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The Commitment (Unrestrained #2) by S. E. Lund

comitThe Commitment (Unrestrained #2) by S. E. Lund

Published by S. E. Lund 8/30/13

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Goodreads Synopsis: Despite the carefully-worded agreement meant to keep their relationship strictly professional while Kate explored BDSM for an article in her college’s newspaper, Drake and Kate broke their own rules and fell in love.

Now, in the weeks before they leave for Africa, Drake takes Kate more deeply into the D/s lifestyle. In the process, the walls between them continue to crumble as they explore each other physically and emotionally and they fall even more deeply in love. But before they can even leave Manhattan, the past returns unexpectedly to challenge their blossoming relationship.

Is Kate and Drake’s commitment to each other strong enough to stand the test?

My Thoughts: This picked up right where “The Agreement” ended. This, for me, was a stereotypical “middle” book of a trilogy. It lacked a pulse…or something to propel the story.  The sex has taken on a decidedly vanilla flavor, not that there was very much of it, or that it was anywhere near as HOT as it was in the first book.  We hashed out the same disagreements two and three times within the book.

The only thing I did appreciate was finding out more about Drake’s life prior to Kate. We learned a lot about his previous marriage and it became a major plot point in this book. Once that was resolved there was the requisite HUGE blow-up followed by the equally huge romantic gesture and that’s where it ended.

I will read the next book in the series, but frankly am not holding out much hope for it.  I suspect is will be even more vanilla and the D/s portion of Drake’s life, which up until this book had been a driving force, will disappear all together. But I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Rating: Mary Janes

The Agreement by S. E. Lund

agreementThe Agreement (Unrestrained #1) by S.E. Lund

Published by Amazon on 3/27/13

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GoodReads Synopsis:

“A letter to my sub:

You trust me completely to know what you need. And I do know what you need. I know what to whisper in your ear to make you need me even more. I know how to touch, where to touch, when to touch.

I know you.

You can relax completely with me. You can feel everything possible with me. You can respond with total abandon with me.

That is what I most desire.”

So begins an enticing letter from an anonymous Dominant to his new submissive.

While graduate student Kate McDermott waits in a Manhattan cafe to meet the Dom who will help with her research on BDSM, she reads the letter again, telling herself her interest is strictly academic. If she’s honest, Kate must admit it’s more than that – it’s a deeper need she can’t deny.

When Drake Morgan, MD, neurosurgeon, bass player, philanthropist walks through the cafe door to talk to her about the lifestyle, Kate is mortified. The son of her father’s oldest and best friend, Drake is far too desirable and too much a part of her social circle for comfort. If she decides to go through with this, can the carefully-worded agreement she draws up restrain their undeniable desire for each other?

Unable to resist his determined seduction, Kate begins an intense relationship with Drake that pushes all of her, and Drake’s, boundaries. Highly erotic, The Agreement is a love story that will stay with you long after you finish reading.

My Thoughts: WOW! This was what 50 Shades wants to be when it grows up!

Lund wrote a great story with a lot more info about BDSM sub-culture that anything I’ve read previously…and having friends in the lifestyle has allowed me a certain level of eduction and 50 Shades isn’t even close. Ultimately this became a great love story though it wasn’t supposed to be. I want to say that Lund showed a great understanding of the subject matter…but that sounds cheesy or cliche. But her writing style and attention to that detail makes me want to read more of her work…regardless of it’s subject matter. Thankfully she’s released a second installment of this series that I am downloading as I type.  I’m really looking forward to it and will post about it here when I am done.