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Finding Master Right by L.A. Witt


Published by Riptide Publishing
Published on 17 June 2013
Copy received for review from publisher

Upon approval to review this book from Riptide Publishing, I was beyond thrilled! Not only have I been a fan of the publisher but I’m also a big fan of the author, L.A. Witt. Needless to say, I read the book within a few days of receiving it because I just had to dig into it!

This book is a BDSM title but never once did I feel it was too intense or crossed any lines. I was really impressed with the book as far as the BDSM scenes were handled. I’ve read very intense BDSM and very mild and I’d say this falls in the middle. The setting of Finding Master Right takes place at a Leather Convention! It was so well written (and if you’ve ever been to any conventions you know how they look and feel and know the process of them) you feel like you are wandering the booths and smelling the leather of the convention as they are!

Okay, a bit about the boys (because it is always about the boys)! Let’s start with the big bad Dom, Chase Martin. Is he all strong, harsh and possessive throughout this book? NO, far from it! Chase is coming off a two year relationship with a submissive he had collared. The relationship ended abruptly and badly so he is a bit if a wounded Dom. As we see through the book, he is trying to determine if he is still upset over his ex or if he is more upset that he was over his sub before he even left. Yeah, makes for some interesting head space! What I liked about Chase: his protectiveness, how he was present without always commanding space, his patience and for a Dom he was actually quite passionate. Let’s just say he was very enamored with Derek.

Now for Derek who I would say was quite a treat…for everyone. Literally. Derek is a little sub slut! He knows it as does the whole club he belongs to. Derek is a newer sub compared to the experience Chase has as a Dom. Unfortunately, that difference is the true cause for the two of them not hooking up for some serious play prior to this convention. Derek was just entering the scene and working through what he wanted and liked in that world and Chase was in a relationship that was starting to deteriorate. By the time Derek was lusting after Chase, Chase was in a bad space. Their planets were just not aligning. During the convention, they are both available and rooming together. They are forced to face their feelings (hardcore desire!) for each other. So, a bit more about Derek. He is a masochist through and through. A total pain slut. He can slip into sub space quickly and his pain threshold is very high. He is adventurous and willing to try anything. He is a Dom’s wet dream! He is Chase’s wet dream!

Overall, I liked the little cat and mouse game the boys were playing. Sometimes in a book that can get frustrating for the reader but in this case it was more about getting to their best place than playing. Through it all communication was open, even though not all up front and honest. We really get to know these two boys and I was totally rooting for them to get together. I would love to see them in another book or short (I know, not nice of me to say that to an author because they hear that so much.) because I REALLY want a full D/s scene between Chase and Derek. I think the pages would catch fire but I’m willing to take that risk! Have fire extinguisher, will read it!

To recap, this was a smoking hot BDSM book with a nice sampling of scenes and some true romance in the making between two leather boys.

RATING: BAD ASS COMBAT BOOTS!! (And a leather harness on the side!!)

CombatBoots harness

If It Flies by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

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Click to Add on Goodreads

Released March 11, 2013
Published by Riptide Publishing
For Review from NetGalley

Nick. *sigh* I was really, really hoping to see more of him after his brief appearance in Market Garden #2, Take It Offand I got my wish. He’s every bit as intense and dominant as I imagined him to be when dealing with his clients. At times I was afraid I might not like him, because he manages to remain distant even in situations that are so intimate. I guess that’s all part of the job.

Spencer is new on the Market Garden scene, introduced through Percy who’s a regular. (Can I tell you how much I fangirled over Percy’s crossover from Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov’s City Mouse? SO AWESOME! You can see our review of City Mouse here.) Spencer seems to be your typical overworked lawyer just making it through life day by day. I liked his character, because he’s neither arrogant nor overly confident. In fact he’s hesitant about Market Garden, but curiosity wins and he goes. I appreciated how Spencer seemed unsure of the extent of his own needs, and, with Nick’s help, I really enjoyed watching him discover them.

The build in intensity between the two was palpable, and I ached for Spencer at times as Nick insisted on keeping a professional distance. It was obvious what was happening, and the emotional denial was heartbreaking. Spencer was willing to take whatever he could get from Nick while Nick began to show a little more vulnerability. The slight role reversal was really satisfying; all the angst and heartache made their reunion and declarations that much sweeter. I’m really hoping the two can figure out a way to make things work. In the very least, I hope they can entertain us trying.


Too Stupid to Live by Anne Tenino

16149703Released January 14, 2013
Published by Riptide Publishing
Obtained for review from NetGalley

This book WAY exceeded my expectations. I mean, I loved Anne Tenino’s writing after getting totally hooked on Frat Boy and Toppy, but I don’t think I adequately set my expectations for this one. It completely blew me out of the water. I had SO MANY FEELINGS from start to finish.

Of course it starts out with these two guys. Well, there are a lot more than two, but the two that really count. First there’s Sam – he’s a little bit shy, awkward, romance novel obsessed grad student who’s looking for his future Mr. Sam.  I was totally rooting for him, probably because his vulnerability and insecurity were endearing. I think readers can relate to his romantic desires, wanting to be treated like he’s special but frequently being disappointed when it doesn’t happen. *cue intermittent heartache*

Then there’s Ian – he’s a very confident, athletic ex-firefighter who’s like sex walking. I mean come on, I had no problem at all imagining him looking like the hot highlander on the cover.  Ian was a tougher sell for me – he’s so full of himself! Usually I appreciate how confidence makes a guy seem more attractive, but his somewhat bordered on arrogance. I was hoping for some redemption, and HALLELUJAH! I was not disappointed.

Each of these guys has had a tough road riddled with emotional scars. Sam’s dealing with fallout from a slimy, demeaning ex, and Ian’s got homophobic friend & Daddy issues. Watching Ian feel his way emotionally was particularly painful, especially if Sam got hurt in the process. (I know, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but feel a little protective of Sam. LOL) I literally cheered when Sam started to set some parameters of his own. Ian seemed to be making more of an effort and wasn’t as guarded;  I started to feel like he & Sam were becoming emotional equals. This was genius on Ms. Tenino’s part, because suddenly I found myself pulling for Ian. I needed him to be the fierce, sexy highlander Sam wanted him to be. ;)

Being a romance reader myself, I absolutely LOVED the parallels Sam drew between real life and romance tropes. The remarks he made were so hysterical and totally accurate! When he casts Ian in the role of tortured, gothic hero, it fits. Also, that reminds me, I really need to find that sci fi romance novel.

Speaking of romance books, why didn’t anyone tell me Jurgen & Nik have their own stories? If you didn’t know either, when you’re done with Too Stupid To Live, pick up the Whitetail Rock books. I’m reading those next.

RATING: BAD ASS BOOTS (worn by one sexy, kilted highlander)