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Review: The Angel of 13th Street (The Angel of 13th Street #1) by Eden Winters

The Angel of 13th StreetThe Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters

Released March 5, 2016

Published by Rocky Ridge Books

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Noah Everett shed his rent boy existence for a bar and helping young men get a second chance at life. Haunted by those he couldn’t save, he keeps others at bay until his self-imposed loneliness is shattered by ambitious but homeless Jeremy Kincaid.

Aged out of the foster system, Jeremy’s the perfect target for a ruthless pimp like Willie Carnell. He wants no part of any future that includes working for Willie, but without a strong ally, he may not have a choice.

Noah knows exactly what Willie’s capable of, and if he’ll fight for strangers, he’ll fight harder for Jeremy.

Even if it takes confronting his own past.

Rainbow Award Nominee for M/M Contemporary Romance – Honorable Mention (2010)

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Our thoughts:

Noah has escaped a life of homelessness and prostitution to stay alive. Without the help of Billy, he probably wouldn’t have made it for long. Billy was his soul mate, his love. Billy was the reason Noah was led into that lifestyle and also the reason he left it as fast as he could.

Now over a decade later, those memories are haunting him again. A kid, Jeremy, has shown up with the same look as Billy. It triggers many memories from the past for Noah. Jeremy is homeless, trying to attend school, and keep his grades up. He wants to graduate and win a business scholarship. School is everything for him. Being homeless, he’s easy prey for the likes of the local pimp, Willie. Willie’s thugs aren’t leaving Jeremy alone. That’s how Jeremy and Noah cross paths. Now, Noah is determined to help save Jeremy. To get Willie off Jeremy’s back so he can do great things with his smart business sense.

In order for Jeremy to be free of Willie and his thugs, Noah must confront his past and sell a piece of his soul for Jeremy’s freedom and safety.

It’s pretty sad to see what lengths Willie forces Noah to endure for Jeremy’s freedom. I think Noah has always held a torch for his long-lost Billy. Maybe in the far reaches of his mind, he thought Willie might come around and be the Billy that Noah always loved. Billy never returned that love, no matter how much Noah yearned for it.

The Angel of 13th Street is pretty complex. It brings to light the underbelly of homeless youth and their dive into prostitution. Noah got out and is trying to help others, but he will always be up against those willing to sacrifice everything to keep their supply of men for their business- at all costs. Just because Noah and Billy have a history doesn’t mean that Billy, now Willie, will leave him alone.

This novel is also about Noah’s strength to overcome. Even a decade later, he’s still being challenged and threatened. He’s also never been able to let his one true love go. When Jeremy arrives, there’s an attraction and lust for the guy. He pushed Jeremy away because of age, but it’s also because he’s still is not over Billy.

There are romantic undertones, but this is really a story of survival from a harsh world. Overcoming loss of a loved one and doing the right thing. The fact Jeremy and Noah might be able to find what they need with each other is just a little bonus to the real heart of this story, saving those who need saving. Noah is an angel to those boys on the street in need of help.


A Hard Ride Home by Emory Vargas

A Hard Ride HomeReleased 17 June 2015

Published by Less Than Three Press

Cover designed by Aisha Akeju

Copy obtained from publisher for review.


It’s hard enough returning to his birthplace to replace a dead man as sheriff. The last thing Emmett needs is to find himself smitten with Jesse, the whore he arrests almost immediately upon arrival. Especially since Jesse works for his half-sister and at her thoroughly disreputable saloon.

But being smitten with a whore is only the beginning of Emmett’s troubles. Silver Creek is a town full of secrets and people too terrified to talk. Why does Emmett’s father, the mayor of Silver Creek, have such a strong hold on the town—and on Jesse?

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Our Thoughts:

It’s been a while since I’ve read a western type romance so I jumped at the chance to read A Hard Ride Home. A sheriff, a whore house and secrets were promised in the synopsis and it was delivered!

Emmett Grady returned to Silver Creek as sheriff. When he left years before to pursue education in the city, he never anticipated returning. City life wasn’t for him so he found a job as the sheriff of Silver Creek. The city with his father as the mayor and half-sister as the owner of the Weeping Willow Inn and Saloon, a fine whoring establishment.

Emmett tries to learn the town he’s been away from for so long and as he does, the townspeople begin to see he is much different from his domineering, evil father. They find a potential ally so they begin to disclose accounts of mistreatment from the mayor and a gang of deviants he employs to terrorize townsfolk, and homesteaders nearby.

The mayor has some other despicable practices and the person impacted the most by them is Jesse Taggart. A man most delicate in feature but still manly. A man dropped-off with Madam Deveux as a boy and pretty much held hostage by the mayor and his despicable whims. A man who catches the eye of Emmett. Unbeknownst to Emmett, is his father’s vile treatment of Jesse.

The town of Silver Creek is suffocating under the tyranny of Mayor Grady and it’s just a matter of time before Emmett must choose between his job, the town, the man he’s falling in love with or his father. One things for sure, there’s no love lost in the parental relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cast of characters in this novel. This is one story where the secondary characters become just as rich and important to the story as the main protagonists. From Evelyn, Rose, Delia, Roscoe and Lillian, everyone has their way of enriching the story and adding to Jesse’s or Emmett’s journey. The perfect amount of corruption, humor, gunfights, heroism, suspense, sex and love. A Hard Ride Home is a must read!