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BOOK BLITZ: Snowed In, a M/M Anthology by L.J. Hamlin, Lynn Townsend, Jessica Chase, Logan Zachary, Leigh Ellwood, Emjay Haze, Tray Ellis, Kassandra Lea

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Cover Artist: Kris Norris

Snowed In is a wintery blend of frost, snow, and romance from eight of Torquere Press’ M/M authors.

Winter storms are dangerous, and in Celibate Cold by Lynn Townsend, Topher finds himself stranded in one when his car slides into a ditch. Alone and scared, he tries to walk home in the blizzard but ends up at Chase’s house, desperately in need of help.

Can an accident on Luke and Tom’s annual hike lead to them becoming more than good friends? Find out in Jessica Chase’s Falling for Love!

In This Winter’s Night by Kassandra Lea, Barry is devastated when he realizes he spends more time talking to his horses than his boyfriend—but that’s about change.

These snow angels have a devilish side! Huey and Tommy think their neighbor Marshall would be a naughty, fun addition to their snow day in Snow Angels by Leigh Ellwood.

In Snow Job by Logan Zachary, winter doesn’t always come with a chill—sometimes it’s smokin’ hot! For Lance and Leo, snowbound and icicles are about to take on whole new meanings.

Beau and Leon are two strangers on a chairlift. When Leon—the “experienced” skier—laughs at himself, Beau looks at him in a whole new light in Taking the Fall Line by Tray Ellis.

In Snowy Reunion by Emjay Haze, Steven wonders if he even has a boyfriend since Jonathan walked out after their last argument. But Jonathan surprises Steven during a ski trip and it just might save their relationship.

Seeking the elusive Yeti is Joel’s passion, but he finds more than he bargained for in Adventures of a Yeti Hunter by L.J. Hamlin.

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Publisher:  Torquere Press
Release Date:  1/27/16
Book Length: 44,000 words
Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Menage/Poly, Anthology



Celibate Cold by Lynn Townsend

Chase squinted. Of course it wasn’t a yeti, he thought. But the creature who was stumbling in his direction was covered in snow from the thighs down and his coat was thick with ice crystals. He had a hat crammed low down over his ears, but no gloves, and his sleeves were crusted with more snow. He’d probably fallen a few times, to judge by the smears of white down his front.

By the time Chase had identified the intruder as being nothing more than a man, his visitor was nearly to the porch. The man’s teeth were chattering so hard that he couldn’t seem to force intelligible words out. Chase caught a few mumbled syllables.

“Well, you look like three miles of bad road,” Chase said. He helped the man up the stairs and then impartially started brushing snow off his back, not really paying attention to where his hands were until the man startled when Chase’s hands came down on his ass, smacking snow away.

The stranger whirled, his brown eyes wide.

Chase held his hands out to his sides, harmless. “No point in trackin’ that all in m’house, man, and you look a bit chilled to do it yourself.”

The man nodded, stomped off his feet as best he could, which wasn’t very well. Chase sighed. The guy was wearing fucking Oxfords, for Christ’s sweet sake. He’d be lucky if he had any toes left at all. Fool.

“Sex,” the man said.

“What?” Chase had to have misheard that. He stuck a finger—snow covered, and cold—into his ear as if to clear it out. Or wind up his brain. “What did you say?”

“Six. Six miles of bad road.”


Publisher of GLBT fiction books http://www.torquerepress.com to offer the finest in erotic LGBT romance available.




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Release Day Blitz: Swept by Alyssa Turner

Swept by Alyssa Turner
Pages or word count: 257 pages
Released: 21 January 2016
Published by Alyssa Turner
Categories: Bisexual, M/M/F Romance, Menage, BDSM, Contemporary
Sales Link: Amazon


Even a Master needs a savior…or two.

Successful engineering executive, Jack Rothman thought he was finally free to be the Dom he was meant to become. His submissives, Rory Campbell and Spencer Hartley are soon to be married, and his place as their Dominant is unshakeable. Then Jack loses the one thing a Dom requires…control over his life.

Rory can’t wait to get married, but she can’t marry both of her men—not in the eyes of the law or her overbearing, critical parents. She must find the courage to tell her parents the truth about her poly relationship, despite the sudden absence of her Dominant’s strength. If she wants the happily-ever-after wedding she’s always dreamed of, she’ll have to learn to fight for it on her own.

Spencer knows that lies are a poison that destroys from within. Now that he’s come to terms with his bisexuality he’s ready to settle down with the woman he loves and the man he can’t live without. Only the future that seemed so bright is in danger of being swept out of his hands. He’s watching his fiancée fall apart, his Dom fade away and there’s nothing he can do about it…or is there?

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Excerpt from Swept, by Alyssa Turner:

Rory registered the look of steady calm on Spencer’s face as he removed the shiny chrome bar with gray velvet-lined leather cuffs attached at each end. He reached over her to secure her ankles inside the custom-made leather sheaths. A simple buckle ensured there would be no escape.

“Take the reverse prayer position,” Jack instructed.

With her head laid against the soft sheets, she arranged her arms behind her back and pressed her palms neatly together. In her training over the past year, Rory had taken up yoga classes to practice both flexibility and discipline. It was something she’d pursued on her own in her quest to become a more worthy submissive. Rory was a perfectionist. Even she could admit that now. Yoga was a healthy outlet, one of many Jack had helped her uncover.

Spencer got to work on wrapping the black nylon rope around one of her wrists in four precise rows and then continued on the second wrist. Then he took each end and laced the rope around her forearms, immobilizing her in that position. In the mirrored closet door next to their bed, Rory watched him work. The rope was corded around itself for further reinforcement, and then Spencer crafted an intricate butterfly knot to finish it all off. She thought they were finished, but Jack took two shorter ropes from her box. He held her hips and raised them into the air, placing her ass high and open to him. The ropes were looped around each thigh in slide knots that were then connected to her wrists. She couldn’t move her body an inch in any direction. It was even difficult to move her head, and the cool sheet warmed beneath her cheek. She was at their mercy. Rory acknowledged the stretch of her muscles and let her senses drink in every second as they ticked by.

“Do you need a gag?”

“I don’t know.” Truly, she didn’t. There was something in the air that felt different. What had Jack meant when he’d said he would be taking her orgasm from her? It sounded as though she’d be forced to break the rules, to yell out without permission. Would she need a gag? Rory swallowed hard. She hoped so.

“I’ve got you covered, baby,” Spencer said, grinning at her as he took hold of his swollen cock.

“Open,” Jack said, and Rory was reminded how much better it was to be commanded by Jack than asked. Of course he knew this.

Spencer took position at the side of the bed and slowly slid his shaft between her lips. He rested there, and she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, causing him to moan. She wasn’t entirely powerless.

“Don’t make him come before he’s allowed, Rory,” Jack said. “You’ll be the one to suffer the consequences.”

She understood.

Her pussy throbbed in anticipation, and she wasn’t even sure what he had planned. The distinct hum of a vibrator suddenly filled her ear. “Just so you know, sweetheart, this isn’t that cute little toy you like to play with. I picked up something more suitable before we left New York.”

The first tap of the gyrating shaft against her ass and she jumped. Jack grabbed her ass cheek possessively and pushed the vibrating dildo into her pussy without any further introduction. His thrusts were fast and hard, almost brutal. Almost. Rory felt her body clench and brace against the onslaught.

Then he slowed to nearly a stop. Ball bearings whirled inside her causing her to want to squirm. She knew better. The reprieve was short-lived. He fucked her hard again with his newly acquired tool. She wanted to scream out, but Spencer’s cock muted any chance of it escaping her mouth. It took every ounce of discipline to keep from hurting him. Her jaw remained lax, her lips softly encasing him.

Jack held still again. Rory took a deep breath through her nose. Above her, she heard the two of them kissing. The sound made her want to moan.

Then the dildo was gone. Cold wetness fell on her exposed asshole, and the dildo returned in her tightest hole. He’d raised the vibration level, the sensation taking over her body entirely. Rory had been initiated into the practice of anal sex by Jack and Spencer. They’d been her patient instructors, helping her to understand her body until it was open and receptive.

Jack twisted the vibe, and the pleasure taking over her was immediate. There wasn’t much chance to savor it alone. Jack filled her cunt with his full length just a few heartbeats later.

“Fuck her mouth,” Jack said to Spencer. “You should have your orgasm now.”

Spencer trailed his fingers over her cheek and palmed the back of her head. “Thank you, Sir,” he said.

“You’re welcome, Spencer.” Jack leaned down to her ear. “Now, I’m going to fuck you senseless, Rory. So senseless that all you’re going to want to do is slip into an orgasm and let it take over.” He threw his hips into her, punctuating his syllables. “But you…will…make…me…proud and focus all your energy on Spencer. When you come, it won’t be because you achieved orgasm. You aren’t achieving anything today, sweetheart. You will come because I forced it from your body. I’m not giving you a chance to orgasm. I’m taking it from you. Understand now?”

She did understand, and his words were as arousing as the sensations penetrating her physically. He stripped her bare to her soul. In a scene with Jack, she had nothing, was responsible for nothing. It was freedom. The sweetest kind.

There was a trippy war raging inside her. She willed herself not to succumb to the pleasure Jack wielded and concentrated on pleasing Spencer. In her position, cheek pressed to the mattress, face poised at the edge of the bed, she focused on sucking Spencer each time he slid between her lips. In her mind she thought of nothing but keeping her mouth open for him. She was a captive slave, a prized hostage. Spencer grabbed her hair and pumped her mouth at a frenzied pace. As he poured his seed down her throat, she was nothing and everything all at once.

There was a place Rory went when her senses overloaded and the endorphins took her over the edge. She felt like she was drifting on a cloud, blowing in the wind. It was peaceful. She was outside of herself, staring at her image in the mirror as if it was a window to another bedroom. Two men she loved had reduced her to mere flesh for their pleasure alone. Her body began to shudder, and a grit-filled moan formed in her throat.

“Here it comes, sweetheart,” Jack growled. “I want it. It’s mine.”

She burst into pieces. That moan turned into a sob as the orgasm slammed through her. She was exhausted by the time the last tingle fled her toes. Aftershocks raged in her core, and she was left in a limp pile.

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Meet the author:

If you asked her, she’d say it all started with her vast collection of paper dolls. That’s how long Alyssa Turner has been crafting intricate story lines full of twists and turns and memorable characters. Thirty years later, her stories are now quite grown up.

She writes erotica and erotic romance in all lengths, having been featured in the notable anthologies of Best Women’s Erotica, edited by Violet Blue and several from Rachel Kramer Bussel. With her proclivity for the ménage genre, Alyssa is often recognized for weaving complexity and emotional depth into her characters and plots.

Alyssa has more than several full length novels under her belt including bestsellers in gay romance. Read more about Alyssa Turner and preview her published works on her blog.

Connect with the author:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alyssaturnerwrites
Amazon Author page: http://amazon.com/author/alyssaturner

Giveaway: https://promosimple.com/ps/8d24

A Bear Walks Into A Bar by Eden Winters

A Bear Walks Into A Bar

A Bear Walks Into A Bar by Eden Winters

Release Date: January 16, 2016

Pages or Words: 63,000 words

Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books

Cover Artist: Jacqueline Sweet

Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance, Consensual Non-Monogamy/Promiscuity


It takes one strong alpha with a tight grip to keep a mountain full of shifters under control. Sawyer Ballantine’s contending with an uppity wolf leader and a herd of shifter elk bound and determined to take over. He might be the lone bear on the mountain, but he’s not going to allow another four shifters to just move in, especially not when they whiff of power. They’ll either be his in all ways, or they’ll be gone.

Dillon, Jerry, Kevin, and Brad have no one but each other since their shifter groups kicked them out. The young bear, wolves, and fox make a merry ménage, pooling their meager shifter skills and serving beer. They’ve stumbled into more than they understand, caught in the dispute between the Urso of Ballantine Mountain and the elk. But winter’s setting in, and they don’t know how to keep Dillon safe for hibernation.

And then a bear walks into their bar.

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Our Thoughts:

A Bear Walks Into A Bar is legit erotica paranormal. Sawyer is the Urso, bear shifter, in charge of all shifters on his mountain. He overcame his sulks attackers and persevered. Making most pay for the atrocities against his family and others remain under his control, he’s trying to keep the peace. What’s mostly happening is he’s barely managing to keep the peace and the stress is really weighing on him.

Word of some foreign shifters on his mountain puts Sawyer on the defensive. He never expects to find four strong shifters that could help change his mountain for the better. He also finds Dillon, a bear shifter! Someone he can spend hibernation with. Someone to teach to be his alpha and possibly have as his heart mate.

The premise of the book is great. Unfortunately, it’s over shadowed by so much sex. Usually the erotica I read is just the right amount of sex and plot. For A Bear Walks Into A Bar, I felt the sex was just too much. Everyone is doing everyone. Sex is for fun, domination, trust, position, recreation, energy… you name it, sex is used for it. I just grew tired of it to the point of wanting to skip past it. I wanted answers on what would happen between the fox and wolf shifter that had grown to love each other. Would they be separated or be allowed to stay together? I’m sure they could be together but not sure after 200 pages if they’ll actually live together!

Changes were made with the shifters not being separate but how they were going to live was still unclear. If you like a variety of shifters, all of them having sex with each other over and over again. This is the book for you. If you need more, walk away from this one.


The Man Hunt Collection by Luke Braun

The Man Hun CollectionThe Man Hunt Collection by Luke Braun

Released: December 2015

Published: Forty5 Degrees Press

Sales link: Amazon


You are the narrator, horny and on the hunt for a hot man to sink your teeth into.

This collection contains six sizzling hot gay short stories to whet your appetite for filthy hardcore man on man action. Each story follows a character from the previous episode and his sexual adventures. It’s sexy, immersive, and exceptionally slutty. Live the life of a man who has sex with men vicariously through these gripping tales of lust, submission, domination, mutual worship, and exhibitionism.


Episode 1 – You
To celebrate absolutely nailing your job interview today, you decide to head out to an underwear party in town. Armed with a new pair of Calvin Kleins and a couple of condoms, you go hunting for your next conquest, not knowing where the night may take you.

Episode 2 – Kcufed
It’s an average Saturday night hanging out with the boys, just drinking some beers and smoking a joint, when a cop decides to show up and spoil all the fun. Your stoner buddies make a run for it, but you’re not so lucky, and now you’ve got some explaining to do…or perhaps the fun is only just about to begin?

Episode 3 – Stakeout
Nothing is more boring than a stakeout. Your unreliable informant assures you that the biggest drug deal of your career is going down tonight, but it’s two o’clock in the morning and cabin fever is setting in. Fortunately, you’ve got your partner Steve along with you tonight, and he doesn’t mind trading favours to pass the time. But just as Steve goes down, so does the deal.

Episode 4 – After Hours Workout
It’s been a tough week—all but officially broken up with your girlfriend, and a shoulder injury driving you crazy. You make an appointment to see Cody, your stud physiotherapist, for him to lay his healing hands on you. After the session, you head to the sauna where relaxation turns to slumber. Ever wondered what happens in the gym after closing time? You’re about to find out.

Episode 5 – Roommate Audition
The hunt for a new place to live is starting to make you feel desperate; ten apartments in the last couple of days, all dumps. You arrive outside the front entrance to a funky retro-fitted warehouse apartment building. This was the cheapest apartment listed in your price range, the one you were holding out the least amount of hope for, but it’s the nicest of the lot. Too nice! There’s got to be a catch.

Episode 6 – Naked Yoga
You’ve watched the all-male naked yoga class across the street from your apartment window for months, now it’s time to give it a try. But you’re a dismal failure at yoga. You suck at the positions, even the easy ones. You can’t let your mind relax for even five minutes without getting distracted. So it’s no surprise when the instructor asks you to stay after the class is finished to practice a few of the moves.

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Our thoughts:

Man Hunt is a collection of erotica shorts that tell a complete story. Each short revolves around a hook-up scene. Whether it’s a club, a dating app hook-up, steak out or from the gym, it’s all about getting it on and getting off!

What was interesting was the connections between each story. There’s always one person from the story that carries over to the next. It’s a minor connection that shows that when it comes to lust, the big vast world isn’t so grand. When you bring it down to the act of sex, it’s a small world after all.

Man Hunt is full out erotica. If you want sweet romance, this is not the right collection for you. In Man Hunt, it’s crude, gritty sex. Rough, no rules, dirty talk and no inhibitions. These guys want to experience pleasure and they’re not against taking what they want, forcibly if need be.

There’s bound to be a story that appeals to all interests, the club hook up or the cop fantasy, Luke Braun masterfully includes an interesting array of men and situations. Although each story has its ‘happy ending’ the collection as a whole comes full circle and ends on an upbeat note.

Read Man Hunt for the creative way the author connects the shorts and the unapologetic casual sex!