randy gets everything he deserves. :)