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Blog Tour with Review: The Artist and His Alpha (The Alpha and His Omega #3) Lisa Oliver

The Artist and His Alpha BannerTemplate

The Artist and His Alpha by Lisa Oliver
The Alpha and Omega Series Book Three
(Each book is a self-contained story and can be read as a standalone.)
Release Date: January 29, 2016
Pages or Words: 65,900 words
Publisher: Oliver Group Publications
Cover Artist: Lisa Oliver
Categories: Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance, Wolf shifters, True Mates, Alpha and Omega

We’re thrilled to host a tour spot for Lisa Oliver’s newest release, The Artist and His Alpha. Lisa has graciously taken time away from her fabulous writing to answer a few questions for us. Enjoy the interview and the heart pumping excerpt!

Which of your characters gave you the hardest time about not following your initial plans?

Funnily enough, it was Caden in The Artist and His Alpha. When I saw the picture of Caden I thought he was this sassy mouthed little sneak who would really give his Alpha a run for his money. But it didn’t happen. When I sat down to write him, it turns out he was hiding from the world and was a virgin. I have learned not to go against what my characters tell me, and just write them the way they come across.

What is the strangest job you ever had and have you used it in a book?

I have had a lot of jobs, and I don’t consider any of them strange, but I do use the times I worked behind a bar quite often in my books. I was also a night shift taxi driver for two years and some of the stories and things I saw then leach out into my books sometimes.

How obsessive are you about small factual details in your stories? ie. do you research which side the gas tank is on in your hero’s car of choice, before you have him fill it up…?

Not quite that obsessive, no, but I do check details – bikes, cars, styles of houses. In a recent book I was writing about bear shifters and I went online to find a honey based soda drink, because he doesn’t drink alcohol.

What is the nicest thing ever said about your work in a review?

I often get readers who tell me that they were “just going to read a couple of chapters,” and then sat up until the early hours of the morning finishing a book. I also had one lady tell me her husband had to go out and get takeout for dinner for their kids, because she was reading my book and she couldn’t put it down. I know what that feeling is like from reading other people’s books, and it always makes my feet twitch when I know someone feels that way about mine.

If you had all the time and really informed beta readers to help you get it right, what characters or genre would you like to write that you haven’t quite tackled yet?

I think I would write an M/M paranormal historical romance. I have a personal fascination with British history, especially around the Victorian or Tudor times, but the amount of detail I would need to know would be staggering, and would probably interfere with the storyline if I tried to do it. It would be nice though, to give it a try.

Thanks for being with us Lisa! We enjoyed having you and loved your candid answers.


Caden Wolfe lives his life hiding from the world. As an Omega with a brute of an Alpha looking for him, he can’t afford to take any chances. He is happy enough with his art, his one good friend Felix and his agent who adores his paintings. It’s a far cry from life on the streets and Caden is determined to keep working hard, and stay out of the spotlight. Staying away from all things wolf is easy enough in the city, until he meets the one man with the potential to blow his cover and his way of life, out of the water.

Sean Black has it all – a brother for pack, a home pack that is still supportive but far enough away not to interfere with his daily life, a good business, and men who clamor for his attention every night of the week. The last thing he wants or needs is a mate, but after a brief meeting with a gorgeous artist, he realizes his life will change, and not necessarily in a good way.

A misunderstanding leads to danger for Caden and Sean has to make a choice. Can he give his Omega what he needs, or should he make sure he’s protected and then walk away? A rogue Alpha with an agenda of his own, a trap, and trouble from the council are just a few of the things this couple will have to contend with if they are ever to have their HEA.

The Artist and His Alpha

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“Holy shit, he has a gun. Caden, for fuck’s sake don’t shoot!”

Sean heard Felix yell and he damn near pushed Liam off the fire escape, leaping up the last of the stairs. He could understand how Felix would want to talk quickly, especially if a gun was involved, but he had to see Caden for himself. As he stood on a rickety ledge he was momentarily stunned by the vision in front of him. A huge lit space littered with canvases spoke of hard work, dedication, passion for art and an apparent disregard for mess. And in front of it all stood Caden – locked, loaded and ready for bear.

The young man looked even better than Sean remembered. His slim, pale torso gleamed under the light, his unruly mop of straight blond hair falling just over the top of one eye. All Caden appeared to be wearing was a pair of jeans that hung low on his hips – a truly sexy picture. But it was the confident way Caden held the gun in his hands, and the unflinching glare in his eyes, that touched Sean’s heart. Felix had been right about one thing. Caden was determined to defend his home, and he looked more than capable of doing it. Damn, if that idea didn’t slam Sean in the groin and hang on.

“What are you doing here, Felix?” Caden’s voice held traces of nervousness that wouldn’t be noticed by human ears, but Sean noticed that the hands holding the gun didn’t waver.

“I was worried about you,” Felix called out, stepping closer to the glass, his hands spread to show he was unarmed. “We all were. You wouldn’t answer your door; you weren’t taking my calls. I had to know you were all right. We’re friends, Caden, I thought you trusted me. Now please, let us in. This damn ledge is fucking unsafe and you know I’m scared of heights.”

Caden held his glare for a long minute, and Sean wasn’t sure the young man would ever move. But then he carefully raised his weapon, removed the magazine, which he tucked in his back pocket, and then walked over to rest the gun against the wall. Only then did he come towards the large panes of glass, releasing a latch, which Sean realized was actually a door latch. What he had mistaken for windows doubled as large sliding doors.

Once all three men were inside of what was a huge space, Caden seemed unsure of himself. “I know we’re friends,” he said to Felix hesitantly – scared, but apparently determined to defend his actions. “I’m not doing anything wrong.” His eyes seemed to catch Sean’s automatically and Sean was shocked to see they were full of fear again. “I’m an adult. This is my place, my territory. I’m not intruding on anyone’s space. I have a right to be here.”

Sean realized in that instant that Caden’s immediate fear had a name – the Black Brothers – and damn, if that didn’t make him feel sick. He and Liam were full-blown Alpha wolves, and his little Omega must have thought that they had a pack, or at least a right to the territory he lived in. No wonder the poor guy had locked himself in and refused to talk to anyone. He was terrified of losing his home and possibly his life.

Felix looked confused. “No one said you didn’t have any right to be here. This is your home, bought and paid for. No one can take it away from you so long as you pay your taxes, and your trust does that for you.”

“Then why did you bring them?” Caden hadn’t stopped looking at Sean, but clearly Liam was included in the ‘them’ comment as well. “They know what I’m talking about. Why are they here, if not to beat me, torture me, rape me and then kick me out of my home? That’s what men like them do. What are they doing here?”

Meet the author:

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/lisaoliverauthor), catch up on what’s happening at her blog (http://www.supernaturalsmut.com) or email her directly at yoursintuitively@gmail.com.

Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Blog


Our Thoughts:

Sigh. I love the Alpha and Omega dynamic in paranormal romance books. Lisa Oliver delivers a tasty morsel with this take on the relationship dynamic between and alpha and an Omega.Plus, we get fated mates, power struggles and a nervous, lone wolf Omega!

Sean goes to an art show with his brother, grudgingly. He’s rather be anywhere else, but Liam insists on trying to get this specific artist to do a mural for their club. Something about his wolf paintings being the most realistic he’s ever seen. When Sean sees the small, cute blond that is the artist, he’s instantly attracted to the man. One handshake, a sniff of the man’s scent and he is head over heel because that awkward in public blond man is his mate and an Omega wolf to boot!

Caden knows he’s in trouble and asks his friend Felix to take him away from the art show as fast as he can. The man he met is an Alpha and nothing good will come of this Alpha meeting Caden. All Alphas from his past have ever done is abuse, ridicule and take his possessions. Caden is literally fearing for his life after meeting Sean.

So begins the push for Sean to move into Caden’s life and make him his Fated mate for ever and always. Caden comes from a pack that never followed pack law. A rogue wolf that was evil and abusive. Caden has no idea what it is like to be in a true pack. One that values its members but also treasures Omega wolves. Sean has to win over a reclusive, abused wolf, and show him what it means to be loved, valued and treated as an equal.

Along the way Sean makes many mistakes. His bravado gets in the way multiple times. He’s not used to being the pursuer. Usually men fall over him and beg him for attention. Caden is so far from that. Once Caden comes out of his shell, he’s not going to stand by and let other men try to move in on his man. On the flip slide, he’s still not sure of himself and doubts how much Sean loves him and if he’ll be enough.

I enjoyed the ebb and flow between Sean and Caden. They were hot and cold throughout the story. Caden had so much to fear and tried hard to have faith in Sean, but with them being such a new couple, that was hard to do. When Caden’s past threatens their happiness, they flounder again. Sean flounders the most. He makes many mistakes, but his brother and dad are there to help him realize how much a fool he is each time.

I found this to be a sweet story! Sean isn’t too hardcore Alpha. He’s pretty likeable even if he was a manwhore before Caden! Caden is sweet and broken yet stronger than he realizes. Together they were sensual, caring and sassy.


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BLOG TOUR, GUEST POST and REVIEW: The Biker’s Omega by Lisa Oliver

BannerTemplateThe Biker's Omega

The Biker’s Omega by Lisa Oliver

Released December 2014

Published by Oliver Group Publications

Cover Art by Lisa Oliver

Categories: Erotica, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance

We are honored to have Lisa Oliver back with us today. She’s always a pleasure to have as a guest with insight into her multiple series and interesting shifters. Thanks Lisa for joining 3 Chicks After Dark one again!

Three Chicks After Dark
Alpha Betas and Omegas – All Fun In Their Own Way

Anyone who has read a shifter book knows that the wolves have a hierarchy in their pack that is an integral part of their nature. Alphas are usually the biggest, meanest and most protective of the wolves. Beta wolves are the fighters – they care for their Alpha and their pack and they will fight to the death to protect everyone that is part of their pack. The Omegas are smaller and can often be considered weak. But in my books they aren’t. Omega’s are caring, and have strong personalities that can sometimes get them into trouble. They are the perfect balance for the Alpha personality.

I started the Alpha and Omega series because I wanted to write some books about how two different types of men could come together and find true love. In The Biker’s Omega, Trent the big Alpha has been living with a human motorcycle gang after leaving his pack decades before. He hides his sexuality, his wolf nature and over the years has become more human than wolf. So when he meets Marly, the cutest, prettiest (there just is no other word to describe the man) little Omega that Trent had ever come across, he was shocked, and I do mean shocked, by getting hit by the mating pull. Having sex was the easy part. Learning to live together and falling in love was a lot harder, especially for Trent who had his human pack to consider as well.

One of the common themes in my books is that nobody is perfect, even if they are an Alpha. Alpha’s often get caught up in the “me” mentality and fail to see where they might be hurting someone else, even their fated mate. Kane for example (The Cloverleah Pack Alpha) was totally ruled by his opinions of right and wrong and often had to apologize to members of his pack for his stupidity. Pearson, who is Alpha of the Bound and Bonded pack was another one who had to learn to compromise when he found out his mate was almost as strong an Alpha as he was.

I love my beta wolves and although there were none in The Biker’s Omega, you will find them in the Cloverleah Pack series. Scott and Troy, the twins from Cloverleah are both such amazing guys. They are solid fighters and love their mates, but they also have a fun personality and a lot of intelligence. Both Scott and Troy found the strength to leave their mates when their own needs weren’t being met, even though in their world it would mean their death. Although the scenario might have seemed a little over the top for new readers to the paranormal world that type of loyalty couldn’t be expressed any other way.

My Omegas all have strong personalities to make up for their lack of physical size. I have never thought that strength is measured in the size of a man. Marly had the strength to leave his home pack, and to live alone without other wolves until Trent came along. When Trent did come into his life, he didn’t just bow down and kiss the man’s foot, although that could have been hot too in the right circumstances. Marly fought to retain his own feelings of self-worth, something that I believe is very important.

The Alpha and Omega series showcases differences and the way two different types of men/wolves can complement each other. I loved working out size dynamics, and how I could get two totally different types of personalities to mesh together. It is important in all of my books that the men not only claim each other, but come to love each other as well. When you have two totally different people brought together by the mating trope that is not always easy to achieve. My Alpha’s have some adjusting to do, if they want their precious Omegas to stick around.

Thank you for hosting me on your blog today and giving me the chance to explain a bit more about my new series Alpha and Omega. Book one, The Biker’s Omega is available now.

The Biker's OmegaBlurb:

Marly Miles has been happy in his life as a lone Omega wolf, living and working among the humans of Orlando, Florida. When an attack on him and his friend brings Marly to the notice of the Sergeant of Arms of the Epitaph’s Motorcycle Club, he realizes immediately that the man carries the same scent as his attackers. Not a very good start when the same man is also his mate.

Alpha wolf, Trent Beaumont has spent a lot of years living as a human when he walked away from his home pack. Forced to live as a straight man, because of the Epitaph’s club culture, he walks away from Marly after checking the man is safe. But no wolf, not even an Alpha, can refuse the mating call from the Fates. But with his President looking over his shoulder, and a woman panting after him to share his bed, Trent isn’t sure it will ever be the right time to claim his own Omega.

Fights, misunderstandings and a lack of communication aren’t the only problems Trent and Marly face. Trent has a history that has clouded his judgment and when Marly gets attacked again, Trent realizes he could lose his mate permanently, if he doesn’t get his head out of the sand.

Warning: Contains one hot biker, a beautiful twink with a sassy mouth, and a ton of misunderstandings. Graphic m/m sex, violence and strong language.

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Trent had been waiting hours, freaking hours, for his mate to get home. He had pulled into the apartment block about an hour after he left the club, figuring a shower and a change of clothes was a good idea. But from the scent in the hallway outside of Marly’s apartment door, it seemed he had just missed the little man. Oh, well. Maybe his mate had gone out for food. Four hours later, Trent had to leave his post to get his own food and to take a bathroom break. But in less than thirty minutes, he was back at his post, waiting for Marly to get home. He didn’t remember falling asleep, but being awoken by a mini biker vision in black was more than Trent’s control could handle, especially when Marly smelled of so many different men. The little shit had been clubbing and while Trent wasn’t silly enough to think that Marly had been with anyone else, his wolf’s need to cover the man with his own scent was overwhelming.

Yes, he meant to talk to Marly first – get to know a little bit about the man he was about to become bonded to. Trent wasn’t some crass shifter who fucked first, and then talked after. Not with his mate at least. With most men he had enjoyed in the past it was fuck first and then fuck the talking. But Trent wanted to explain to Marly about his position in the club and what was happening there. He needed to find out about Marly’s pack status and explain his own lack of one. But then the sexy man just had to put a wiggle in his step as he walked passed him and that one little movement shattered what was left of Trent’s resolve, already weakened by his long wait. It had been so long since he had enjoyed a man in his arms, and this one was already deemed perfect for him by the Fates. He didn’t have the strength to argue with that sort of situation.

And right now? With Marly’s mouth open under his, Trent couldn’t think of one goddamn fucking reason why he had wanted to wait at all. The hint of pineapple and cream suggested his mate liked those frou-frou drinks that Trent had never tasted because they looked too girly. The lack of anyone else’s scent on Marly’s tongue meant the man had behaved himself while he was out, and Trent made sure to check, thoroughly, in every crevice and corner of Marly’s mouth.

It wasn’t only Marly’s mouth that was driving Trent insane. Marly’s slim but solid chest was rammed tight between his own and the wall, not a cigarette paper gap between them. Trent moaned as he felt Marly’s cock throbbing behind his jeans, against his own abs, and his Omega’s fingers gripping his shoulders was pure heaven. There was nothing hesitant about Marly – not the way he opened his mouth to accept Trent’s tongue, nor the way he clasped Trent’s shoulders as though the bigger man would try and get away. When Trent felt Marly wrap his lean legs around his waist, opening out that delectable denim covered ass, Trent couldn’t help running his fingers along the seam covered crack. Marly’s full body shiver and the way he pressed even closer into Trent’s chest was proof his mate was as eager for their mating as he was.

His cock threatening the construction of his zipper, Trent was on the verge of coming in his pants and that just would not do. Wrenching his lips from his mate’s enticing mouth, Trent looked down to see Marly’s bright blue eyes were now the shade of a stormy sea.

“Bedroom,” he said roughly. “Or I swear I’ll take you right here, right now.”

Marly blinked for a few moments and Trent wasn’t sure if the man was thinking about his options, or just trying to get his brain to function.

“Through there,” Marly said finally, his voice almost a whisper, pointing over Trent’s back.

Holding onto Marly tightly, unwilling to let him go for even a second, Trent spun around, spying a door set in the opposite wall. Noting it was the only door in the room, Trent figured he had to be on the right track and he covered the distance from one wall to the other in just five long strides. Thank god his little mate didn’t live in a mansion or he might have been forced to mate with the man on the stairs.

Sales Links:

All Romance ebooks

Meet the author:

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook here, or email her directly at yoursintuitively@gmail.com.

Where to find the author:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lisaoliverauthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wisecrone333
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lisaoliver79
Website: http://www.supernaturalsmut.com

Our thoughts:

Trent Beaumont and Marly Miles couldn’t be more opposite. Marly works in a clothing shop in an LGBT friendly area of Orlando. He lives an out and proud lifestyle. Not over the top but never hiding his true self. He’s surrounded by good friends and he’s happy. As an Omega wolf shifter, he was mistreated by his home pack and eventually fled their abuse for his current life. It took him a long time to get to where he is now: safe, financially secure and happy.

Trent Beaumont is the big, bad Sergeant at Arms for the Epitaphs MC. He’s always been a bit of a loner, but nobody messes with him. He’s a force to be reckoned with and he’s devoted to his club, their President and friend, Clive. Trent happens to be an Alpha wolf shifter, but nobody close to him knows that. After heartache within his home pack, he stayed in his wolf form for a few years before finding a home within the MC.

Now, Trent is trying to keep his cool as fellow MC members brag about a gay bashing they participated in. Just so happens that’s a shower of mess they don’t need to come down on their club. Not only does it strip relations within the community they rely on for bodyguard services and other dealings. It’s bad publicity for the club as a whole and makes them vulnerable to their enemies. Trent’s also gay so hearing the hate spew from the mouths of members is disheartening. This is why he’s never lived as an out gay man. The club wouldn’t tolerate it.

Unfortunately, Marly is one of the men beaten and when Trent catches a whiff of his scent he knows he’d done for. Marly is his true mate. Now he has to find the man and convince him to bond. That’s not easy when he can’t be out to the MC.

Trent and Marly have a huge mess ahead of them. They have to learn each other, bond and build a relationship. Don’t forget they have to change the outlook of a whole club as well. Since that’s not likely, the alternative is to move. That’s the last thing Marly wants because he finally has a home he loves and feels safe in. Someone will have to sacrifice, will it be the Omega or the Alpha?

A great shifter story from Lisa Oliver! You’ll love her Alpha and Omega pairing of Trent and Marly. Trent is stoic and dominating except with Marly. Somehow Marly manages to always have the upper hand with Trent. He’s not the typical stuttering, shy Omega that’s lost and needs saved. Marly can definitely take care of himself….  he just might save Trent in the process!


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BLOG TOUR and INTERVIEW: Getting Close to the Omega (Cloverleah Pack #5) by Lisa Oliver


Today we welcome Lisa Oliver to 3 Chicks After Dark! She has graciously answered a few questions about the Cloverleah Pack series and writing. Thank you, Lisa, for being here!

What do you enjoy most as a writer of m/m shifters?

Hello and thank you for hosting me on your blog today. There are so many things I love about my “job”. The research for example – how many other jobs can you have where you get to hunt out hunky men, and different towns, cars and other things all day. I also love the way an idea comes together. I usually only have a hint of it when I sit down to write and sometimes even I am amazed at the way my story changes, twists and turns. And who wouldn’t love shifters – I research the animals my characters change into and they are fascinating, not to mention beautiful and deadly. Create combination in my book :)

As a full time writer, how do you manage to stay motivated to write/work? I know I’m always distracted while working from home and I wonder how you beat back the urge to neglect work, have fun or take a lazy day!

I am really lucky that I don’t have children at home anymore. When I was writing non-fiction I could cope with interruptions, but now I write fiction I can’t stand to have people around me as I am working. I spend most of the day on my own, through the week at least, and so have a regular routine that includes a lot of reading, a lot of cups of tea, and at least four solid hours in front of my computer. I do take days off sometimes, because otherwise I would go mental, but I don’t have a problem with working weekends either, so if I want to take a day off through the week, I do. Did I mention that I love my work?

Can you tell us about the Cloverleah Pack series? Getting Close to the Omega is book 5, can we expect more books in this series? Should the books be read in order or are they essentially standalone books within the same world?

OMG, the Cloverleah Pack series – I do love these guys. The Cloverleah Pack started as a really tiny idea I had for the NaNoWriMo challenge back in 2013 (Book 5 was written during the 2014 challenge). I wanted to try my hand at fiction and I loved MM shifter books, so I hunted out a couple of pictures of men that I thought would be perfect for each other and went from there. Originally the book was only going to be a one-off, but by the time I had finished book two, I realized that 1) the other men in the pack should meet their mates too and 2) that everything happens for a reason. The men in Cloverleah all have really powerful or unique mates, so as the series has progressed I am working up to a central storyline where all the men’s unique talents will be needed to cope with…an event. That’s all I can say about that at the moment.

The books can be read as standalone because they are all complete love stories in themselves, but if you want the Cloverleah experience then I would recommend reading them in order. I am currently working on Book 6 and that should be out soon and at the moment I have at least ten books planned in total for this series, but there could be more.

Would you be willing to share any teasers for upcoming works for the Cloverleah series or other series?

This is from the prologue of Book 6 in the Cloverleah Pack, Fae For All:

Snorting to himself, Jax wandered down the hallway of the huge pack house, clutching a piece of paper in his hand. Since that one moment in the bedroom before, Jax had resisted looking at it, not sure if he could hide the emotions that flooded his body when he caught sight of the two men in the picture Dean had drawn. One tall with long dark hair, one the same height with long blond hair. Two faces so alike and so devastatingly beautiful, and the depiction of a mating mark that burned inside Jax’s brain.

Dean’s face and words teased Jax’s memory. “They’ve been looking for three hundred years. Until they met me, no wolf shifter would ever go near them. I just thought, if I sent to the picture to the packs we know, that maybe someone would recognize the mark and come forward…” And without thinking of the consequences Jax had offered to send the picture out to all of the packs in the US, just to keep the little omega happy.

“You’re getting soft old man,” Jax muttered to himself as he headed off to find a computer. He had a bit of time before the next pack meeting and he could start getting the picture out to all of the other packs, just like he promised. He was a man of his word after all. And he was damned good at keeping his emotions to himself.

Wow!! We can already see that Jax’s book is going to be a good one!! Thanks Lisa for taking time to visit with us today.

Meet the author:

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook here, or email her directly at yoursintuitively@gmail.com.

Where to find the author:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lisaoliverauthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wisecrone333
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest/lisaoliver79
Lisa’s Blog – http://www.supernaturalsmut.com

Getting Close to the OmegaReleased December 2014

Published by Oliver Group Publications

Cover Art by Lisa Oliver


Dean Weir has finally found happiness in his position as Omega wolf of the Cloverleah pack. He has his friends, his work and his art and he has never looked for anything else. Badly abused by his ex-home pack and Alpha, Dean keeps his head down and stays out of trouble. That is, until his mate joins the pack.

Matthew Charmichael is over a hundred years old and has been a lone wolf for longer than he can remember. Joining the Cloverleah pack after he heard they were having trouble with another wolf shifter, Matthew is overjoyed to find his mate is the cute little Omega of the small pack. But Dean’s past, and the constant attacks on the pack from the mysterious Kylan, could mean that Matthew and Dean won’t get their HEA after all. Can Dean overcome his past, and embrace the powers that a claimed Omega is purported to have, or will his ex-pack kill him before he and Matthew have a chance.

Warning: This is a love story between two male wolf shifters. It includes graphic depictions of sex between men as well as some violence and coarse language. Historical abuse themes are referred to, but not described.

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“You matter to me,” Matthew said. “One day you will share your personal horrors with me, purely and simply because eventually we won’t have any secrets from each other. You will trust that I am strong enough to handle it, and that I will comfort you when you need me to. Those things come with time.” Matthew lifted his arms, encouraging Dean’s hands to come back up to his shoulders. As though he couldn’t get enough, Dean went back to tracing Matthew’s collar bone.

Matthew swallowed a moan and forced himself to keep speaking. “But right now, in this moment, I need you to know, that to me, any scars you have are a testament to your strength and ability to survive. And you have no idea how thankful I am that you did survive and that you feel comfortable enough with me to sit here and touch me like this.”

“You make me calm, like I have found my center,” Dean explained. “I don’t know why, but when I’m around you I don’t have any fear, of anything.” He looked up and Matthew was blasted by the pure need in Dean’s eyes. “Could you, would you mind maybe kissing me again, please?”

“As often as you like,” Matthew promised as he leaned over and carefully brushed his lips over Dean’s mouth.

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Our thoughts:

Hands down, this shifter series is entertaining, action-packed, full-on alpha posturing goodness!

I always enjoy a strong alpha going all protective and growly over their true mate. It’s even better when the mate is smaller or less dominant than the alpha. Two strong alphas can be entertaining, but the alpha and omega in this story are just the right alpha/submissive combination to heat up the book yet add the perfect amount of sweetness.

The moment Matthew and Dean cast a glance in each other’s direction, they know they are true mates. Dean, a reclusive Omega with past issues, retreats. That’s his way of dealing with the stress of new people in the Cloverleah Alpha’s house and the fact he just met his true mate. Matthew manages to restrain himself when all he wants is to knock down Dean’s door and claim his true mate.

They don’t waste any time accepting and declaring their intentions. Some would say it was just too fast, but I like this fast and furious move from ‘I don’t know you’ to ‘I could love no other, you’re my true mate’ in shifter books. For shifters, it just works! Matthew and Dean work out being mates and how they will handle the claiming. With all the abuse in Dean’s past, Matthew must be careful, slow and compassionate in the handling of the process… in the handling of Dean in general. He’s so caring and sensitive to his mate’s needs yet keeping his alpha in the forefront.

Having been around for as long as he has, Matthew once traveled to various packs trying to save abused and mistreated Omegas. It’s ironic that his mate would be the last Omega. Someone who has witnessed and rallied for Omegas would make the perfect mate for an Omega as important as Dean. I thought Matthew and Dean were perfectly matched.

Lisa Oliver adds in just enough of the other pack members from prior books in the series to give us nice cameos. We also get a healthy dose of some additional paranormal elements with Shawn’s Guardian Shifter powers, a Fae encounter, an evil witch and demonic elements. Action and suspense ensue when Dean is taken multiple times and the pack must figure out a way to protect him. The extent of his Omega power after finding a true mate and being claimed come to light and the Cloverleah Pack quickly realizes how precious Dean is to the whole shifter world.

I love the paranormal elements, the problem that must be worked out, the big alpha men and their protectiveness but nothing tops the intense bond between two true mates in and out of the bedroom. Matthew and Dean are sure to please in both settings. ;) I like the guys in the Cloverleah Pack and can’t wait to see how they handle a vampire/shifter problem in the next installment, Jax’s book.


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