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Faded Love by M.A. Church

Faded LovePublished on 13 September 2013
Published by Storm Moon Press
Copy obtained for review from publisher

For a story less than 40 pages, it packs a punch! Faded Love is about a model, Ashley, who is happy to escape the serious turn his relationship has taken the night before leaving for a modeling job in L.A. As he is leaving the L.A. shoot he is dialing his lover when his life is forever changed. An accident leaves him scarred and when your face is everything, how can you not feel that all you are is a face? Since that is taken away, what can possibly be left? Ashley spirals downward and is in a pit of despair.

Ashley discovers through a very hard journey that his self-worth comes from more than a beautiful face and modeling jobs all over the world. True wealth is his love, Will. The man who has picked him up at his lowest, made him see his value and how much he is loved. Will places Ashley on a pedestal so everyone can see what he sees in Ashley. His beauty. His strength. Ashley must believe in himself and their love if they are to stay strong.  Love isn’t superficial for Will, now he just needs for Ashley to realize his job does not define his worth.

An attractive story of survival and change…of the real beauty within.


One Night Ride by Jennah Scott

One Night RidePublish date of 8 February 2014
Published by Decadent Publishing
Copy obtained from author for review

Madame Eve is the master of hook-ups. She brings two hot cowboys together for a steamy night in Denver. Will this be more than an eight second ride?

Jace is a ranch hand in Wyoming and a former bull rider. His friends thought he needed a nice little birthday gift and that gift was this one night of release that doesn’t come from his hand. ;)

Brett runs Sandstone Ranch near Cheyenne since his father’s passing. He’s recently retired from bareback bronc riding and is a bit restless. He’d like nothing more than to finally relax, be himself and find someone to spend the rest of his days with.

When Jace and Brett meet up for a night, the chest bumping, power struggle is quite fun. They both want to dominate the other while at the same time wanting to be dominated. Passions ignite and their moment of pleasure is literally an all-nighter, edging, release and some very amorous flip-flop couplings.

As their one-off comes to a close, neither guy wants to be rejected so they don’t really discuss the fact that they both would love to see each other again. It takes a kick in the ass for Jace to finally take that step and see if Brett is willing to put himself out there and take a risk with Jace. Will it be the happy ending they’ve both been seeking?

A nice, steamy short filled with muscle-bound, denim and boots wearing studs. Alphas on display! :)


Zombie Boyz by Klune, Arvin, Stone, Kaine, Day and Knight

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Zombie Boyz: Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner by Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day
Zombie Boyz: Surviving Sin City by Daniel A. Kaine and Ethan Stone
Zombie Boyz: Ghoul’s Gym by T.J. Klune and Eric Arvin
Published on 18 December 2014
Published by Wilde City Press


This new adult book was the perfect way to start this series. I would burst out laughing over and over again. I loved Chandler’s clever voice. All the social media and pop culture references were so on I was in hysterics! It was just a fun, fun book to read. Because of that, it went way to fast!

In this short story, Chandler is boarded up in his family home with his parents, sister, aunt and grandparents. The family tone is awesome. The war crazy grandpa, toe the line grandma and drunken whore of an aunt. Top that with a psycho sister and Ward and June Cleaver and we have quite the dynamic going. Chandler is sharing a room with grandpa so he can’t even wank in privacy! That really sucks when a zombie apocalypse is going on and the one guy you’ve lusted after for years was left behind in a hospital, most likely infected with the zombie virus.

Chandler holds out hope for Zane and when he discovers he’s part of the zombie rehabilitation program, Chandler goes back for him. Now Chandler has to bring home a zombie boyfriend when his parents don’t even know he’s gay. Oops! The coming out scene was epic.  So funny and I loved the twist. The outrage was directed away from the norm but the reaction and words used were the same. The irony was awesome. The family pulling together and fighting off the zombie at the end was superb! The personalities of each family member really shined.

Read this story for a good laugh and to be entertained.



I LOVE books that have places I can relate to and after living in Vegas for 7 long years of my life, this book really hit home. I loved hearing the street names and landmarks. I lived off Gibson and Horizon Ridge so to see that very intersection in a book was exciting! It just brought the story to life even more for me.

This was a true hunt down and fight to survive zombie apocalypse story. It was just enough run, safety, run. We get an idea how the virus spreads and also how it is mutating. I like that each chapter focused on a different voice, alternating between Cooper and Kaleb.

Cooper and Kaleb are thrust together after the zombie virus starts to turn people all over the city of Las Vegas in a matter of hours. Kaleb sees his mom turn then barely makes it to a safe house where he runs into Cooper. Hailing from London on vacation, Cooper is a survivalist. He’s also a bit of a conspiracy theorist so he know right away what is happening and the repercussions. He’s desperate to get back home to his bunker of supplies. That’s not happening anytime soon. Full shutdown.

As much as Cooper tries to deny liking and even needing Kaleb’s help, he realizes soon enough that they make a great team. Kaleb’s knows the area, drives and can wield a weapon. The two of them together are unstoppable.

Kaleb decided to help Cooper get to an airport to escape back home and then set off to meet up with his brother. Along the way they run over a lot of zombies and see some pretty messed up zombie feasts. This one is not for the squeamish! You do have to love a nail gun-toting, SUV driving hero!

A good zombie story that still has chemistry and hot, possibly last, apocalypse sex is a total winner! I liked their dynamic: Younger/older. Pizza delivery man/professional.  Caring/Smart ass. Dominant/Submissive. They both had desire to survive and protect the other and that is golden.


Ghoul’s Gym

This little love story goes south when a zombie plague is set lose amongst the population. Jake and Uly start the day off right with a quick release but not all is okay. It is obvious to Uly that Jake has his undies in a bundle and he can’t get the man to open up and say what is bothering him. Uly trucks off to his job at Art of Man gym while Jake goes off to pursue an option that he believes will level the playing field. To say Jake is lacking some self-confidence would be an understatement. He has a gorgeous man, house, job and still feels he isn’t enough. If only he could be bigger, beefier. Well that is what he is going to do. He’s going to juice up and be the man he thinks Uly should have.

Unfortunately, the juice is tainted and all hell breaks out at Art of Man. The zombie apocalypse hits hard and vicious and it is a total fight to survive. Uly and his friends are trying to fight off the zombies and get out of the locked down gym. Uly just wants to make it out alive to see Jake. He doesn’t know that Jake is already tainted and turning into a zombie.

The alternating POV was perfect for this story. We get the inside voice as Jake struggles to maintain his humanity and find Uly. He knows if he can just see Uly that his love and desire to be with him will keep him from changing. His fight is so intense I really thought love would overcome the zombie apocalypse!

Uly’s fight with his friends is gruesome but so entertaining. The different survival mechanisms emerge and it is just how I’d imagine it being in a situation so extreme. I had favorites who overcame and a few that didn’t fair as well.

This short is a true survival story that is not for the faint of heart. Prepare for the gore but also know that once you start reading it you won’t stop until you know who survives!

Kudos to Klune and Arvin for going against the grain on the ending of this story. I’m sure a lot of people were not happy but I can see this story continuing with the ending that it has.